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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is bigger and better than the S6 Edge, and as you'll see there are some really good deals out there already.In fact, we think the Galaxy S7 Edge deals are actually a bit better than the S7 deals. That's because the tariffs are largely the same, but you only pay an additional £50 upfront for the bigger, better handset. There are some good deals out there but there are also some stinkers as well - we'll help you find the one to go for. This deal from Vodafone comes with 1GB of data, but if may not be exactly what you need for your brand new phone.
It's only £75 upfront and it comes with 1000 minutes so it may good a good choice though, plus it's cheap month to month. Plus monthly payments of only £36 a month makes it a better deal than most of the other networks right now.

This time there's a much more expensive deal, but it may be worth it for you if you get through a lot of data each month. It comes with 20GB of internet and a small upfront cost of £10, so snap this up if it suits you. It comes with a huge 20GB of data and even though that monthly cost looks daunting, the cashback will make it that little bit easier over the two years. This one comes with 5GB of data and an upfront cost of £50 as well as unlimited calls and texts. Over the course of the deal though you'll get a much better deal, with 1GB being enough to get you through most months happily, and a lower upfront cost this time around too. You do have to spend £56 on day one but for a brand new phone from Samsung that's not the worst thing in the world.

This is a great deal for all those that really like to get browsing and downloading on their phone, but don't want to go for the exorbitant prices of Three for the unlimited package. Three is the only network you'll be able to get unlimited internet and it's quite affordable considering you get all-you-can-eat data.

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