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External cell phone battery charger is important for phone users as a little extra power in case the phone is dying. If you are iPhone and iPad users you have to try New Trent as your external cell phone battery charger. Energizer is one of the big names in battery industry, so it is not a bizarre thing if they produce external cell phone battery charger.
IK Multimedia is a company making a name for itself in the professional recording equipment market for the iPhone and iPadĀ (yes, that is a market).
The iRig Mic Cast is a simple device that doesn’t require any setup or special equipment to use. There are two advanced features that will be of particular interest to people who want to record for semi-professional purposes. IK Multimedia does make apps for iOS and Android that support the Mic Cast, though they aren’t necessary. We started by testing voice recording since the Mic Cast’s primary purpose is for recording for podcasts.
Sitting 2 – 3 feet away with the mic on the low setting and minimal or no background noise, voices recorded accurately and clearly, though the acoustic flaws of the rooms are evident.
Even, external cell phone battery charger can be used for your laptop or camera so carrying extra batteries is so crucial.

Still, the real proof of how good the Mic Cast is comes when you use it to record something. For this test we used the mic while recording video of accordion players in New York City’s Bryant Park. It won’t replace a serious set up or even a top of the line digital voice recorder (partly because of the limitations of smartphone internals). You just have to plug the device into your cell phone battery charger and the problem will be solved. Your iPhone or iPad, Android phone or another device can be charged by these models via micro USB or USB. When recording a few feet away the low setting is meant to eliminate background noise and only concentrate on what it hears in the immediate vicinity.
Using both the iRig Recorder Free app and Tape-a-talk from the Google Play store, we recorded voice in medium-sized rooms with no sound-dampening methods. In some of the videos we shot the sound is quieter than we’d like because we left the settings alone. However, it’s great to have for spontaneous recording, voice memos, and upping the quality of your videos with better audio.
The following are the three of the best stuffs, so you can pick the best external cell phone battery charger that you want.

And this cell phone battery charger has more tips and cables that you can use to charge your device.
And the few mics that are good, still can’t record a podcast-quality interview on the go.
When we put the mic on high and sat 10 feet away the background noise was more evident and the artifact more pronounced. Even if you have old school cell phone, this cell phone charger probably has the tip to charge it.
If you don’t have the money for a high-end pocket digital recorder, what are your options? Not only that, this high capacity and small size charger can be used as a flashlight and even can charge devices with high powered such as small laptops and notebooks also tablets.

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