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When visiting Glacier National Park, you are close to many Canadian sights and towns that make great side trips.
As of June 2009, all travelers to Canada, whether by air, land or sea, need to have a passport or an equivalent travel document in order to enter the country.
Although Canadian officials don’t actually require US citizens to show a passport to enter Canada, they require all US citizens to have their passport in their possession upon entry since the person can’t re-enter the United States without one. A NEXUS card is an easy and effective way to allow travel back and forth from Canada to the United States with little delay.
NEXUS cards are only allowed at some ports of entry to Canada such as Washington State, New York and Michigan. Visas are not required for US citizens if they are only planning to stay in Canada for 180 days or less.
US citizens must be ready to document items, purchases or gifts he or she may bring across the border in either direction. If you need any information or would like to volunteer or assist one of our Specialty Committees, please contact the individuals below. I embarked on my judging career in 1999 and I have also judged in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
Having not visited Canada before I am greatly looking forward to seeing some of your beautiful country and to meeting you all and your dogs. I was honored and delighted when asked to judge sweepstakes at Border Terrier Canada's 2013 National Specialty.
I became an active member of the Northeast Border Terrier Club in 2007 and the Border Terrier Club of America in 2008. Ten years after meeting and being impressed by Marg Pough and her BT Robin at a 4H event, we got our first Border Terrier from the Nauns (Oldstone) in 2004. Pam has been involved in the sport of Earthdog since 1982, two years after getting her first Border Terrier from Jo Ann Frier-Murza (Lothlorien Working Terriers), the well-known Earthdog enthusiast and expert in New Jersey. Pam worked with and advised the Canadian Kennel Club in drawing up and establishing the first CKC Earthdog Rules & Regulations published in 2002 and is still an active member of the CKC Earthdog Advisory Council. Her earthdog experience is not restricted to formal tests, having worked her dogs to ground on natural quarry in the Eastern United States under the tutelage of experts such as Jo Ann Frier-Murza and Teddy Moritz, and in Canada with husband Chris. Pam is a respected breeder of Border Terriers under the Jansim prefix, many of whom have earned Earthdog and Field Work titles at all levels. Camilla's involvement with Border Terriers goes way back to the days when her mother loved to hunt with her terrier pack along the ditches in Lincolnshire, England, most days they would catch two or three field rats. Camilla has bred and successfully exhibited Border Terriers under the High Dyke prefix for many years while never losing sight of the breed's primary purpose. Participating in obedience, agility and tracking, as well as earthdogs tests, has given Camilla an appreciation for the all round versatility of the terrier breeds.
This opportunity to observe a variety of terrier breeds as well as Dachshunds working under natural conditions brings a perspective to her judging which is valuable, not only to the sport in general, but also to the participants who can gain a greater understanding of their dogs' instincts through shared expertise. Anna Robaczewski is the first Maritimer to become a CKC earthdog judge and has been one of the moving forces behind the development of earthdog as a sport in Atlantic Canada. Anna was involved with Earthdog in the Maritimes beginning in 2001, before it was a recognized CKC sport, thanks to friends in the Canadian Jack Russell Terrier Association who encouraged her and friends to join them in their annual Terrier Trials in Bible Hill, NS.
Every year, beginning in 2005, Anna has been a core member of each earthdog committee organizing formal CKC earthdog events annually in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
Her love of dogs and belief that they should have the opportunity to do what they were bred to do has led her to observe and participate in Earthdog and Hunt Tests in Canada, the US and Poland. All judging will take place outdoors on the site with ample tenting and room for your canopies. Harrison Park is an urban dream, with more than 40 hectares of streams, trails, gardens, playgrounds, forest and green space, right in the heart of the city.Often called our "jewel in the crown," the park features dining and recreation facilities, a full-service campground, boat rentals, a bird sanctuary, mini-putt, basketball courts, pools, and an open-air rink. Its network of trails leads through forest, fields and streams to Inglis Falls, and connects directly with the Bruce Trail on the Niagara Escarpment. Our resident swans and their offspring will delight all ages, along with the many other species of birds frolicking and sunning themselves in our ponds and river.
For those of you who would like to camp but don't have a trailer, you can contact Camping Delivered run by Steve & Geraldine Cole to arrange for a rental camping trailer to be delivered to the campground. The earthdog tests will take place on Jane Parker's Working Farm "Parker's Piece" in Berkeley, Ontario, just a short drive from the specialty site.
There are limited amenities on site so please bring water for your dogs and a packed lunch for yourselves. There will be room for shade canopies if you have one, as the actual ED site is a decent walk from the parking area. Assistance will be available for transporting your equipment from the parking area to the set up area. There is no overnight camping on site but day parking for a limited number of RVs will be available.
In Berkeley, take Side Road 60 left and follow it along to where it turns north (left), you are now on Concession Road 10 (Township of Holland). Click here for a convenient deadline summary you can print out and use to keep track of what has to be done by when. Should you wish to have your ad designed for you, please contact Joan King Tel: 1-506-773-3045 for full information about just what is required to have your ad created.
Payment in full for all advertising must be received prior to the printing of the catalogue. We invite you to join us for a welcoming evening of Spaghetti in the campground at Harrison Park. Join the Grey-Bruce Kennel Club at their complimentary dinner for all exhibitors at their shows.
We will follow this repast with the Border Terrier Canada AGM in the same campground location at Harrison Park. Our Potluck Dinner will be the icing on the cake following the breed judging and other events of the day. Enjoy the array of tasty dishes provided by members while you consider the items on our silent auction tables. Please use the form below to indicate how many people will be attending and give us an idea of what you will be bringing. The Parkers have graciously offered to put on a BBQ to wind up the festivities of the past few days.
As usual, we will be hosting a Silent Auction on our National Specialty post specialty evening.
We have a wonderful stone building for our Potluck dinner with ample space to accommodate the display tables.
If you have an item you would like to donate, Please contact Susan Rome Tel: 705-722-5413 to make appropriate arrangements.
Donations to the Trophy Fund are always welcome and those received before Monday, July 8th, 2013 will be acknowledged in our Specialty Catalogue . Following Best in Specialty and the judging of the unofficial classes, One of our earthdog judges and both of our conformation judges will come together for Border Essentials. This fun and informative event is open to any Border Terriers present, regardless of whether they are entered in the Specialty or not.
Perhaps your Border doesn't have the greatest head but maybe he has a wonderful carrot tail, or a hide and pelt to swoon over, so enter him for his strength and don't worry about the less than perfect parts. On the weekend prior to the specialty, just an hour and a half away to the east, Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club will hold its three all breed shows at ODAS Park in Orillia, Ontario.
Terrier judges will be Jack Ireland of Ontario, Ekarat Sangkunakup of Thailand and John Reeve-Newson of Ontario.
Terrier Judges will be Warner Cespedes-Arias of Costa Rica, Guy Spagnola of Australia and Carlos Quinones of Colombia. For those who absolutely cannot take advantage of a scenic road trip, there are flights into Toronto International Airport and enjoy the hour and half ride north to Owen Sound.
Although long range forecasts call for a cooler & rainier summer, August in Owen Sound is predicted to be hot but don't count on it! In addition to planning for hot, sunny conditions, we recommend that you come equally prepared for late summer storms and potentially cool weather, especially at night.
Full information on Emergency Services, including directions, will be contained in the Exhibitor Package. Please note that there will be Specialty Committee members on-site from early Tuesday August 6th and we are available to assist you in any way we can.
Aside from the amenities offered by Harrison Park, the Specialty location offers a wealth of tourist attractions and family fun opportunities. The following ideas are merely a sampling of what Owen Sound and the surrounding area has to offer.
If crossing the Border from Houlton Maine into Woodstock New Brunswick, take the Trans Canadian Highway east on route #2 to Fredericton, then take Route #101 to Fredericton Junction.
For the rest of the week I hung with David, taking people to bait sites and picking them up.

Markle, Life has been somewhat hectic this last 10 days because of all the snow we have had and I apologize for not getting this done sooner. Reference: In the fall of October 2007 I enjoyed one of the most exciting and pleasurable outdoor experiences of my life bear hunting with outfitter Markle Brawn at Krumplehorn Lodge. Your treatment of my group was exemplary, from the comfortable rustic lodge with ample, uncrowded bedding space through the total attention to each individual’s needs to the diligent effort your team went to in constant baiting and rebaiting of the stands. Your consideration with my restricted ability to climb resulted in placing me in a ground blind, where I bagged my fine bear on our first day! The thoughtful and careful individual attention paid to each of our party, combined with our group’s success ratio, brought me back last year to revisit your wonderful lodge and hospitality once again, which rewarded me with my own first black bear, as well as a very successful spruce grouse hunt. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
Demand that TRSM2-166 (8th Floor Ted Rogers School of Management) gets added to the next tour!
This is an internationally recognized travel document that verifies a person’s identity and nationality. This is a new, limited-use travel document that fits in your wallet and costs less than a U.S.
A visitor from all other countries requires a valid passport and in some cases a visitor’s visa.
Offenses under the Wildlife Act: These do not usually render you inadmissible in Canada but any offense under a Federal Act may require that you have a permit to enter Canada. Juvenile offenses: In most circumstances, convictions that occurred under 18 years of age will not affect your ability to cross the border.
Offenses committed while in Canada: If you are convicted of a criminal offense in Canada, you must apply for a pardon to seal that record.
Apply for Rehabilitation: This document is awarded to those who have completed their sentence more than 5 years ago. Anyone having only one misdemeanor, and no other offences of any kind, and completed their sentence more than 10 years ago, likely does not require a permit.
Canadian Border Crossing Services can help you apply for a Temporary Resident Permit or Rehabilitation document. You can speak to NOTO (Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario) over the phone at 1-800-665-5787.
Any additional quantities will require full duty and taxes to be paid on the excess amount. Canada’s firearms legislation helps make the country safer for both residents and visitors.
If they want to import restricted firearms, such as pistols or revolvers, in addition to Form CAFC 909 visitors must complete and submit Form CAFC 679, Application for an Authorization to Transport Restricted Firearms and Prohibited Firearms, in advance to the chief firearms officer of the province or territory to which they intend to import a restricted firearm.
Seasonal residents may import non-restricted firearms but they must have a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) (see Form CAFC 921, Application for a Possession and Acquisition Licence Under the Firearms Act [For Individuals Aged 18 and Over]) or a valid Possession Only Licence (POL).
I became involved with Border Terriers while working as a Kennel Huntsman more than 30 years ago.
In the years since, I have enjoyed Borders in many ways - as hunting companions, in breeding and exhibiting, and in judging.
I am continually fascinated by the working abilities of a Border Terrier and think it is both fortunate and uncommon that we have a breed able to perform well in the field and in the show ring. Jo Ann Frier-Murza began in purebred dogs with a Bedlington Terrier in breed, obedience, field trials, and hunting. Since then, Jo Ann has promoted the Border Terrier in its original role as an all-purpose, biddable, no-nonsense breed that can hunt or compete in the many organized dog sports available, especially earthdog events. A pioneer in the earthdog movement, Jo Ann first began hunting with terriers in 1971 and has earned natural hunting and trial titles with all her Borders. Jo Ann has judged Earthdog Events since 1975 and in 1990, she judged the Puppy Sweepstakes at the Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty in Stowe, VT.
Now, as then, Jo Ann firmly believes that a Border Terrier that can win in the show ring should also have the mental and physical characteristics to do its job in the field. Recently retired after a 30 year career as a Veterinary Technician I now have time to expand my activities to more performance sports. Rosemary Shoreman is an All-Breed Judge who has judged extensively in Canada, the United States and around the world. She has judged regional and national breed specialties, including futurities, in Canada, the U.S. Rosemary Shoreman, with husband Michael, originally bred Weimaraners and they are now successfully breeding and exhibiting Border Terriers. The site offers 35 acres of fields, lawns and woods on the beautiful Saint John River with walking trails, a boat launch and docks. The hotel is dog and people friendly with more than 50 rooms in the main building, a swimming pool, spa, restaurant and bar.
The staff members are welcoming, the food is good and the room rates are reasonable with a reduced rate offered to our club as a group. All judging will take place outdoors on the lawn with ample tenting and room for your canopies.
However, a block of rooms have been reserved at the following area motel until 15 July 2004.
115 Rooms, renovated in 2002, outdoor pool, nice grassy area for exercising dogs, coin laundry, kids stay free, complimentary morning coffee, data ports. Although RVs are welcome to day park at the show site, we regret there is no overnight camping. Just across the dam from the Resort, the campground has more than 200 RV sites with electrical hook up.
The park also features a "Tree Go" obstacle course including a zip-line over the water, a superb 18 hole championship golf course for the golf enthusiasts and many miles of walking trails. Please print, complete and mail the Specialty Meal Reservation Form in this package for the catered meals. We invite you to join us for an evening get-together and BBQ overlooking the St John River.
Bring your appetite for traditional grill fare with all the fixings and a selection of sides plus fresh baked pie for dessert.
Enjoy your choice of entrees with salad, sides and dessert while you consider the items on our silent auction tables.
Traditional cooked breakfast (bacon, sausage and eggs), daily lunch menu (cheeseburgers, hamburgers, hot dogs, clam chowder, baked beans, sandwiches), hot and cold drinks available for purchase on site.
The Molly Award recognizes and celebrates the tremendous natural ability of the Border Terrier to ensure that his or her owner(s) remain humble.
Has YOUR Border Terrier demonstrated her ability to help prevent humans from taking themselves too seriously? Following Best in Specialty and the judging of the unofficial classes, our earthdog and conformation judges will come together for Border Essentials. For the “insatiable” dog show and performance event enthusiast, there will be ample opportunity to make the trip even more worthwhile.
The Fredericton Kennel Club will be holding three All Breed Championships Shows on July 27th, 28th, 29th in Fredericton Junction at the Tri-County Complex . Border Terrier Canada will be holding a booster on the Friday July 27th with suitable prizes for Best of Breed, Best. For those interested in Rally or Obedience, the River Valley Obedience & Field Trial Club will be holding four Obedience Trials and Four Rally Trials on July 28th, 29th at the Capital Exhibit Center in downtown Fredericton. Lady Slipper Kennel Club shows on July 21st and 22nd in the Kensington Community Gardens on beautiful Prince Edward Island. The town of Kensington has affectionately been dubbed the "Heart of Prince Edward Island," due to its status as one of the largest inland communities in the province and its central location between the two tips of the Cradle of Confederation.
Trans Canada Highway # 2 to Exit 294.(Fredericton, Highway 7) follow that to the first set of traffic lights, the road now becomes Prospect Street.
Please note that there will be Specialty Committee members on-site from late Sunday July 22nd and we are available to assist you in any way we can. Aside from the amenities offered by the Riverside Resort and nearby campgrounds, the Specialty location offers a wealth of tourist attractions and family fun opportunities.
Internationally known for its outstanding collection from the Elizabethan era to the modern period and for its Dali and Krieghoff collections. Catch up on the village gossip, join in a barn dance and enjoy a taste of 19th century cuisine as you make your way through this award-winning 1800s living history museum. For those wishing to travel further afield, a trip to the famous Bay of Fundy National Park with its trails, waterfalls and spectacular tides is well worth the drive. Although provincial in scope, the event draws hundreds of competitors and performers from across Atlantic Canada, Ontario and the Eastern seaboard. Listed as one of New Brunswick's "Top Festivals", the New Brunswick Highland Games Festival is one of the largest events of its kind in Atlantic Canada and is certainly a favourite amongst competitors and visitors alike. The event has twice been named an Attractions Canada Award Winner, including Best Provincial Sporting Event. Golfing, Fishing (permit required but available locally), hiking, and many other recreational opportunities abound in the area. There is one border crossing into British Columbia, which is along US 93, Roosville, west of Glacier.

Canada Border Services suggest having an original birth or baptismal certificate or passport or an immigration document. If you aren’t the parent or guardian, you would need written permission from the parents to supervise the child or children, along with the name and contact info for the parents.
There is no NEXUS crossing in Montana, so if coming from Glacier to British Columbia or Alberta, you will definitely need a passport to cross.
For anyone who has a criminal record, including any DWI conviction, they need to contact a Canadian Consulate or an Embassy before traveling. Certain items may require you to post a bond to ensure they come back across the border with you on your return, but rarely tourists are required to do this. You are entitled to a $400 exemption on personal items you are bringing back into the US after a stay of 48 hours.
Gameway Solstice at Benattivo who was a first champion for the Benattivo kennel and I have campaigned to 15 cc's Ch. In short order, I became a believer and started breeding under the kennel name Redtwig in 2007.
Therefore, using the Breed Standard as a guide and the shared experience of gracious mentors, I have moved forward breeding for type, temperament and soundness. We are growing our kennel facilities and I am looking forward to when I can spend time learning to hunt my dogs along the rugged terrain of coastal Maine. Together with her husband Chris, she helped pioneer American Working Terrier Association (AWTA) Den Trials in Ontario and Quebec in the 1980's. She remains an integral resource for enthusiasts throughout Canada, and is an active participant in ED tests, be it competing, judging or as a Test Committee member.
Thus began an interest in Border Terriers as a working terrier that stayed with Camilla when she came to North America. She became an American Working Terrier Association (AWTA) judge in 1977 and an AKC Earthdog judge in 1994. As an active member of New Jersey Beanfield Earthdogs, (NJBE), Camilla remains a keen proponent of natural earthwork, taking her Borders and - in his younger days - her Bedlington into the field with other NJBE members as often as possible.. We recommend that you examine your room on check in and if you see any damage that might subsequently be attributed to your dog(s), please report it to a member of the Hotel Staff as soon as possible. The AGM is your opportunity to listen to what the Officers have to say and participate in the decisions that may affect you as club members. Kilbride Kennel Club will hold its three all breed shows in Milton, Ontario starting on Friday, August 9.
The state-of-the-art, $11.1 million facility in Southampton uses modern and interactive techniques to showcase a thousand years and more of history in Bruce County. Stephen New Brinswick, take Route #1 East to Saint John, than take route #7 west to Welsford and take a left turn on to route #101 leading to Fredericton Junction. So, I figured I would document my trip for myself and anyone that wants to know how I felt taking my first Black Bear! His guides were, his son, David Brawn, and his long time friend, Keenan, a Canadian Mountie.
I was out shoveling snow alone for over a week every day for 3-5 hours and it really wore me out. Before you attempt to import a firearm or weapon, contact the Canada Firearms Centre for information. They may also import restricted firearms but they must have a valid PAL or POL and complete Form CAFC 679 in advance. If you’ve rented a vehicle or trailer, make sure you bring along a copy of the rental contract, which stipulates that you have permission to use it in Canada. This is a 24-hour telephone service that automatically answers all incoming calls and provides general border services information. I have imported breeding stock from the UK, and have been fortunate to attend Crufts and to see Borders in the field. In addition, Lothlorien Border Terriers have earned conformation championships and advanced obedience titles.
She was the daughter of the first Border Terrier that I had ever seen in the flesh and I was quickly hooked on the breed.
Rosemary has judged at prestigious shows such as Palm Springs, Hatboro, Greenwich in the United States and Royal Shows (Australia) and is looking forward to her assignment in Sweden where she will be judging Border Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Miniature Schnauzers. Instead, the focus will be on the Gardner Fish & Gun Club, where all events will take place and hospitality will abound. John River between the show site and Fredericton this full service campground features an on-site Water Activity Park and many other amenities including kayaking and canoeing, tube rides for kids, evening boat tours and escorted river trips.
Items may also be brought to the Specialty but please contact Rosemary or Andrea prior to July 20th with a description, etc. Extra points may be awarded to nominees whose actions caused the witnesses and the Molly Award judges' panel to laugh out loud. Has he publicly demonstrated his creativity in getting what he wants, despite your dedicated training and planning? The complex is a new and very promising venue approximately one and a half hours from our Specialty site. With four All Breed Championships Shows, two Rally Trials and Two Obedience Trials, the opportunity for titles abounds.
The following ideas are merely a sampling of what Fredericton and the surrounding area has to offer.
The Games were first held in Oromocto until 1991, then moved for a brief time to the Fredericton Exhibition Grounds before settling into our current home on the beautiful grounds of historic Government House, nestled along the banks of the St. You could also get a letter from your doctor or lawyer or the hospital where your child was born, stating you are the child’s parent or guardian.
Parents or guardians should always travel in the same vehicle as the child when arriving at the border. She qualified as an AWTA Judge in 1985, and has been qualified to judge all levels of AKC and CKC Earthdog tests since their inception in 1994 and 2004 respectively. Generous with her time and expertise, she has mentored several individuals who have gone on to become enthusiastic ambassadors for the sport. A big cave on the shore, it was carved out by the waves of Georgian Bay over thousands of years. Without the help of a great neighbor who used his backhoe to plow our street and cul-de-sac we would have been snowed in for a very long time. The cards are valid for use at land or sea; the NEXUS card can be used in airports with a NEXUS kiosk. This is at the discretion of immigration officials and is normally issued for a single visit.
This application may take 4 to 10 months and is valid as long as the applicant does not re-offend.
Visitors may temporarily import non-restricted firearms, such as common hunting rifles and shotguns, if they complete Form CAFC 909, Non-Resident Firearm Declaration, and have a valid purpose (e.g. It was here that I started to develop a deep appreciation for what a proper Border could do. In 1996, with my third and fourth Borders I joined a club which was active in Earthdog events and in hunting.
Plus access to the riverfront walking and biking trail which leads to the heart of downtown Fredericton.
Of course, handguns are not allowed, but most hunting equipment is permitted based on the owner being 18 years of age. From the Bruce Trail climb down through the natural chimney in the rock of the Niagara Escarpment. I harvested a nice bear and came home not only with a beautiful mount for my wall, but, also, meat that was delicious. Items that are forbidden by law to enter the US are prohibited, such as firearms, some fruits and vegetables and pets.
In addition to all of this the most important part of my trip for me was the fellowship with Markle and his whole family who made me feel so welcome and comfortable and the ongoing relationship we have had. Visitors who plan on returning to Canada should then complete the Granted Rehabilitation Process before their next trip.
The cave itself is stunning, with sunlight from the outside revealing a brilliant underwater tunnel on the inside. They packed us lunches for our stands and we waited in anticipation until it was time to hunt. A lot of winters we may get 6 inches total or less and we have already had over 65 inches with more winter to go.
I am definitely planning to return as soon as possible to hunt with him again in New Brunswick and hope to come home with a nice big black bear rug!
She stopped and ate a marshmallow that David threw on the ground for me (Pat told me to try marshmallows). I knew she looked like a good size bear because she was much taller than the bucket that was 10 feet away from her.

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