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Last year, HTC promised a unified marketing effort with the One brand, but it didn’t seem to go as planned. Last year’s One X was stunning to say the least, but a year later the One somehow makes the One X seem cheap, I know that is an overstatement, but I say it to prove a point. The One has an all aluminum body with a hint of polycarbonate as opposed to the all polycarbonate body of the One X. HTC introduced Beats integration a couple of years ago, and most people saw it as a gimmick. The One sports a much bigger battery than the One X, but only slightly bigger than the DROID DNA. A couple of years ago, it was all about the specs, but things have shifted to the software side.
Based on what I told you about UltraPixels, it’s no surprise that the One camera performs fantastically in low light, which is where the majority of photos are taken. You will find plenty of example photos online that were taken from the One, but here’s a few with different light variations for you to judge. I mentioned HTC Zoe and video highlights in the software section, but since it’s a camera function, I thought I would discuss it here. I put together a complete tutorial of the camera interface, Zoes, and Video Highlights which you can watch below. There is no question that the HTC One is the best phone on the planet, but the real question is if you should buy it.
From the early 90’s through late 2011, he only owned Motorola phones starting with the MircroTAC all the way through to the Droid X. Sorry but you fail to realize, while Samsung covers ALL grounds, regardless of rather or not they put it in their stupid ads.
So when people want to compare the two phones, let’s leave the material aside and focus on the really important factors such as usability, speed, screen quality, battery life etc. I’ve had my HTC One for about a week and I think it can easily beat most smartphones out there. Each phone is made out of a single block of anodized aluminum and has a zero-gap construction. Whether you like the changes or not, this is one of the weaknesses of HTC in that they just don’t seem to have any consistency, which ends in confusion for consumers.
The HTC One has two speakers on the front of the device, one at the top and the other at the bottom.
Reviewing CPU performance is starting to get boring because phones are getting to the point where consumers aren’t going to notice much from phone to phone. I would tend to agree, but it appears HTC had a plan all along, and I don’t think any of us realized how committed they were to sound quality.
While phone manufacturers are in a race to offer the highest megapixels, HTC is making a very bold move in going in the opposite direction. In bright light, it’s not as noticeably better, but an update is coming that will help with that. I have criticized HTC for not offering enough software features on the One as opposed to the Galaxy S 4, but HTC might have struck gold with Zoe and video highlights. The name Zoe comes from zoetrope, which is a device that produces the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures. Generally we take photos around certain events so HTC created event folders in the gallery. I have six versions of the same event with the only difference being one of the six predefined filters:  Islandia, Burbia, Eifel, Vega, Avalon, and Polaris. By using Zoes, you are going to use up your storage a lot faster since every Zoe is an mp4 video as well as 20 images. In his free time he enjoys sports, movies, TV, working out, and trying to keep up with the rapid fast world of technology.
I have a right to think they have the best phone on the market just like you think Samsung makes the best phone. They just made too many compromise, even in the camera (with the lost of details especially in the letterings and fine details in a photo taken in daylight at a middling distance). I have a moto photon, I bought the in 2011 because at the time it was one of the best phone on any carrier. Except that they did innovate in terms of sound and perhaps tried a bit too hard in the camera.
I own a One after a very happy experience with the plastic Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but there is nothing faux about the One’s body. It does seems to excel in low light shots as well as scenes that is less crowded with less details. But for me and others who takes more regular shots outdoor and like to display it on the large computer screen, then it is not. The edges are chamfered thanks to a special diamond cutter, and each unit goes through roughly 200 minutes of CNC machine cuts. The power button (with built-in IR blaster) is now to the top left (was top right on the One X) and the microphone jack is now at the top right (was top left on the One X). This is something Samsung implemented with their most recent tablets, so it’s nice to see this same concept on a phone.
The AnTuTu benchmark came in at 23,538, which is one of the highest scores we have ever seen. Unfortunately HTC hasn’t figured this out yet as they seem to spend more time on their user interface, which is called Sense.

It’s a scrollable news feed that you can customize, but HTC made the choice that it has to take up one of your homescreens and there is nothing you can do about it. When using traditional burst shots, people generally pick the best one and delete the remaining shots.
Buying something popular means more people have it, which makes consumers feel more at ease since there will be more people to offer assistance.
His first computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 Color that used a cassette tape to save programs, and his first laptop was a Toshiba T1200FB that sported a CGA greyscale screen and two 720kb floppy drives (no hardrive). Then again, i never criticized you directly, just the title of the article, so i guess that poke wasn’t really meant for me. The camera was the decisive difference for me, and it is even more impressive than I hoped for.
In fact I would argue that plastic has better impact resistance than the aluminium, which is why so many of the iPhone5 has dents and scuff and my own Asus transformer infinity has multiples dents and scratches from just a few drop, and while my old S2 that I have been using, was dropped a few times without the cover and yet is without scratch or dent. But when taking shots in clear daylight in the mid to long range, it does not perform well at all. Usually when I’m on my way to my job at DISH, I like to stream my live and recorded shows on my phone since the trip takes some time.
Lets not forget variants such as the EVO 4G LTE, the DROID Incredible 4G LTE, and the DROID DNA. When people stare at their phones, they are generally looking at their display to read emails or play a game, but HTC phones are different.
There’s no question that HTC spent a lot of time and money to make the One the most attractive phone ever made. While the majority of phones only have one speaker, they are generally found at the back, which never made sense.
No one is going to notice that difference, but it continues to be the best display on the market. As I mentioned in the design section, there are two speakers at the front of the phone (top and bottom), which provides stereo sound as opposed to mono sound. On the other hand, Samsung spends more time on proprietary software features which translates to more phones sold.
The same goes for cropping after the fact because the detail isn’t going to be there. You can move any of these media files from event to event, but generally it will go by date and time frame.
With Zoes, you will want to keep these videos because they are used for the video highlights. Popular phones are also likely to get more support since manufacturers tend to spend more money on the phones they sell more of. I was with Motorola from the MicroTac days to Windows Mobile and eventually the DROID and the DROID X. Lower pixel density is a seriously good trade off (which is why I bought a full frame digital camera ten years ago).
And if you like to crop or edit your photo, then you will further degrade the image quality since you only have so many pixel to begin with. Unfortunately 2012, was another bad year for HTC, and they have come back with the same story for 2013, which is to offer a unified marketing effort and one flagship phone.
Of course you look at the display, but when you have a phone as sexy as the HTC One, you sometimes pull it out of your pocket just to stare at the phone itself. The left side now has the microSIM slot towards the top (was on the top on the One X), and the microUSB port is now at the bottom towards the right (was on left side bottom on the One X).
Most of them are gimmicks and probably rarely used, but they are marketable and exciting to consumers. HTC is marketing their camera as UltraPixel, which means they are using a large sensor (one-third-inch BSI) and combining it with bigger pixels. If you need to focus on another subject, it’s instantaneous when you tap your finger. Last year I felt the One X was the best phone, but I had a hard time recommending it over the Galaxy S III. In fact they are so big, they housed the notification light inside the top speaker to the left. With 2,300mAh, we were expecting a big improvement, but unfortunately it came up as a slight improvement.
In HTC’s defense, they did come up with some new software features this year (see below), but nowhere near the number that Samsung is rolling out with the Galaxy S 4.
It appears they were trying to simplify things for the average consumer, but why not make it a removable widget for those advanced users?” See the video below to learn how it works and how to set it up.
HTC TV is nothing new since Peel already offers something very similar, but it can bring this type of application to the forefront with some marketing.
The bottomline is that you will get amazing photos with the HTC One, but you are going to have to plan your shots better.
As far as basic camera settings, everything is there from last year including panorama, HDR, various editing effects, and a slew of settings for fine tuning. Then go through the remaining Zoes and save the images separately that you like and delete each Zoe.
So at best, we can say that it is a good phone, perhaps the best phone that HTC manage to put out (and without shooting itself in its feet ..
But one thing to note though, it seems that their compromise in using a bigger sensor results in just so so normal shot (i.e.

Now we get to one of the most dramatic changes and that’s the capacitive buttons on the front of the phone. In my usual video rundown test in which I run continuous video with WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS turned on (WiFi and Bluetooth not connected), I was able to squeak out a little over 7 hours.
HTC’s continued focus on Sense only confuses consumers since a lot of the main aspects of the user interface change from phone to phone. To give you an idea, most phones have 1.1-micrometers pixels, but the One has 2-micrometers pixels, which lets in 44% more light.
You are going to have to make sure that before you press that shutter button, you will be satisfied as far as distance from the subject because your options after the fact won’t be there. HTC has put together an algorithm that will turn your images, Zoes, and videos into a 30-second highlight video. You can change the effects, and if you’re not certain you like the video, just hit shuffle and a new highlight video is ready in less than a second. Unfortunately you won’t be able to create another video highlight in the future, but how many do you need from the same event?
HTC got lazy after the first EVO and when the hero first came out, it was a beast of a phone.Right now the top 3 is samsung,lg and motorola. It substantially and obviously outperforms nearly everything else on the market in low light. I will cut to the chase and tell you that it’s very unlikely that I will disagree with that assessment, especially when you consider the fact that I picked the One X as the best phone for 2012 while everyone and their brother chose the Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II.
HTC decided to get away from the Android concept and go with just two buttons, Home and Back (instead of Back, Home, Task). It also needs to be noted that the battery cannot be removed since the One is a unibody design. I suspect this is the case for most consumers in that they are probably sharing their original shots and not cropping. The world has become very visual thanks to sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Google+, so why not turn it up a notch with highlight videos?
You can even fine tune things by pre-selecting the images, Zoes, or videos that you only want to be utilized. Unfortunately being the best doesn’t guarantee success nor does it mean that you should buy it. When it comes to sound, there isn’t a phone that comes close the what the One offers. Samsung has been criticized for their TouchWiz interface in that it hasn’t really changed much since Gingerbread. When people are at an event, they tend to leave their phone on a lot so they can take photos at a moments notice. The One is still the underdog and I already mentioned that consumers aren’t buying on specs, they are buying on consistency, software features, and a recognized brand. Still, real world daily use is where it counts and you can expect to get about 15 hours with average use. Will the rep at the carrier store really understand the differences and be able to explain it to the consumer? Most consumers aren’t about to load video and images into a video editor and mess with that. Last year, HTC failed at all three, but this year it’s a little different in that they succeeded in one area, software features. Samsung has been criticized for their lack of quality in their phones, but one thing HTC can learn from Samsung is consistency.
However, if you’re at an event in which you plan on taking a lot of Zoes (see below), it will cut that down a lot. Samsung adds new features, such as S Beam, Smart Stay, and All Share, but they keep the basic elements of their UI the same. When I say automatically, I mean it because you don’t even need to press a button to actually create one. This alone is reason enough to buy this phone and is something that HTC needs to push in their marketing efforts.
You might want to turn this off because if you leave it on, you are going to have a lot of uploading, which could affect your data plan as well as battery life. Is this feature enough of a reason to break brand loyalty and force consumers to buy the HTC One?
In other words, does the HTC One provide enough greatness to break brand loyalty for the average consumer? As much as I appreciate quality, consistency is probably more important to the overall marketing strategy. Your 30-second highlight video with music will already be in your gallery without ever asking for it. A year and half ago, it was all about specs for phones, but Samsung and Apple recognized that mainstream consumers don’t buy on specs. The One seems to be a phone to build a brand upon and will hopefully allow HTC to be more consistent moving forward. The One X may have achieved the best phone last year in terms of pure hardware, but they failed in all three categories.

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