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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Camera phones have come on in leaps and bounds this year, evolving from the poor quality VGA resolution of two years ago to the 10 megapixel monsters of today. Of course, each manufacturer produces camera phones of different quality, and so some phones will be better than others. Although virtually all mobile phones come with a camera these days, those below 2 megapixels tend to be entry level, and are not representative of a particular manufacturer’s current camera technology. One thing that is disappointing with some Nokia camera phones, such as the Nokia N80, is the lack of autofocus.

The lack of autofocus also means the Nokia phones cannot take good macro photos closer than 20cm.
Note that autofocus does have a disadvantage in that it takes longer to take a picture, as you have to wait for the camera to focus before the picture is taken. Until Nokia release their stunning 5 megapixel N95 Sat-Nav phone in 2007, the current best camera phone in Nokia’s line up is the Nokia N93. Beneath Nokia’s N-Series range is its mid-level mobile phones, which are all numbered. The Nokia 6126 is another of Nokia’s mid-range phones that also has problems with its pictures.

Indeed, the more you read reviews on Nokia’s mid-range phones, the more you realise that their cameras could be better.

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