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The tax must be paid for each taxable year until a certificate of cancellation of registration or of articles of organization is filed with the SOS. The annual LLC tax is due and payable by the 15th day of the 4th month after the beginning of the LLC’s taxable year (fiscal year) or April 15, 2010 (calendar year). The first taxable year of an LLC begins when the LLC files its articles of organization with the SOS. If the 15th day of the 4th month of an existing foreign LLC’s taxable year has passed before the foreign LLC commences business in California or registers with the SOS, the annual LLC tax should be paid immediately after commencing business or registering with the SOS. CPAs have told us that a new LLC, formed in California, has 4 months from the formation date to pay the tax. And what if an LLC is formed in another state, and then it registers to do business in California at a later date?
Example: LLC1, a newly-formed calendar year taxpayer, organizes as an LLC in Delaware on June 1, 2010.
If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or Subscribe to Formation Solutions by Email. This blog article is only about the Minimum Annual Franchise Tax due to the California Franchise Tax Board. Second, in looking at the FTB tax, be very carefully about the wording from the FTB on the Form 3522 instruction and quoted in this post. We’ve asked several reputable California CPAs about this, and got the same answer from them all. If a resident of NY with a NY LLC sells a shirt to a CA resident via an online order made by the CA resident with the NY LLC, does that activity subject the NY LLC to the CA Franchise Tax or Franchise Tax for any other state except NY?

So, I’m screwed, but hopefully this message will help someone else not to get screwed too.
So does this mean that you have to file a return on the year that you formed even if you hadn’t started business yet? I formed an LLC on March 2012 and understand I need to pay the $800 fee by June 2012.
Yes I called them up and they said the $800 fee is for having the LLC registered, regardless of whether its doing any business or not, and that they they don’t pro-rate.
Not an attorney, but I believe you are only subject if you have a physical business location in CA. California does NOT require newly incorporated or qualified corporations, including LLCs treated as corporations, to pay the minimum franchise tax in their first taxable year. As I understand it, the minimum franchise tax is waived in the first year for corporations, and not for LLCs in California.
From our own experience, and if we had it to do over, get your business earning $$ before the llc filing, cause the state will want your money whether or not your earning money from your business.
This includes any LLC that has articles of organization issued by the Secretary of State, as well as LLC’s that are formed in other states and have been issued a certificate of registration to do business in California.
LLC1 registers with the SOS on August 13, 2010, and begins doing business in California on August 14, 2010. You’re going to get the best and most qualified answer on these questions from a California accountant who knows what the Franchise Tax Board will allow. In most situations, the FTB sees the formation of the LLC as the starting point of business. I have a separate full time job, and my employer withholds a certain amount from my paycheck.

This is really good for the people knowing about tax because LCC tax service is useful for all the business franchise to pay annual tax.
Am I understanding this wrong, because I have not come across any blog that talks about this? But in general, its safe to assume that LLC minimum franchise tax is due right away after you form, not a year later. Because LLC1’s initial taxable year began on June 1, 2010, the annual LLC tax is due by September 15, 2010 (the 15th day of the 4th month of the short-period taxable year).
I’ve never seen them make a distinction about actual level of active business activity. But, since you said it was formed in the last 3 months, then it clearly is AFTER April 15 of that year.
The SBE (sometimes referred to as BOE) regulates seller’s permits and state sales tax. The annual tax payment for taxable year 2011, with form FTB 3522 also is due by April 15, 2011.
So if you took any company action, like set up and paid payroll, you may be stuck with a 2012 formation year. If i had the money or resources, I would like to file a lawsuit against the Franchise Tax Board.

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