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I was previously using Wheres My Droid, but some of the features such as the ability to take photos requires the paid version. I downloaded Lookout, but it required a subscription in order to take full advantage of the app. So far I'm thinking of keeping Android Lost, but I'm open to suggestions for apps that may be better. Originally Posted by lostchild I was using Where's My Droid, but I found that it is really slow locating my phone. Where iTunes Radio, Spotify, and Pandora limit the number of songs that can be skipped, you can skip as many songs as you like in Google Play Music.
Another difference between the iOS app and Google Play for Android devices, is that the Android’s “radio” is called “instant mix” on the iPhone. Google Play Music has two options—a limited free version, and a $10 per month subscription all access pass.

The paid subscription gives the user full access to all music in the Google Play library from which you can create unlimited radio stations and add music that you don’t own to your Google Play library and playlists.
Songs can be streamed at 320 Kbps, and can be sent directly to the Chromecast TV dongle that is connected to an AV receiver or TV to play through your home theater speakers.
Unlike any other “radio” streaming music service, Google’s app displays songs that are coming up in the radio queue. The iOS version doesn’t have the “I’m feeling lucky” radio station that includes music curated based on your preferences of favorite songs. Brandon Bilinski, Product Manager for Google Play Music, told The Verge that their team is working on bringing the “I’m feeling lucky” radio station and other features to the iOS app. Also, I noticed that the scrub bar (to rewind or skip ahead in the currently playing song) did not work in the iPhone app. Up to 20,000 of your songs from your iTunes, or other music libraries, can be stored for free in the cloud.

Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central Cut down on data Review: The Opera Mini browser It's Time Should you try the Android N Beta on your phone? To remove a song that is playing on iTunes radio, you must tell the app to “never play that song again.” Deleting without rating is particularly useful for songs you like, but don’t fit into the current mix. Similar to iTunes Match, songs in your music library that match songs titles in the Google Play store, will be automatically added to your library. This fall, iTunes Radio launched on iOS devices, but it can’t compete with the flexibility of controlling music that is available in the Google Play Music service. The iPhone app allows me to save individual songs to a new (or existing playlist) so I can get the same result, but the Save Queue option is simple and faster.

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