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For most people, picking a wireless carrier comes down to one simple question: Who provides the best coverage in my area?
Verizon finished just behind T-Mobile on the strength of Big Red's extensive LTE network, which offered the best overall performance in our tests. Besides grading the big-four carriers — AT&T and Sprint in addition to T-Mobile and Verizon — we also evaluated five major discount carriers. In evaluating the best cell phone carrier, we took five factors into account, giving greater weight to the categories we consider the most important.
Performance (50 Points): While many factors go into deciding which cell phone provider is best, performance remains the key consideration. We based our rankings on our nationwide 4G tests, in which we traveled to six cities across the country to see how the carrier performed. Plans (20 Points): We looked at the plans offered by each carrier, to see which one offered the most data at the lowest prices. Top carrier plans depend on the kind of offering you're shopping for, but T-Mobile took top honors for best unlimited data plan, best family plan and best offerings for international travel. Customer Service (15 Points): When you have a question about your wireless plan or your device, you don't want to have to navigate through a convoluted phone tree or search fruitlessly on a cluttered website to get an answer.
In addition to phone calls to each carrier, we evaluated online troubleshooting resources, such as FAQs and online chat features. AT&T topped our customer service rankings, with Sprint and Verizon finishing just behind.
Phone Selection (10 Points): A top carrier needs to offer a wide selection of phones, balancing both quality and quantity. Extras (5 Percent): The final 5 percent of each carriers' grade was determined by what kind of extras they offered subscribers.
The Uncarrier's many moves to upend the cell phone industry have done more than just grab headlines; they also vaulted T-Mobile to the top of our wireless-carrier rankings. T-Mobile didn't top our network performance tests, but it finished second to Verizon, making it a great choice in cities where customers can best enjoy its mix of performance, price and customer service. But it would be a mistake just to think that network reach and performance are all that Verizon has to offer. Sprint continues to work hard to improve its status among the major carriers, and we saw some evidence of that, both in terms of its second-place finish in our customer-service tests and its aggressively priced unlimited data plan for individuals and families. MetroPCS's strong showing in our network-carrier tests — it was the fastest discount carrier and its download and upload speeds even topped Sprint's — makes it a top choice among prepaid carriers. Boost Mobile's performance is hampered by the fact that it relies on the network of parent company Sprint. Straight Talk offers a wide selection of discount phones and lets you bring your own device if you prefer.
7 disadvantages cell phones control impact, By 2006 there were 223 million cell phone users in the us. Providing complete coverage of the wireless industry, cell phone news, and future 4G technologies.

After first being announced last month, LG has officially launched the G Pad 8.3 Android tablet in the US via exclusive arrangement with Best Buy. If you bought an Instinct HD, you may have thought playing back HD videos on your HDTV would be easy. So, the folks at Best Buy gave us two Instinct HD for next to nothing, and we’re passing them on to give to you.
That's certainly a key consideration for choosing your cell phone service provider — but it's not the only thing to think about. The Uncarrier distinguishes itself with attractive plans, solid customer service and appealing bonuses like a generous approach to rollover data and extensive international coverage.
Even the worst-performing major carrier is ultimately a better choice than a discount carrier, thanks to more flexible plans, better phone selection and more extensive customer service. That's why network performance, measured by speed, makes up more than half of our grade for wireless carriers.
We evaluated plans for individuals and families as well as prepaid options, rewarding carriers who offered the best mix of value and variety.
We also took to social networks, posing questions to carriers over Facebook and Twitter to see how fast and accurately they responded. To evaluate the former, we took some of the devices that make up our picks for best smartphones and added some other popular models to come up with a list of a dozen essential smartphones.
Extras can include everything from rates for international calls, text and data, to special services offered to subscribers. T-Mobile's aggressively priced cell phone plans are attractive to both individual subscribers and families, and the carrier augments its service with consumer-friendly features like rollover data that accumulates over 12 months, music streaming that doesn't count against your data allotment and attractive international plans for travelers. And our tests suggest that you can expect plenty of performance should you sign on with Big Red, as Verizon topped our testing of 4G network performance. The carrier fared well in our customer-service rankings, largely on the strength of its online and phone support. Throw in its solid performance in our network tests — AT&T finished third there — and you've got a solid alternative for your wireless needs.
But Sprint's network continues to be its undoing: It even finished behind discount carrier MetroPCS in our speed tests, making it hard to recommend Sprint when better options are available.
We also like the range of plans MetroPCS offers subscribers, from a $30 1GB plan for people who don't need a lot of data to a $60 unlimited plan. But it has the least attractively priced plans of the prepaid carriers we evaluated; its $45 plan for 5GB of data is only attractive to heavy data users. It's a shame, because the prepaid carrier has a stellar offer for families, with escalating discounts on multiple lines, and solid customer service. This makes it the best model to buy if you’re on a budget and still want to take advantage of all of the features supported on the iPhone 5, especially with the forthcoming iOS 7 update expected later this Fall.
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You may not get all the pretty packaging, we’re cheapskates when it comes to shipping.

Even though it isn’t a smart phone, all the multimedia features and 720p video recording does it for me. When it comes to picking the best wireless carrier, the cost of cell phone plans and the quality of customer service are some of the other factors you should consider along with network performance.
Add in a strong second-place showing in our nationwide 4G tests, and T-Mobile came out as the best cell phone service provider. However, if prepaid options appeal to you, the choice for best prepaid carrier comes down to MetroPCS and Boost Mobile. MetroPCS and Cricket split honors among prepaid carriers, though Boost's data-expanding plans merit a look. We also took into account how many phones each carrier offered, giving weight to more recent releases. You may not pick your wireless carrier based on these perks, but they are factors that can separate a good carrier from the rest of the pack.
Verizon's recent efforts to simplify its plans have paid off, with its 3GB, $65 monthly plan looking particularly attractive for individuals. But poor customer service — MetroPCS finished last in our tests — coupled with the limited number of phones and features you typically get from a discount carrier, failed to push MetroPCS past its closest rival, Boost. The carrier has the best selection of phones among prepaid providers, strong customer service and some attractive plans, especially now that you can boost your data allotment by making regular on-time payments. And despite the fact that it can tap into the networks of multiple carriers, it had the second-worst performance in our carrier tests. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find New Phones Mobiledia interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
If you have a videophile that was totally enraged about KIN lacking HD output… this is the phone for you.
The former has the best-performing network of any discount carrier, even topping Sprint in our tests. Finally, we looked at whether a carrier gives customers the option of bringing their own phone and what kind of unlocked phones each carrier supports. Like Verizon, it's simplified its selection somewhat, but the per-device access fees it charges subscribers vary based on how much data you use, penalizing subscribers with data plans of 5GB and less. All of those are enough to make it tie with MetroPCS as the best choice for prepaid carrier, despite the latter's vastly superior network performance. It offers the worst selection of phones among all the carriers we evaluated; and there's no way to bring your own device.
And, if you accidentally were given this phone as a birthday gift, and are now trapped in a two year contract, this too is the giveaway for you.

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