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Now, utilizing the suggested medium, the internet we went to look it up online, there are some quite interesting Cell Phone converted weapons, all of which I’m sure M. Although cell phone guns are real, I could find no reports of the devices actually being used in major crimes such as attempted hijackings or terrorist activities.
Example: stopped for traffic stop, leo tells you to get out of the car, he pats you down for weapons and discovers your smartphone in your pocket, takes it out and starts looking through it because he says that he is allowed to search for weapons.
Citizens must teach law enforcement that this is illegal seizure, after the first cops gives up his life for taking the wrong persons phone, the rest may fall in line, if not several more leos should pay the ultimate for their obstinance.
OK what if; Asshole cops, this excuse is so fucked up it shows their miniscule IQ of intelligence. Fl legislature repealed the statute that required citizens to sign tickets a few years ago.
I’m sick of these fucking criminal cops beating and even killing citizens whenever they want and getting away with MURDER. We have to fight back and it IS OUR RIGHT to defend ourselves against anyone attacking us including a killer cop.
Cell phones and pagers have been used as detonators for bombs, but that only works if one is actually attached to a bomb — an obvious use of a weaponized cell phone. If you haven’t noticed, this problem with cops exercising their power outside the law has increased by magnitudes since Obama was elected. In my lifetime, I have seen cops punch, kick, and pepper spray prone, detained, cuffed suspects who posed no threat to anyone. Personally, I am of the opinion that it’s time for police to be held to a much higher standard of conduct. Sloopy, have you reached out to the Mayor, Chief and Councilors to express your well reasoned approach?
The police think (correctly) that they are above the law, and anyone who challenges that belief will suffer the consequences.
The First Amendment not only gives us the right to video and audio record our public servants, it practically demands it.
Cell phone gun was fake, + sound effects, Fake no spent shell, no primer strike, no place for the said round to exit. You see it everywhere you look—on the playground, in line at the ATM, in the supermarket—harried moms standing, necks bent, thumbs frantically tapping away at their BlackBerrys or Droids. In her recent book, Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other, MIT professor Sherry Turkle details her five-year study of how technology affects kids.
If you’re constantly stalking your e-mail for news about a job or an alert that a paycheck cleared, it is tough to turn around and tell your 5-year-old that he has to wait until Christmas to get the latest SpongeBob video game. Back in the day, if you showed up to see a local theater production only to find the tickets sold out, you’d have to think on your feet and be creative. Now when we find ourselves in limbo, we just plug our desires into our handheld search engine and let technology schedule us. Once upon a time, in a land without mobile technology, when you were lost, you would stop on the sidewalk or pull your car over to the side of the road, find someone who seemed like they wouldn’t pull a switchblade on you and you would ask very politely for directions. The same goes for all the DVDs, spendy toys overflowing our homes and extracurricular schedules that account for most of our kids’ waking minutes: Our current lifestyles leave little room for our children to run around in the woods, get dirty, build stuff, blow it up and become engaged, curious adults with childhoods that create rich memories and a chance to develop into who they are meant to be. Part of being a well-rounded, engaged and confident adult is the ability to sit, unentertained, think and just be.
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How many times have you been out at a dinner party or even out for a bite with a friend and every time you look up from your phone they are hypnotized by theirs? These days you can block numbers, reroute calls, send them to voicemail or just flat out ignore the call. I have about 4000 contacts on my amazing iPhone 4s (don’t laugh at me, I’m upgrading soon). Roy’s still asleep as I wake and reach over to grab my cell phone which I place on my nightstand every night.
These tend to work really well as a “home” for your phone because it’s not just a place to store your phone, it actually charges it.
If the phone is turned up and you know its close by you can always call it from another phone. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In this video we cover the common question of what is a cell phone signal booster, the things you should keep in mind when deciding which is best for your home or office, and finally how to install the system.
The YX545 is a dual-band amplifier that works with most major cell carriers with the exception of Nextel and some 4G signals.  If you’re not sure if a signal booster will work in your situation, feel free to call our customer support. Now that we’ve covered the basics of how a signal booster works, let’s prepare to install one.  All signal boosters have the same basic components, an outside antenna, the signal amplifier, the inside antenna, and at least one coax cable that connects everything together.
We always recommend the last option unless you get a very strong signal by your window and can maintain at least 15 feet of vertical separation between the antennas.  So our next stop is up on the roof, but before we do, let’s check the signal inside so that we have a baseline to work from. Alright, so with these basic numbers in place, let’s head up to the roof so we can find where we’re going to mount the external antenna.

Alright, so we’re up on the roof and I’ve got my cell phone and we’re just going to walk around and try to find the place with the best signal so that we can mount our external antenna there.  Now some cell phones only update their signal strength every 20 to 60 seconds so try pausing in each place so you can get an accurate reading. In this case, the signal on the roof is fairly consistent so we can attach the antenna wherever it’s most convenient and wherever we can get the most vertical height above the internal antenna. The YX545 comes with this mounting plate so you can either screw directly into the side of your house or it comes with this pipe bracket so you can mount it that way.  We’re going to go ahead and do that to this old TV antenna. After some more testing, it looks like we’re getting a better signal up to about 10 feet from the amplifier.
I just set up a zBoost YX545 for my shop, which is a 60' x 30' metal building that has always been a black hole of cell coverage.
You're correct in thinking that if it was a separation issue, the lights would be slowly flashing, not quickly. However, there have been several reports of cell phone guns being seized from criminals in Europe.
For many years, guns and other weapons have been disguised to look like pens, calculators, cameras, canes and a number of other commonplace objects.
Normally, leos need warrants to search these devices, but if they can create their own exigent circumstances to seize and search cell phones, then there is no 1st Amendment right to record. The legislature did this for this very reason that leos got aggressive with detainees when the citizen didn’t want to sign the citation. Maybe the other cops would stop their abuse of citizens and think twice before attacking us. The truth of the matter is that LEOs are human and thus bound to emotion, lack of judgement and misunderstanding of their own jobs. Of course, before cell phones, there were cigarettes, matchbooks, $3 mechanical alarm clocks, and the old tried-and-true fuse. Obama has sent a clear message to all government authorities, especially those in law enforcement, that it is quite okay to ignore the law if the law places constraints on you.
My big brother (now retired) was a cop in the old days, and I remember him telling me about his school. There is a crime called “under color of authority” when any governmental worker uses their authority to do something they legally can’t do. I think it’s time to start prosecuting them when they commit crimes, punishing them and their precinct for violations of civil rights, and otherwise put them back in their place. It also is our duty to make it as difficult as possible for the police to violate any of our rights. Cop made up bull to stop people from filming, crack addicted cops murders, robberies, rapes, and so on.
Repeatedly, little ones told her how hurt they were when their parents chose electronics over them at meals, during pickup from school and during a sports event.
Likewise, if your teenager grows frustrated waiting for you to answer his request for an extended curfew while you waive him away with requests for patience while you maniacally check your Blackberry to see if you made a sale at work.
And that person would seem so proud that you had trusted them not to snatch your wallet that they’d generously spend a few minutes to point you in the right direction. When our kids see us constantly thumb-pecking on our iPhones, they do not know that just “being” is something we are capable of—much less how important it is.
Think about it, everyone is a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ status update or text away from the latest and greatest news or breaking story. How many times have you been confused by a text, or even mad about a message you received just to be informed that it was “taken out of context”? Plus, it’s easier holding your cell phone up when the lights go down in the stadium and it doesn’t burn your hand like a lighter. Anyway, the other day all the names disappeared from my contacts so I was only left with the numbers and I could only recognize a few of them.
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When you lay your phone down whip up a quick mental image of something weird that incorporates the phone. His second copy of the app was on his iPad so he opened that up and saw the phone was in the house. If you don’t have another phone handy there is a cool site that lets you plug in your number and it will call your phone for you. Products are chosen carefully & many items we have used personally or are similar products of high quality. Since the signal on the roof was only one bar, or about -104 decibels, according to the YX545 box, we should only expect one small room of coverage, and that’s about what we’re getting.
With only 1 bar of signal at the outside antenna, that’s about what you should expect from the YX545. After finding the corner of the shop with strongest signal (3-4 bars of 3G signal) I mounted the outdoor antenna on a 3' length of PVC pipe that I attached to the peak of the roof and ran the cable down through the attic and into the interior (just one big room with a small office in the corner). Generally, when you get the fast flashing lights, that indicates a problem with the amplifier itself and we've found it's often necessary to replace the unit.
He was getting a ticket anyhow and then he could have put the phone down while signing the ticket.

What is the difference between a citizen standing there waiting to get his citation with a thumb in his mouth or holding a recording device. With that said in this case it is very apparent that the LEO was acting on impulse rather than fear of the cell phone being a weapon. The problem may be that cell phones automatically arm themselves when in the general vicinity of law enforcement. It’s under the jurisdiction of the FBI, they are the ones you have to call to press charges, now if one of this friends called them with a crime in progress it might have gotten interesting. According to a survey sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, smart phone use by moms has ballooned by 64 percent in the past two years alone. There is a time for business, a time for gossiping via text message and a time for tracking our stock portfolios. And when we thrust our smart phone into the hands of a whiny, tired kid with the hopes she will please-just-shut-your-yap-until-we-get-home-and-I-can-spoon-Hamburger-Helper-in-your-dinner-hole, we rob our darlings of the opportunity to learn to be still without the assistance of a handheld electronic device (which is no doubt emitting carcinogenic radiation through her young and vulnerable body).
However, watching a show I paid $50 for through the screen of the person in front of me is not my idea of a good time.
Sometimes our phones run out of juice and calls go straight to voicemail and on more than one occasion I have felt guilty for missing a call.
The only way I’ve been able to associate a name with a number is by reviewing old text messages.
We have some very basic tips that can help you keep track of that expensive little gadget and a couple things you can do if it does slip through your fingers now and then. You can either continue to try to contact Wi-Ex support, or just return the unit to the place where you purchased it and tell them it is defective and that you would like a new one.
Look it up on the internet, they can make guns out of cell phones, of which I feel threatened.
I, working armed as a civilian and as a LEO will tell you if I thought it was a weapon, my gun would have been drawn and you bet my partner would have done it earlier if he thought it was but you can’t justify his actions from the video, statement or not. A police officer shines a light at these stupid activists, and they immediately start screaming the officer is using a weapon and there’s no justification to that. The police just need to murder everyone, every man, woman and child because the police think you have a knife. While these pocket-size gadgets have their perks (“I can do business while spending time with the kids!”) and advantages (“What if there were an emergency!”), they can also make us lousy parents. And you left feeling like the world was safe and generous and full of good people who liked to help each other.
It has its place—like when you wear an electronic ab exerciser and a purifying face mask as you send e-mails and stew corned beef in the Crock-Pot. I guess from one perspective that can be viewed as progressive, however, I can think of a few reasons that life was better without cell phones. Plus, all the mystery of the show is gone when you can see the footage of the show an hour later on your latest blog. You put the app on your phone and then on your computer or another digital device such as an iPad etc. We told the app to make it beep while he and I walked around trying to locate just where in the house it was. Equally at fault is the gentleman who was filming because the cops actions one would deam were not worthy of filming and can be seen as inciteful since he was attempting to make the officer notice that he was filming.
That’s rite if a police officer claims he THOUGHT you had a weapon he can murder you and it is 100% totally justified.
If our kids see us constantly overlapping all aspects of our lives, they quickly deduce what is most important. And when the disappointment manifested into an even better day, you all patted yourselves on the back for quick thinking. But when it comes to people—and our kids especially—there is no way that everyone will not benefit from your putting that iPhone away. Pringle had, a Samsung Galaxy, the monitoring partner would have intervened and possible even drawn his weapon, if he had per chance felt, that he, or even his partner were being threatened.
Some people are so attached to their phones that they feel slighted when you don’t answer yours every single time. The slick screen stuck to his back and embedded there for who knows how long, until he turned over.  Being me, I of course had to take a photo before I peeled it off. The antenna is about 20' off the ground and the base amplifier is sitting about 4' off the floor in the shop.
I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out and have had no luck with Wi-Ex support and thought I would ask you after finding this page.

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