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I've read about TrapCall, a service that claims to be able to reveal the true caller for calls where the callerID info is blocked or hidden. Although it's only been around for about a month, TrapCall is already getting a lot of notice. There is no software or download needed for TrapCall and it works with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless users, but only in the USA. If you try the service and decide it isn't for you, just turn off the call forwarding feature. Trapcall is a great tool for people who are fed up with telemarketers, and gives the upper hand to receipients of prank calls.
I frequently get calls made from fake phone numbers (if you dial them back they don't exist). Remember to spoof your caller id number when you call them back or just call them back with their own number only changed 1 digit! When a telemarketer or other undesirable person calls me, after i find out who they are, i save their number as a new contact and for the name i put "Do Not Answer".
On the iPhone you can block Caller ID for an indefinite period, or on a call by call basis. This is the standard code for North America and should work with all carriers, but internet forums have reported glitches in reliability. Caller ID Display service shows the telephone number of the caller on the display before you answer the phone.
To use Caller ID Display, you need to subscribe for this service and install and set up a compatible telephone or adapter. Telephone numbers are not displayed for calls made through some telecommunications carriers (including mobile phone carriers and IP phone carriers), for international calls (exceptions apply) and other calls that cannot display telephone numbers, and calls from public phones.
If the caller has specifically requested to block their telephone number by subscribing for Block Number, or has dialed 184 before your telephone number, the telephone number will not be displayed.
The following details are shown depending on whether or not the caller has their number set to be displayed.

Spoof Call or Caller ID spoofing is a service that allows a caller to masquerade as someone else by changing the caller ID that appears on the receiver's caller ID display. However, spoofing caller id can also be used for bad motives and this is considered to be illegal.
There are a number of prank call websites as well as caller id spoofing software's available which can be used to bluff your call.
Spoof Call or Caller ID spoofing is a service that allows a caller to masquerade as someone else by changing the caller ID that appears on the receiver’s caller ID display. Who Calls From No Caller Id - Caller id no caller id name that phone number Caller id no caller id who called from no caller id unknown caller id or unidentified phone number was this the first time i've received such a call hell no Caller id no caller id name that phone number.
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Let's explore this new service that offers to reveal the calling name and number for incoming calls that have the callerID blocked.
SpoofCard will protect your privacy by not revealing your number, but then your friends might suspect you are a telemarketer.
The most basic has been dubbed "Fly Trap." You get callerID unmasking and can blacklist unwanted calls. If you opt for the Auto-record, the caller is informed that there will be a recording and gives the option of hanging up. However, the glitch came when I was in a meeting and I pressed the 'ignore' button on my phone to send a call from my son to voice-mail. As in numbers that are shown, but not the actual number from where there call is coming from. It can be used to make prank phone calls to your friends by making a fake caller ID appear on their phone screen. You can either make prank calls online using these websites or use the special spoofer mobile applications which can be installed in your iOS and Android cellphones. With the tremendous increase in the usage of android and iOS phones, there has been an app for almost everything and its the same for spoof calling.

People are getting more interested to hide their caller ID for several reasons and purposes. Spoof Call or Caller ID spoofing is provided as a service by a number of spoof call websites and also there are a few android and iOS applications for it. So if that nasty guy from the collection agency is after you again, instead of seeing PRIVATE or RESTRICTED on your callerID, Trapcall will show the unblocked calling number.
Because of the 'forward' function associated with TrapCall, my son was unable to leave me a message because the forwarding function negated the voice-mail function. Also, you may not be able to call back by dialing the phone number shown on your telephone set. There’s quite a few “spoofing” apps out there, however Spoof App remains to be the very best. Caller ID spoofing software’s are also available which lets you to do international caller id spoofing.
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It sure is an enjoyable experience but just remember not to take it too far and hurt someones feelings.

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