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The Nokia Lumia 610 is coming to Canada and now it looks like it’s heading towards Koodo Mobile. Nokia is still trying to turn things around after a slew of losses, and has made some tough decisions about how to move forward by announcing it will reduce staff by up to 10,000 people before the end of 2013. Troubled smartphone manufacturer HTC plans to sell only medium- to high-end handsets despite struggling to match sales of its competitors. At this week’s WWDC, Apple introduced a new application called “Passbook,” meant to function as an organizer for all your passes.
Sony has no plans to launch smartphones with more powerful quad-core processors this year, a Sony Mobile Communications executive confirmed on Wednesday. TELUS will be launching the very stunning looking Nokia Lumia 800 on Friday, just under 48 hours from now.
SCVNGR decided to spin-off (and subsequently focus more resources) on LevelUp, a mobile payment and rewards network, which it launched into beta in July 2011. Dolphin Browser for mobile devices received a voice-control feature on Wednesday for Android users, allowing them to search the Web with just their voices.
This powerful little headset weighs only as much as nine paper clips and features a stremlined design.

Available in black or silver, the headset incorporates an optional removable ear loop, to keep it in place in either ear, and an additional strap which makes it easy for you to remove with one hand.
The coolest feature is it's voice recognition capability, which allows you to make a call and redial without ever having to touch your phone. At 18 grams this headset weighs twice as much as the BH-800, but retains ergonomics and comfort. The sleek Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-200 is an easy-to-use wireless headset with comfortable ear hook and convenient function keys.
The Nokia Bluetooth Headsets BH-800 and BH-200 are planned to be commercially available in the first quarter of 2006 and the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-900 in the second quarter of 2006 with estimated retail prices (excluding taxes) of USD 140, USD 55 and USD 100, respectively. This Windows Phone powered device will be available sometime this Summer and it looks like you can expect this entry level device to come in around the $200 no-term price. It supports store cards, gift cards and coupons out of the gate, replacing their plastic counterparts, and providing an Apple-approved way to get consumers paying at checkout with their mobile phones.
Speaking with CNET Asia, Sony Mobile product marketing manager Stephen Sneeden said he believes Sony will wait until 2013 to launch smartphones powered by quad-core processors like NVIDIA’s Tegra 3.
This is Nokia’s second foray into Canada with a Windows Phone device, the first was the Lumia 710 with Rogers.

The mobile payments networks has been growing fast, SCVNGR and LevelUp Founder Seth Priebatsch tells us, as it now counts over 100,000 users and has partnered with 1,400 merchants in Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, and Chicago. The new feature — called Dolphin Sonar — allows you to open new tabs by speaking to the browser, and it can even search within sites.
Weighing 14 grams, it completes the Nokia Bluetooth headset trio with very user-friendly functionality and a feeling of simplicity.
A refresher of specs has the Lumia 610 coming with a 3.7-inch display (400?800), 800 MHz processor, 5MP camera that captures 720p HD videos and Wi-Fi.
At first glance, it seems that Passbook’s launch is bad news for mobile wallet players like Square, PayPal, and others.
Additionally, it has sold the luxury brand Vertu to private equity group EQT VI in a deal that is expected to close during the second half of the year leaving just 10 percent of it in Nokia's hands.
Many consumers like that.” The executive’s statements come at a time when many industry watchers are beginning to question HTC’s current strategy.

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