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AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless has started offering LTE on its monthly plans now, just as announced last month.
AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless has informed its dealers that LTE will be arriving to their service in January 2015.
H2O Wireless has confirmed what they have teased on their Facebook page few weeks ago, their monthly unlimited plans being enhanced with more data. H2O Wireless plans are about to be enhanced, according to an image posted on their Facebook page. AT&T MVNO H2O plans to improve their prepaid offerings beginning August 1, Prepaid Phone News reports. Data increase that carrier has made to this plan back in October (it went from 3GB to 4GB of data), is no longer valid. In addition to increasing high speed data allotment recently on the $60 unlimited plan, H2O Wireless announces rollover data that will be allowed on all monthly plans.
First, the carrier has turned most of its plans that used to be with hard capped data to unlimited plans. The new $65 plan includes unlimited talk, text, MMS and data with first 3.5 GB at high speeds.

Not only has the carrier added LTE speeds to all of its monthly plans but ita€™s also increased the high speed data allotments on two of its top-tier plans. H2O Wireless getting LTE could mean that other AT&T mobile virtual network operators will start offering it as well.
On top of that, according to companya€™s web site, users can experience increased data speeds as well, up to 10 times. According to the H2O Wirelessa€™s dealer thata€™s been notified by the carrier, the change will affect unlimited monthly plans as well as pay as you go options. Rollover data on the $30, $35, $40, $50 and $60 plan will start being effective Tuesday, November 3, 2015.
Also, the carrier has added Mexico mobile to mobile calling to $30 and $35 unlimited plans. All plans, except the $30 plan, now include unlimited throttled data to approximately 128 Kbps after high speed data allotments are used up. So far, only MVNOs that operate on all four major networks, including AT&T network, (TracFone subsidiaries Straight Talk and Net10 as well as Red Pocket Mobile) are allowing LTE. H2O adds more data immediately for new H2O customers while existing customers will experience data increase and faster data when they next time renew their monthly plan.

Also, the carrier has added unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to Pakistan exclusively to the $60 monthly unlimited plan. In addition, H2O adds new $35 plan with unlimited talk, domestic and international text, international calling to over 50 countries and first 500 MB of data at high speeds and increases high speed data allotment on $60 plan from 2.5 GB of data to 3 GB. However, unlike with many other carriers that also have added this feature to their select plans recently as a permanent deal, H20a€™s unlimited calls to Mexico mobiles on the $50 plan are a limited time offer.
Before you register please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies. Also, unlimited calling to Mexico mobiles thata€™s been added recently as a limited time offer to only $50 plan is now available with $40 plan as well.

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