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If you call the number back, you'll probably be greeted with a recording that asks you to hold for an operator or a similar message. It's called the "one-ring" scam, and has become increasingly prevalent in recent weeks, according to the U.S. To help users avoid falling victim to these scams, WhitePages rolled out an update to its Current Caller ID app Tuesday that alerts them to phone calls made or received by scam numbers.
The free app relies on WhitePages' database of more than 20,000 suspicious phone numbers to track calls that are likely linked to one-ring scams or other fraudulent activity. Now, when Current Caller ID users receive a phone call from a suspicious number, the app sends a notification alerting them that the number is possibly linked to a scam or other fraudulent activity.
Current Caller ID, which first launched in 2012, offers customized caller ID that identifies incoming and outgoing calls. The SABC song of appreciation includes local artists giving thanks to the 90% local music quota on the broadcaster’s radio stations.
Getting a new presidential jet seems to be unavoidable, Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula said in Parliament on Wednesday. Vodacom has overhauled its fibre-to-the-home packages, offering customers cheaper data prices across its range of line speeds. Sabric has said that fraudsters are resorting to more subtle ways of stealing the personal information of South Africans, which can lead to their bank accounts being compromised. The Brooklyn-based developers over at Thread have managed to find a truly innovative way to revamp and upgrade the iPhone caller ID display in a way that makes perfect sense in a world where social networking is everything. The iPhone caller ID display upgrade gives you the option to filter what information is shown and even lets you see the person’s Facebook or Twitter feed to further deepen your knowledge about who this person is, where he or she is from and what his or her profession is, just to name a few things. I have to say that it’s not often I get excited over an iPhone app, but this caller ID display upgrade is making me speechless. Looked upon as a universal phone directory, the first option is the ability to perform smoothly the function in question and block unnecessary numbers.
You can block texts and calls from unwanted numbers from anyone by downloading this application into your mobile device.
As the brains behind this effort disclose, you are blessed with complete information about the unknown on the other side.
The program displays name, city and the address of the person who is trying to contact you as the phone rings.
You need not even think about these words if some unknown numbers pop up on your mobile screen. TrueCaller, it is a popular app with millions of downloads and topped Africa, Europe, India and Middle East. CIA displays name, address and other vital information right o your mobile screen when your mobile is ringing so that you can decide whether you want to take the call or disconnect it. Free limitless reverse lookup made this app to stay on demand for over four million users across the world. Excellent social caller id, displays latest updates of your friends from LinkedIn and Facebook while calling.
Whether it is blocking some people or going for reverse check up feature, you can be sure on all the above mentioned Caller ID Apps for different devices such as Android, iPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry. Algard said these numbers typically originate from the Caribbean, and use auto-dialers to make many calls at once.

The app already offered spam-prevention features such as the ability to block text messages and phone calls from specific phone numbers, but Tuesday's update is the first time the app is addressing one-ring scams.
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This intuitive and brilliant content management app makes sure you know exactly who is calling you, and where you can connect with him or her after the call is finished (or even during it). It’s pretty much a complete social media background check which is given to you in an instant, even before you pick up the phone to talk to the person. I have so far just tapped the tip of the iceberg about what it can do, and I will continue to delve deeper into its secrets and features. Caller ID, it is the acronym for Caller Identification and these CID apps offer special service for transmitting caller’s number on the mobile screen on all the smartphones of the called party before taking the call.
The next interesting feature is you can look for names and digits of individual strewn effortlessly anywhere across the world. It differentiates callers and texters, also adds social and weather updates from Twitter and Facebook to callers. It is not limited to any single contact and can be expanded to an area code or any country across the globe.
If you have certain information then this data can be punched in and get complete information about the unknown person. This software helps in giving base location of unknown person at the other side of the line. This app can be accessed in 13 different languages which provides All in one phone directory where you can get local as well as global names and numbers even on pre-paid phones. With community tagging and internet search this app provides name of any unknown caller or frauds instantly. This app is especially for multi-tasking people who can select to answer the caller without looking at the phone screen. Also, you can get the details of the person whose number is not saved in your contact list when you get call from unknown numbers. If it’s not through an innovative app, you can be sure it is through a jailbreak app of some kind. I have to say this is one of the most significant upgrades to the iPhone’s native feature park that I have seen in quite a while. Not only that, but the iPhone caller ID display update also displays your most recent texts and emails to make sure you are fully prepared to pick up where you left it last time.
The Thread app is available right now on the App Store and will only set you back a geeky $2.59. Whether it is a landline, mobile or prepaid number, you must be able to zero in the identity of owner. This app is supported by all the android devices with version 2.2 and up, it is the main reason for having 300 million users. A caution word to Verizon or Sprint users to get live information bits, you must be connected with Wi-Fi. Some of the interesting features of this app include location with map, delayed reverse lookup, extended phone log and the ability to look for extra information from Google, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook.
There are about 600 million database entries in the databases across 170 countries assist the app to work perfectly by blocking unwanted calls or texts and spams.

To perform this, the app looks at the international directories and then shows information of caller.
This app is compatible with Bluetooth providing extra feature that allows you to drive safely without any interruption. However, there is one feature that has remained untouched since the iPhone was released, and that is the iPhone caller ID display. If you are a busy person with plenty of things going on at the same time, this is a godsend feature. With the advancement in trend and need from regular mobiles to smartphones, numerous apps have been developed to provide best features of Caller ID on multiple platforms such as Android, iPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry devices.
The blacklist feature inserted here permits you to keep out telemarketers as well as pranksters.
The new updates version of this app offers impressive graphics and just a tap is required to block calls and messages from unwanted numbers. The main issue with this app is version of iPhone will not interact with incoming calls but Wi-Fi and 3G connections are mandatory to make the app working perfectly. The app permits users to get rid of irritating calls from telemarketing people by marking their number as spam.
You need not take eyes from the road when you are on driving as the name of the caller is shouted out from the device. It has remained pretty much the same for each upgrade, and developers seem to have thought it was what it was, if you know what I mean. Developer reveals that the directory is effectively packed with searchable contacts that are up to 750 million.
Spam users, MMS and SMS messages can be reported so that others will not fall quarry to pranksters. 300 million and the database of counting cloud has numbers collected from 170 countries such as US, Japan, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Middle East, Europe, Taiwan and more.
If your mobile is buzzing with unfamiliar mobile number then make sure to know that this interesting software will show the person details on the other side. If you are wondering, the digits can be perfectly identified using internet searching and community reporting. Also, it allows adding photos and birthdays to the phone-book and thankful to social integration with Facebook and LinkedIn. So, whether the rings may be random from telemarketing people or from stores, this app tracks the details without annoying. And all you need to do is just touch on particular widget to gain access over contacts, history and number searches.
Some of the popular and noted features of this particular app are smart number tagging, real-time searching and widget to ring back. Little digging is done to get forth details of the unknown person waiting on the other side of line. It is available in the form of name, addresses and profile’s of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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