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In Canada, the telephone corporations have improved the quality of the service amazingly these last years, for that reason, many companies decided to deny the free access to their mobile networks, because this will generate a lot of utilities to the communication networks as well as the Canadian land. The networks work in relation to the area where the user actually is located, this user must be associated to license of the respective server which has offered that kind of telephone service in first place. Next we will make mention of some telephone companies and the kind of service they offer to the regular users. SaskTel : It is a company which offers mobile telephone services, internet and satellite digital TV signal to the particular or corporation business area. Aliant : This corporation is the newest and the most sophisticated if we talk about telecommunications in Canada, because it not just offer the regular mobile telephone service  but it also offers the internet, regular telephone at home and the fax service. Fido : Through the time, Fido is one of the companies with the friendliest service and products you can find in the Canadian market. Bell Mobility : Actually it is the biggest company in Canada until now, it counts with a totally complete telecommunication service. TELUS Mobility : It is one of the companies with many users internationally and on Canada, it is recognized as one of the best with the offers of regular and mobile telephone service with the before-payment and after-payment plans everywhere.

Virgin Mobile  : Finally, we found this company because of its very long time on the mobile and regular telephone service business. Lately in Canada the competency between the companies has increased amazingly compared with some years ago. For that reason, the user must know certain aspect of the kind of service offered by the companies before attempting to count with such services and the price list of them can go according to the user’s necessities.
Its plan may be before-payment or after-payment, besides it counts with its own card, so the users can pay all the bill of the service offered by SaskTel with it. The products offered by this company are the best you can find in the Canadian market today, besides its products are crested for the corporations and the homes at the same time. It offers many discounts for the last generation products like the iPhone and other kind of smart phones.
The users can find in Bell, many high quality services like mobile telephone, regular telephone at home, internet with a wide broad-band, cable and satellite TV signal.
It counts with great equipments and it also has very flexible prices for the job area and home.

But no matter how, Bell Mobility knows how to handle the entire competency so they can focus on offer the best service to the clients and that way the Canadian market can be controlled. There are many plans Fido offers to the clients so the regular user may choose any plan he likes the most.
For that reason this corporation is recognized as the most requested service by millions of users who wants to count with any of this essential services. Besides it offers before-payment and after-payment plan, which can be included with really great promotions released by Virgin on certain times to the market.

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