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Bell Canada is neither the owner nor the author of this web site, and it is in no way responsible for any of the site's contents or updates.
Earlier this morning we learned of Rogers’ $24.99 ‘skinny’ TV pack, posted by the company after it was earlier leaked by an employee to CBC News.
Now it appears a Bell employee has done the same, posting the company’s $24.95 ‘skinny’ TV package on Reddit under a ‘throwaway’ username. The Starter pack does not qualify for the $7 bundle discount, nor HDPVR or TV Sweetener offers, notes the fine details. For those interested, Videotron also recently revealed their $25 skinny TV pack, which you can check out here. At an everyday price of $17.95 including the US networks, it is the best deal in the market. I get a better selection of channels with my OTA antenna (almost 30 in total) and they’re higher quality than the compressed signals you get over coax or a phone line. Yeah they introduced it but Bell customer service reps have been told NOT to promote it UNLESS the customer initiates the conversation.

It’s odd, when I go into my account and check the skinny package from Bell, there are no US channels included.
If you’re looking to buy a cellular iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 from Bell, it’s now available online. Bell says there is a $15 activation fee for setting up an iPad, plus a $4.95 sim card charge. You can also buy these new iPads at Apple retail stores across Canada today, but stocks are limited. A while back iPhone users saw a 16.1 carrier update from Bell on their iPhones and you guys asked us what was new. When we do post something related specifically to Canadians and the iPhone, after reaching out to Bell multiple times and finally getting a response (after readers asked us to investigate), people like you chime in that it’s not good enough. We can’t please everybody, but there are readers that are grateful to read stories like this. I appreciate the infrequent posts about “iPhone in Canada” these days, but this is not one of them.

As such, Bell cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information presented on this site. The anonymous Bell employee claims “This is not an attempt at fair options, this was purposely crafted to make it undesirable,” referring to the CRTC mandate to offer $25 skinny TV packages as of March 1, 2016. I’m happy that the price for basic has come down because prior to this we were paying more for the same crap.
Bell seems like they were dragged kicking and screaming into this, so I doubt they would entertain any sort of price matching with the competition.
It’s clear that you could not answered the question that is being asked — What’s new in the recent Bell iPhone 16.1 Carrier Update?

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