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HughesNet Gen4® High-speed Broadband Internet Service for Amador, Calaveras, Placer and El Dorado County and Northern California.
Thank you for your interest in getting the best in High-speed Internet service from El Dorado Satellite, your local, authorized provider for Amador, Calaveras, Placer and El Dorado County.
Cable and DSL High speed Internet service is unavailable in many parts of the Northern California Sierras throughout Amador, Calaveras, Placer and El Dorado County. We provide the same Gen4 equipment and plans sold online by HughesNet and big, out-of-state sales agents, but with additional, LOCAL savings they can't offer.
Do more of the media-rich activities you love to do online: play videos, make online phone calls, share pictures, and listen to music. Record a video of your nephew taking his first steps, upload it, and email it to your out-of-town family members in minutes. Snap pictures at your company picnic, upload them to your desktop, and make an online album to share with your co-workers. Download the soundtrack to your favorite movie and have it playing throughout your home in seconds.
Gen4 Lease Option: The Lease Option is available on approved credit, and costs about $60 less than the Purchase Option over the life of the 24-month Contract. Gen4 Purchase Option: The Purchase Option is a good alternative if your credit may not qualify for the Lease Option. Please note the same 24-month contract and equipment warranty applies whether you lease or purchase, and you'll still get all our Special Discounts. The HughesNet modem is designed to connect to one wired computer, and does not include wireless capability. If you already have your own router and would like our help to connect and configure it, our one-time fee is $50, with connection to one device (one laptop, cell phone, tablet, or smart TV) and $25 for each additional device.
Please note that all wireless computers and devices will share a common connection through the HughesNet system and will share in your monthly data allowance. We can usually schedule your HughesNet Gen4 service install within a day or two, depending on our schedule.

El Dorado Satellite provides HughesNet satellite Internet systems, installation, parts and service for Placerville and for Amador, Calaveras, Placer and El Dorado Counties of Northern California and Western Nevada. After 90 days, the Early Termination Fee amount will decrease by $15 per month for each month of active service. Wireless Connectivity: - The Gen4 modem is designed to connect to one computer does not include wireless connectivity, but it is compatible with most wireless routers and access points. Home Theater, Audio, Video or Networking Equipment: - Unless otherwise stated, installation of TV, DVD, Blu-Ray or audio equipment, wall mounts, wireless networking, telephone wiring, network cabling, connecting multiple computers, wireless devices such as routers, smart phones, laptops, Smart TVs or tablet computer installation or programming services are not included but available at additional charge. In the event you exceed your monthly data allowance your overall system speed will be reduced to about 100Kbps. Virtual Private Networking (VPN): Remote server applications such as business VPN connections over Gen4 may work but are not guaranteed, and speeds may be reduced by as much as 50% to 75% when using these applications.
We recommend you visit our office in Diamond Springs first and test your laptop or PC on our HughesNet system here to verify compatibility. Introducing Ultra-high speed Internet service, courtesy of the NEW HughesNet® Gen4" Satellite Internet Service. However, sending or receiving any Emails with attachments, or browsing web sites containing Flash animation, large images, streaming or embedded video and audio files, or any large-file downloads or uploads, will be at greatly reduced (less than 150 Kbps dial-up) speeds. Pay $99 $0 Setup when you lease a new Gen4 Internet system, exclusively from El Dorado Satellite.
If you have multiple computers, smart phones, tablets or laptops, you can connect any standard wireless router.
In the unlikely event HughesNet Gen4 service is not available at your location, your order will be cancelled and you will not be charged. For a FREE analysis of your HughesNet Satellite Internet System Installation and Pre wiring needs, please call 530-903-4257 in El Dorado County. After 24-month Commitment: $300 Unreturned Equipment Fee is charged if equipment is not returned within 45 days of cancellation date. Customers with SmartBrowsing–enabled plans who have exceeded their monthly Anytime allowance can still send and receive email and browse the Internet.

State and local taxes are not included in these fees but will be charged on your first month's bill. Now, you'll be able to access the Internet Anywhere in Amador, Calaveras, Placer and El Dorado Counties, and throughout Northern California and western Nevada at download speeds up to 15 Mbps (Megabits per second)a.
If your family expects to watch a lot of video, please consider ordering DIRECTV or DISH Satellite TV Service from us. If you do not have one, we can furnish and install a wireless router at optional cost (see costs below under Home Theater, Audio, Video or Networking Equipment:). Offer valid only from El Dorado Networks and is not available from Hughes or other Retailers.
All satellite communications performance may become impaired or unavailable due to inclement weather, snow buildup on the dish, atmospheric conditions and sun interference.
To get maximum use of your data allowance, Gen4 also provides a free "Status Meter" enabling you to instantly monitor how much data allowance you have left, and a "Download Manager" that enables you to schedule downloads for software updates and other large files during early-morning hours to use Bonus Data and not your Anytime Data Allowance. However, uploading or downloading large files, including video and audio embedded in web pages or attached to emails, will reduce speeds. Gen4 service offers available for new and qualified former customers, and subject to terms of applicable Promotional and Residential Customer agreements. During peak hours, actual upload and download speeds will likely be lower than speeds indicated. If your order is cancelled before installation, please allow up to 7 business days to receive the refund to your credit card from the date your order is cancelled.

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