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Since almost all carriers have decided to stop offering contracts, you will no longer be able to buy phones at subsidized prices. In previous years, Black Friday promotions brought phones prices on contract usually to $99 or in some cases even $0, zero, nada.
When carriers were offering long-term contracts, the most attractive sales you could find where on subsidized devices. Now that contracts are no longer a part of the offer, there is no profit for companies in discounting subsidized phones. At the moment the only carrier that still offers contracts for new customers is AT&T but there is no telling how long it will last.
Since there are no contracts preventing you from going to another carrier with your brand new phone, deals on devices are no longer an incentive at least from carriers’ point of view.
Discounts on iPhones are usually not as steep as on Android phones, but they still bring some savings. All the changes that come as a result of carriers ditching contracts may seem shocking at first, but it’s all for our own good, at least in theory.
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Since the most premium devices can be pretty expensive, some priced well above $600, many consumers wait for deals and promotions to get a new phone.
That said, full retail prices you will see this year, may stop your heart beat for a moment, especially if you consider a premium or a flagship smartphone.

You were able to found 50% OFF deals on Android smartphones discounted usually from $199 regular price to $99. For example, Verizon allows current customers to stay on contract but this option is not available to new customers so don’t expect any deals on subsidized phones for Big Red. If nothing changes by Black Friday, the carrier may offer a number of great deals on subsidized phones to encourage those customers who are more comfortable with contracts than month-to-month payments and are not happy with the changes. Last year during Black Friday sales smartphones were discounted by 26% on average, which brings $650 premium phone retail price to $480. The only way carriers can encourage customers to stick with them is by offering freebies and add-ons.
However, with all the adjustments that are happening right now, those deals might not be seen as attractive by many potential customers. The vast majority of phones are sold during holiday shopping season which starts with Black Friday sales and runs through Christmas.
In the past years a high-end phone such as Samsung or Motorola flagships were typically priced at $199 with a two-year service agreement.
Carriers won’t offer phones for free, because with contracts out of the way, there is nothing that could stop you from going to another carrier without paying off the device. Despite of lower profit service providers still made money as users had stay with the carrier at least for two years paying monthly plan that included expenses of the phone.
Some retailers, such as Amazon, typically offer discounts before Black Friday, while others cut prices only for that one day. However, now that you know at least more or less what to expect, hopefully you will find it easier to shop for a new phone.
That’s when you can find the best deals on mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices.

Starting this year, you will have to get used to prices more in the neighborhood of $650, or approximately $20 per month if you opt for installment plan.
An average discount may reach $170 which may not be a fortune but still is better than nothing. However, keep in mind that many of these freebies might be delivered after a certain period of time.
You might already have shopping tactics that proved successful in previous seasons; however, this year will be different due to the fact that carriers are moving away from contracts.
For example, if a carrier promises you a $300 credit when you stay on the network for at least six months, that credit will be applied to your bill at the end of those six months. At least they weren’t last year when the iPhone 6 was for sale only $9 cheaper than normally. Here are seven things you will need to know to understand cell phone sales this Black Friday event. If last year can be any indicator, price cuts may reach 20% in the case of mid-range devices. A more common practice is to offer the iPhone at full retail price and bundle it with a generous gift card. Terms and Co… - expires in 4 daysFree $200 Gift Card When You Buy an Epson Home Cinema 2045 L… - expires in 4 daysBuy Microsoft Band 2 and Save $75!

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