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The entire zoo team is thrilled, and this mama-to-be is receiving constant care. But when is she due?
The anticipated baby was sired by the troop’s silverback, 37 year-old Kakinga, who has fathered nine other offspring since 1993. Currently the zoo’s gorilla troop consists of silverback Kakinga and four females, 18 year-old Zuri, 14 year-old Dossi, 14 year-old Kioja and 7 year-old Yewande. As this is the first offspring for Kioja, the zoo’s gorilla team has been working with her to help prepare for the birth.
This connection to human pregnancy is exactly why we can’t wait to share this journey with our supporters! Part of monitoring a gorilla pregnancy is conducting ultrasounds- just like for human mothers. Why is this baby so important? Western lowland gorillas are currently listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List. Besides participating in Species Survival Plans (SSP’s) for the best breeding recommendations, to help save gorillas we collect cell phones for the Eco-Cell program, which supports gorilla conservation efforts through cell phone recycling.
ABOUT THE BLOGAt the Calgary Zoo, we have endless stories to share about our animals, our people and our conservation work.

One of our female western lowland gorillas, Kioja, is pregnant and expecting her first baby in early March 2016. Although we have had gorillas for more than 50 years, Kakinga has been the zoo’s most successful silverback since becoming troop leader in 1993. This includes specialized training, conducting regular ultrasounds, behavioural analysis and close monitoring by the zoo’s veterinary staff. The similarities between human and gorilla gestation are numerous, and significant signs are easily recognizable to our visitors. In the wild, gorillas are critically endangered and by adding another member to our troop we are continuing to ensure there is genetic diversity within captive populations and safeguard the long-term future of this species.” -Dr. Gorillas are a part of the Species Survival Plan (SSP) which help to ensure genetic diversity in captive populations and may safeguard against the species from becoming extinct. The mineral coltan is found inside cell phones, which is mined in areas were gorillas live. Whether we are inspiring our visitors to love nature, saving species in western Canada from extinction or working with scientists on the other side of the globe, our ultimate goal is simple: to help wildlife and keep it wild. This is the first gorilla pregnancy since 2008, when little Yewande was welcomed into our gorilla troop!

Kioja arrived at the Calgary Zoo in 2009 along with her half-sister Dossi from the Bronx Zoo, where she was born in 2001. Normal gestation for gorillas is about eight to nine months or 37 weeks, much the same as a human pregnancy. As we update you over the next couple months, it will be a special opportunity to educate our zoo community about the natural lives of this critically endangered species. In the wild, populations of western lowland gorillas are under siege, having dropped more than 80 percent in just three generations. By recycling phones, gorilla habitat is preserved and further work is being done to protect these critically endangered animals.
These gorillas face exceptionally high levels of hunting, disease and habitat loss and it is estimated that there are fewer than 100,000 left in the wild.
Calgarians are asked to drop off their old cell phones to Guest Relations at the main zoo entrance or follow this link to learn more about the program.

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