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Luckily for consumers, this brought out the best no contract phone service plans the cell phone industry has ever seen! Between so many MVNO’s and the main carriers own prepaid no contract offerings, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest in no contract plans! Reminder: This is geared for the major brand no contract service plans and doesn’t include many of the other MVNO providers that offer other packages that might fit your needs! Verizon now offers no contract plans and even allows you to purchase a device from them with some discount if you set-up autopay for your monthly bill. You can additionally add extra data onto your plan as essentially a 2nd service package on top of the 500 MB of data already included. T-Mobile rocked the boat at last years CES show and was first to the punch on really offering out no contract service plans.
While these plans might be a little more expensive, they do include more data than other offerings and you don’t have to sign the ever dreaded 2 year contract.
For those that talk and consume data, what seems to be a cheap offering could end up resulting in using all your data too quickly and paying a hefty price for additional data! Sprint has recently entered into the no contract service plan offerings and has done a good job at offering a competitive price.
Their offering is more geared towards the heavy data user and those who are a walking hot spot.
My ultimate choice would be Verizon because my data consumption varies from month to month and being able to add on more data if needed without going without or paying an arm and a leg would be worth the possibility of expiring data.
With a mobile phone (or as my American friends call it, cell phone) you have two main options when choosing how to pay for your minutes, internet and texts.
If you love to use your phone, and it rarely leaves your side then you probably have it on a contract.
Like with pay as you go SIMs, it can often pay to research all the deals on offer, as there are different contracts for different people.
The only problem with contracts is that the more you want, unfortunately, often the more you have to pay.
Founder and editor of Technology Bloggers, Christopher likes learning and enjoys writing on the blogs diverse range of topics. I have always stuck to pay as you go method since I only use the phone about once or twice a day.
Not only does signing up to a contract for a phone leave you stuck with the same network and handset for a full two years, it can often result in less data and call allowances than if you take a no-contract prepaid or month-by-month deal.
We ran a basic version of this list back in September, which made it clear that it’s a topic that interests people but that we needed to offer more detail.
The plan had to be a no-contract deal, which means either a classic prepaid arrangement which you recharge every month or a month-to-month deal you can cancel at any time. If you need a really large amount of data, or are focused on being able to call overseas numbers, or only want to spend $20 a month, you’ll need to do more research and choose a different plan. The problem with this plan on the face of it is that it only includes 800MB of data, which isn’t a lot.

When we’ve written about this plan before, many people have misunderstood and assumed you have to spend $99 a month ($50 for the cap and $49 for the Browse Plus Pack). Telstra lets you roll over your unused credit each month, I rarely have to buy more than $40 sometimes $30 if i'm not in a busy month. Another user pointed out last time, that you can get around this by dialling your own number then once it diverts to voicemail, entering your pin code and checking them then, Using call credits instead of recharge credit.
Hi, I just want to tell you that it happened to me before as well, when I was using Virgin which uses the Optus network.
A very important distinction is that Amaysim use a portion of the Optus network - they don't necessarily (and probably don't) have access to the full network.
Had the sameproblem with Amaysim when I moved house turned out the Optus service is crappy here. I have the Vaya $18 a month plan, which is unlimited text, $650 of calls, and 1.5 GB of data on Optus' 4G network (with $7 extra for another GB, should you ever need it). These are more than I'll ever need, so for $18, this seems like one of the best deals to me. We’ll catch you up and let you in on the best service plans your money can buy for 2014!
The price tag is intimating , but heavy data users will be hard pressed to get a flat fee with any other provider. While this limits the amount of phones you can bring to the network, Sprint phones are typically the cheapest to buy in the used cell phone market. Almost everyone provides unlimited talk and text plans (besides the lowest AT&T $25 no contract plan). Some pay as you go providers are targeted towards those who use their phone more for calling, whilst others focus on those who text a lot.
If you spend less than ?10 a month on your phone, Pay As You Go is probably the cheaper option for you. Yes you can have unlimited monthly calls, texts and internet usage, along with the latest phone, however it can cost you the earth! They enchant you with their advertising, and soon as they have you in chains, they give you the bait and switch. I saw different subscription plans on my mobile carrier and I was surprised to see the different combinations of services they offer on each plan. Most of my work communication is done through internet means like Skype, chat or email so the phone is just there for anyone who can’t be contacted via those means mostly.
I think the pay-as-you-go option is often incorrectly viewed as always being more expensive, though; a lot of people seem to go for a contract when in reality they would be best served with a pay-as-you-go plan. The beauty of that approach is that if he ever starts to use his phone more we can easily make a change to something that makes more sense.
However, if you’re paying $70 a month for a contract deal, you should crunch the numbers carefully. This includes $950 worth of calling and texting credits for Australian numbers, and the ability to make free calls and texts between 6pm and 6am.

The important point here is that you can spend that credit to buy a $49 Browse Plus Pack, which adds 3GB of data to the 800MB you already have. For $39.90 a month, you score unlimited calls and texts to Australian numbers and 4GB of data from a reliable, well-established provider.
Also I pointed out last time that spending all of your "recharge credit" before the month is out would be unwise seeing as accessing your voicemail takes money from that, not your call credits. If you purchase the $49 browse plus pack to get the 3GB will that roll over every month even if you do the $30 recharges then on? Sure it’s a little bit older model but the price point is right on and a strong offering! The cheapest plan being a bit more expensive than other carriers lowest no contract price, at $50, still has an advantage with the extra data that it provides. Mainly, because they’re not able to be exported to other countries or used on other carriers. With that said, your typical data consumption is where one plan will fit you better than another. Likewise if you really love having the latest model, there are contracts where you can get new phones as they come out, for free!
Whereas pay as you go, you will find these offers from startups who are committed to building goodwill with their customers. More and more plans and types of subscriptions are in the offer, and they’re all for our benefit really. An outright buy and a no-contract plan is could well be cheaper when you factor in data allowances, which are typically very low on cheaper contract plans. While not as good as an unlimited deal, for calling and texting purposes, this should be more than adequate for most people. That costs $60 a month if you use it every day (which puts it out of full contention given our criteria here), but you get unlimited calls and texts in Australia and as much as 15GB of data. However, there are no free calls or texts on this plan, so you need to balance what you spend on data with what you’ll need to spend on basic communications each month. What I have found was that it was due to network congestion on Optus plus the weaker frequency they use which made it hard to penetrate in CBD areas. Seems like Optus is still having network congestion issue which would have been solved with more towers built in 1-2 years but they never admitted the issue and so they escaped the whole Vodafail phenomenon.
To the best of my knowledge, the only reseller that can access the full network is Virgin, and even so, they have lower priority than Optus customers in times of congestion.

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