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But just in case you’ve already stumbled and you need some help, you can check out these new and smart saving applications below to help you stay on top of your spending for this year. If you lose your phone, it’s like losing more than money because it is packed with sensitive information and sometimes your passwords and even financial data.
But if you are someone who likes to own something new every so often, or if you simply want to say goodbye to your old, defective device, here are some few tips you can do this without putting a dent on your budget.
Just like the latest iPhone, the phone comes with the S Health app plus a heart rate monitor and built-in fingerprint. It is therefore imperative for every mobile phone user to carry out extra precautionary measures when it comes to keeping your phone safe and secure from hacks, snooping networks and more. Make Use of Your Old Phone If your phone is still fairly new, and you simply want to replace it because the newest release got your attention, perhaps you can still collect a nice sum of cash by selling the device you want to replace, which can cover some of the costs of the new handset.
Unfortunately, although your latest smartphone is equipped with all the power and hardware to multitask, there are certain activities that you shouldn’t do with it.
With bank-level security, the application spots possible erroneous transactions such as duplicate charges. With an average of 300 mobile phones stolen on a daily basis in London alone, the risk for your phone is greater. One way you can sell your old phone for a good amount is by selling it directly to a person instead of going through third parties.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Another Samsung offering that tops the outstanding Android phone list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which boasts a thrilling design. Make sure your phone is safe as can be by following these simple steps: Update Software One of the first things you need to do to secure your phone is to make sure that your software is always updated. Furthermore, if your phone is in good condition, and you’ve got other accessories such as headsets, chargers, bumpers, and the box included, there’s a great chance of getting a good deal.

Text and Drive If you’re going to text or call while driving, might as well get drunk and wasted. Software updates are regularly carried out as a way to fix bugs and possible security issues.
Meanwhile, if your phone is pretty defective, and it’s not worth selling the device, you can recycle it for other purposes. That’s how effective it is and with BillGuard on your phone, you can basically expect to save money in the long run.
Whenever your operating system has updates, make sure you’re one of the first people to install yours. For instance, rather than donating cash to your favourite charity, you can donate your phone instead. This is because using your phone while driving isn’t any less dangerous than drunk driving.
The phone is especially recommended for people who love to scribble as it comes with a winning stylus. Key Ring If you’re fond of taking advantage of discounts and you have rewards card numbers but always forget them when truly needed, you can install the Key Ring application on your phone to take care of this problem for you. Whenever on the road, you need to be alert all the time, and using your phone is a big no-no. Rather than use a physical key ring, the application lets you organize your reward cards in one handy place, your mobile phone. Use Secure Lock Screen Most people don’t bother with setting up a lock screen password because it may be inconvenient. Though you’re not actually getting money from the sale, you can save money from buying other stuff.

Connecting Through Public Networks Nowadays, there seems to be a Wi-Fi or hotspot connections everywhere you go – parks, cafes, schools, malls, etc. Dubbed as Sony’s most promising offering yet, the Xperia Z3 boasts a superb and classy display screen that is designed to impress. Now you’ll always have easy access to your rewards, coupons and discounts thanks to Key Ring. While we all want freebies, connecting through these public networks is extremely dangerous.
Packed with all the right features, the phone sure gives other Android phones from other brands like HTC and Samsung a run for their money. Setting up a passcode or pass lock, however, increases your phone’s security to another notch. Because these are unsecured connections, you never know who’s on the other end, putting your sensitive information at risk.
There’s no need for you to hunt and collect coupons yourself because the app does the job for you. Mobile Banking If you’re amazed by online banking, you might be surprised that banking can be done on your mobile as well. These days, almost every merchant provides a mobile site and app where you can perform transactions that would otherwise be done only through your computer. However, despite the availability of these mobile banking apps, we suggest staying away from them for security reasons.

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