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I called Mobile Med Teks immediately, in a very foul mood, to have it repaired and they turned my day around! We’ve been hearing this from multiple sources today, and CNet confirmed the news this morning. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your phone if you’ve been waiting for a while, but bear in mind that discounts on iPhones are always a good sign that a new model is coming soon. The Apple iPhone 4S might not be as cutting edge as it once was but that doesn’t mean that you should overlook it.
The other thing to consider is that the 4 inch screen on newer iPhone handsets is 16:9 widescreen, which is unusual in the smartphone world and something of an acquired taste.
If you want a phone with a more conventional form factor then once again the iPhone 4S is a good bet.

Some people will like the plastic of the iPhone 5C, but it practically screams that it’s a budget device and definitely looks less stylish. While it might not be a top end handset anymore, the Apple iPhone 4S certainly stands up well as a mid range phone.
Any phone advertised as nTelos, has been completely flashed, and we will activate on the spot for you. If you fall into that market and like the idea of a phone with a 3.5 inch screen then the iPhone 4S is ideal. It makes them great for watching movies on but potentially a bit long and narrow for general use.
Any iOS device which can’t run iOS 7 is in danger of looking very dated very quickly.

Sure, it’s less powerful than either of them but on the surface it looks much the same and can do most of the same things.
He quoted me a reasonable price to fix the speaker function on my iPhone, but when I picked up my phone (later that same day), he explained that he had been able to fix my phone without replacing a part, so he charged me $15 less than the estimate. I have had SHATTERED and repaired many phones, but I have never been as impressed with the customer service, quality of repairs and turn around time.
Don’t hold your breath, however, as Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that no major new product launches would take place until the fall, and other sources say that iPhone 5S screens are just scheduled to be entering mass production in June.

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