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I got hold of my new LG Cookie and I was so happy until I noticed that it is switching off after barely half a day. There are no manufacturing faults whatsoever, it is just that these phones support a bunch of applications and one can run multiple applications at a time too, which drain out the energy from these batteries of multifunctional jazzy phones. It is always good to remember to turn off as many applications as you can when you are really not using them. 1. Don’t forget to turn off Bluetooth – Many people don’t know that the Bluetooth consumes more power than any other application and keep it on.
2. Fancy keypad tones – Who needs to hear a sound when you type, certainly not the grown ups.
5. Games create nuisance – Games can be a good time pass for children and adults alike but just remember that they eat up the energy and leaves you empty every now and then. 6. You can choose to turn off your phone when possible – This works for sure though it may not be a very good idea but if you cannot avoid other things such as not playing games etc.
A couple of weeks ago we published a poll to see which of T-Mobile's 2014 handset lineup had won the most hearts and minds. It's been a good 12 months for mobile phone fans but things have really turned up a notch since the start of 2014. When you get right down to it, there are four things that most people want in a phone: a relatively fast processor, a good-looking display that you can still see outdoors, a great camera and great battery life. With respect to the cellular connectivity, only one of the SIM cards can connect to a 3G network. The Best of SlashNOT is a collection of short satirical stories ranging from true observations of humorous events to hilarious absurdity that any true geek will love.

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If that isn’t happening because of a broken screen or shortened battery life, bring your cell phone to Wisp Electronics on Manhattan Boulevard and we’ll get you back in working order.
Smartphones have revolutionized the cell phone industry; they have become much more than just mobile phones and are rapidly replacing other hand-held gadgets such as tablets. The galaxy s7 fetches inferior battery life than the s6, Given how the galaxy s7 features a significantly improved cell capacity of 3,000 mah (compared to 2,550 for the s6), we were hoping that samsung has a winner on its .. 3 Ways to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer Edit Article How to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer. Turn on the energy saving settings on your mobile like the screen brightness, back light time, vibration levels etc. It no doubt gives a look to your phone if you have an animated wall paper but it uses a large amount of battery power and much more from the phone’s graphic card. Yes, musical ringtones do sound good whenever you get a call but remember they use a lot of battery power too.
When you are not using phone programs such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS or any other feature that searches for news and weather, turn them off immediately as they drain your battery greatly. Camera or a camcorder built in the phone for taking pictures but features like flash and editing features do need a lot of battery power. Keeping the battery clean with a few simple maintenance tips will prolong the battery life.
Now I being a novice as far as technical matters concerned, I was really disappointed at the poor performance of the new mobile.

The solution lies in taking note of the applications that are unnecessarily running on your cell, sometimes much to your forgetfulness or ignorance. No need for vibration too – Vibration is necessary at situations where you need to be connected with people but cannot keep the cell on loud. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. Why waste a lot of battery power for simple ringtone, instead set your phone to a default ringtone, which is not bad entirely after all.
Then I happened to talk to one of my gizmo-freak friend and he explained that it is a very common trait with most of the modern mobile phones. Technically speaking, all these applications are power hungry and suck up the battery power more rapidly. But then again if you are ignorant about the fact that you can turn these silly noises and keep them on, then again much of your battery power is draining out. You won't find Geek humor funnier or more laser focused on technology than The Best of SlashNOT. Once upon a time, rechargeable batteries functioned best when you fully charged them, and then fully discharged them. It is best advised to click pictures with a camera if you are carrying one with you than use a phone camera.

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