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An Elections Canada investigation into black ops “robocalls” was focused on a Conservative party campaign in Guelph, Ont., documents obtained by Postmedia show. A court order executed on an Edmonton call centre in November specifically refers to records related to the campaign of Conservative candidate Marty Burke in Guelph, where many voters reported receiving pre-recorded messages that falsely claimed their polling stations had moved. Sources close to the investigation have indicated attention is now focused on a number assigned to a disposable “burner” cellphone, purchased with cash and then used to call RackNine. And by so doing committed an offence contrary to paragraph 491 (3) (d) of the Canada Elections Act, S.C.
And that a person or persons unknown, on May 2, 2011, at or near the City of Guelph and elsewhere in the Province of Ontario, did, by pretence or contrivance, induce or attempt to induce persons to vote or refrain from voting or to vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate and by so doing committed an offence contrary to paragraph 482 (b) of the Canada Elections Act, S.C.
Since reports of that investigation came to light last week, Liberals and New Democrats have reported fraudulent calls in dozens of ridings across the country and the Conservatives have called on anyone with information to send it to Elections Canada.
A slew of former employees at a call centre in Thunder Bay, Ont., revealed on Monday they were using a script to make live calls on behalf of the Conservative party that contained erroneous information about voting locations. But no action was taken at the call centre and employees were told to stick to the script, the woman said. Elections Canada couldn’t say whether what happened in Thunder Bay would be part of an investigation. The Conservative party said Monday only identified supporters of their party would have received calls from the Thunder Bay call centre.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper was forced to deny any alleged wrongdoing in Parliament Monday.
Documents suggest the investigation by Elections Canada was more narrowly focused, at least in November. The court order also required the Conservative-connected company to hand over the user names, passwords and IP addresses of anyone associated with the Guelph campaign who used RackNine between March 26 and May 31.
The order also required RackNine to release records of calls that used the number 450-760-7746. That number was assigned to a disposable “burner” cellphone, purchased with cash and then used to call RackNine. The Conservatives ultimately lost Guelph, with candidate Marty Burke finishing more than 6,000 votes behind Liberal incumbent Frank Valeriote. The production order also shows Elections Canada suspects “a person or persons unknown” of committing some of the most serious offences listed under the Elections Act, including preventing or endeavouring to prevent electors from voting and inducing them to refrain from voting.
The detailed list of records covered by the production order specifies comprehensive listings of all schedules, recordings and the list of numbers of recipients of the calls in the 519 and 226 area codes on election day — a potentially enormous data set, depending on the numbers of calls made. The owner of RackNine, Matt Meier, said he is co-operating fully with Elections Canada and providing the agency with whatever it needs. Meier says he and his family are getting crank calls and threats from people who believe he was party to attempted voter fraud.
Elections Canada acknowledges it is investigating the Guelph incident but has refused to comment on whether it is investigating allegations of other calls, including hard-to-track harassment calls traced to a North Dakota number often linked to credit card scams. In 2008, when then-Conservative MP Gary Lunn was in a four-way race with star Green candidate Briony Penn in the British Columbia riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands, it looked as if her campaign would get a boost from the mid-campaign departure of NDP candidate Julian West.
Elections Canada did conduct an investigation, but concluded that calls supporting a legitimate candidate were not illegal, since the NDP candidate was actually on the ballot. A complainant who talked to the investigator, though, said he was told they dropped the investigation because of the difficulty in tracing a “spoofed” caller-ID number.
Elections Canada is now being inundated with complaints and reports of telephonic mischief from across the country.
Veteran election lawyer Jack Siegel, of Blaney McMurtry in Toronto, who often works for the Liberals, said nobody needs to wonder whether the agency will investigate. Siegel said he has more often complained about overzealousness of Elections Canada than lassitude.
The University of Guelph Accessibility Conference welcomes both accessibility novices and experts, and encourages attendees to build communities and exchange ideas. While the majority of our attendees come from the post-secondary education sector, we seek to ensure that our programming is relevant and valuable to other attendees from the public and private sectors. We welcome your feedback – please tell us about your Conference experience and give us suggestions regarding topics, themes and formats for future sessions. How Francesco Braga accidentally became Italy's undersecretary of agricultureThis week, University of Guelph professor Francesco Braga woke to the news that, without so much as a phone call, the new Italian government had appointed him its undersecretary of agriculture — before dropping him a few days later with word that it was all just a misunderstanding. A: Monday night, Italy has a new government and I’m looking online at the list of new undersecretaries when I see the name “Francesco Braga” in the agriculture ministry. We had just completed our first year in history at the University of Alberta and were living in fraternity housing. While Paris may be called the City of Love, I had only to travel from Toronto to La Belle Province to discover l’amour.
Retiring to our room one evening I peered from my window and spied a pretty girl reading a book in a windowsill across the courtyard.
With my handset ringing, I watched as the young lady dropped her book and disappeared into the room.
After three years in the navy with my “attracting girls” skills sharpened to the point where a swirl of my bellbottoms would have them in my arms from Sydney to Southampton, I arrived home to be greeted by my mother’s words, “There is a girl in your bedroom.” The renter was her hairdresser, who liked to put waves in my hair. On May 2, 1967, I attended a bowling banquet near Bancroft, Ont., having bowled in a men’s league that season. I wrote a letter to the Lodge owner and asked for information regarding the girl she had hired to serve food the night before. My wife wanted to get married earlier, but I refused on the grounds that I may crash during an operation. When I arrived in London [days later], my sickness was compounded by the realization that I lost my book — and his details! I went to a hospital to give blood for a friend who was about to undergo surgery in order to save and improve his life.
I think I had just come from dropping a load off in the communal bathroom or something, and I was still in that self-conscious post-dump mindset, which is why I was so flustered when she came out of the previously unoccupied room in all her beauty, presumably wanting to say hi. I was certain that she’d known I had just come from the bathroom, and since it wasn’t morning and wasn’t showering it must have meant I was doing business, and as we can all agree: Poop is not very cool. I remember the rest of the short conversation just faintly, but I’m told that it was perfectly pleasant.
Eventually, I did marry someone else and two years later I heard that he had married as well. Many weeks and hundreds of e-mails later, I was delighted to conclude that he had all of the qualities I most admired in a man.
We became engaged after only six dates, married a year later, and now enjoy our four wonderful adult kids, their partners, and five grandchildren (so far). I was a 30-plus single secretary struggling to get the hang of our first electric typewriter. The obviously fabricated name appears to have been a ruse to evade detection in the event the number was ever investigated.

Both corresponded to RackNine, the Conservative-linked voice-broadcasting firm that was used by whoever made the fraudulent calls into Guelph, causing chaos at a polling station. Details of the phone account are contained in a series of sworn statements by Elections Canada investigator Al Mathews to support requests for court orders to produce records as part of the agency’s ongoing investigation. The documents show Elections Canada received two complaints about the same number being used to misdirect voters in Windsor, Ont. Mathews’ sworn statements details the complex Elections Canada investigation, aided by the RCMP’s commercial crime branch, as he executed a cascading series of production orders requiring telephone companies to hand over records, beginning last June. The most compelling details are found in Mathews’ descriptions found in call logs associated with the Poutine phone, provided by Bell Canada. These shows that the phone was used to place three calls to RackNine’s toll-free numbers on April 30, possibly to set up an account. Then, the day before the election, May 1, the phone was used to make seven calls to RackNine from somewhere in Guelph, Mathews’ sworn statement says. RackNine’s service allows anyone with an account to record an outgoing message, upload a phone number list, and send out the calls using the company’s VoIP system. The call logs also show the phone received six text messages from numbers in Anaheim and Pasadena, Calif. The series of production orders Mathews obtained also produced a list of incoming calls to RackNine in Edmonton, including 31 associated with Conservative candidate Marty Burke’s campaign.
These call logs show ongoing contact between RackNine and phones at the Burke campaign headquarters and the Guelph Conservative Electoral District Association starting on March 26 and continuing until election day. Mathews found that the contact person given for those the campaign numbers was Andrew Prescott, Burke’s deputy campaign manager.
Prescott, who swears he had no role in the fraudulent calls, reportedly called RackNine on election day to send out a mass call warning Conservative supporters to disregard bogus calls, using his own account with the company. Mathews’ list of calls does not mention the election day call to the cellphone of RackNine owner Matt Meier, which can be found on the campaign’s long distance phone records. The documents point out that the campaign did not declare in its financial reports any expenses related to RackNine, as Elections Canada requires all campaigns to do. Records of incoming calls to RackNine showed 40 calls from the Ottawa and eastern Ontario area code 613, which traced back to voice recordings for Rebecca Rogers and a Chris Ruge or Ruger — Mathews wasn’t certain — of the Conservative Party. A news release for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s campaign gave Rebecca Rogers’ name as a contact person for local media during a campaign stop. A Conservative official said Tuesday that the party’s central campaign used RackNine to promote Harper’s campaign events and said that Rogers, who worked on the leader’s tour, was merely arranging legitimate calls. Mathews also found three calls to RackNine from a number for the constituency office of Conservative MP and associate defence minister Julian Fantino. There were also nine calls two days before the election from the Conservative party association in Okanagan-Coquihalla, the British Columbia riding of Conservative MP Dan Albas, and 27 calls from the constituency office of Peace River (Alberta) Conservative MP Chris Warkentin.
Neither Warkentin nor Albas list any record of payments to RackNine in their campaign filings with Elections Canada.
The fact that local campaigns, or the central Conservative campaign, were calling RackNine during the election does not suggest wrongdoing or involvement in any mischief.
RackNine is helping Elections Canada with its investigation into voter fraud, and although opposition MPs have characterized RackNine and the Conservatives as in league to disrupt voting, the Tories say any mischief was caused by a local campaign and maintain no evidence points to a wider pattern of wrongdoing.
Mathews said call logs showed that the phone received 342 incoming calls from the 519 area code and almost all went to voice mail. One of the incoming calls to the cellphone on election came from Mathews himself and another official at Elections Canada, who called to see what was going on as complaints flooded in from people in Guelph. A slew of former employees at a call centre in Thunder Bay revealed on Monday they were using a script to make live calls on behalf of the Conservative party that contained erroneous information about voting locations.
The Tories have countered claims of wrongdoing countered by repeatedly asking the other parties to submit evidence of possible electoral fraud to Elections Canada, while steadfastly maintaining they had done nothing wrong. The young kid Martin referred to is Michael Sona, a 23-year-old Tory staffer who lost his job last week when the scandal broke. Meanwhile, Michael Sona said Tuesday he had nothing to do with any fraudulent calls during the last federal election. Sona said he did not speak out earlier in the hope that whoever was responsible would be caught. There were also several complaints from New Democrats in Windsor-Tecumseh, Ont., including a call to the home of MP Joe Comartin, directing them that their polling station had moved.
Interim NDP leader Nycole Turmel suggested byelections may be the only way to regain the trust of voters. An interview with one campaign worker, originally scheduled for several weeks from now, was pushed up to last week, after a Postmedia-Ottawa Citizen investigation revealed the extent of the agency’s efforts to track down the source of the calls. The Bell Canada phone number in Joliette, Que., appeared on call displays of some recipients of the fraudulent election day calls in Guelph. And he’s considering legal action, specifically against New Democrat MP Pat Martin and the federal New Democratic Party, for defamation. On election day, thousands of voters received a robocall urging them to vote for West, which the NDP didn’t send out. To trace the Guelph robocalls, investigators managed to trace the number, methodically tracking it from phone carrier to phone carrier to arrive at RackNine.
The details of the mixup are hazy, but it is believed that two Bragas were originally in the running for Italian appointments: One (Guelph University Braga) was slated for the ministry of agriculture while another (Franco Braga, an engineering professor at Rome’s Sapienza University) was meant for the infrastructure ministry. I speak to a lady and ask, “am I the undersecretary?” She says “half an hour ago we were certain you were, but right now there’s some confusion — we let you know.” I said, “OK.” But now I’m somewhat demoralized, you know? We were both first-year students in the Environmental Biology program, and Soil Science was a mandatory course. In 1971, at the age of 16, I accompanied my highschool classmates to Quebec City, where we found ourselves immersed in culture, exploring historic sites such as the Citadel, the parliament buildings and the Plains of Abraham.
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She contacted the girl (Heather) and received permission to give me her name, address and phone number. She always came back with the reply that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. The nurse who bled me improved and elevated mine: She has done this for 32 years and counting. 6 of last year, on the floor of my residence at the University of Toronto, outside my very door, which was located at the far end of the hallway. I rubbed my hands up and down the thighs of my jeans in an anxious manner and muttered a half-hearted hello, already thinking that I’d blown any chance of looking cool in the eyes of this little goddess.
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30, 1967, we’d be celebrating our 42nd anniversary … a month after our transplant surgeries? He was the 30-plus, single, incredibly handsome technician they sent in answer to the service call.
The “Pierre Poutine” phone was activated April 30, two days before the election, and called only two numbers other than its own voice mail. LaChappelle has stated that he knows nothing about the robocalls and seemed surprised at the attention he received Tuesday.
But according to a source familiar with the investigation, credit card records Elections Canada obtained from RackNine lead to a billing address and, perhaps, the hidden identity of the unknown person or people who bought the Poutine phone. Warkentin and Fantino did not respond for interview requests on Tuesday, but Conservatives said Fantino recorded get-out-the-vote broadcasts for the party during the campaign, which could explain those calls.
He said the situation elevated to extend beyond him personally, which is why he issued the statement. Some of them reported having previously responded negatively to voter-identification calls from the Conservatives earlier in the campaign, which meant their name would have been on a list of non-Conservative voters.
People familiar with robo-dial campaigns say only a tiny fraction of people hit by harassing or fraudulent calls ever takes the trouble to make a complaint. New Democrat volunteer Andrew McAvoy received a live call directing him to an address where there was no polling station. It was obtained based on sworn information from Al Mathews, the former RCMP inspector who is leading the investigation. Somehow, Guelph Braga was dropped from the running and Roman Braga was offered the agriculture job in his place. And, I knew that the government isn’t going to last longer than 18 months so I saw it as a sort of extended sabbatical.
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We met in Roche’s Point, Ont., at the “Dipit Inn” (our kids cover their ears when they hear the name), coined by graduating university students who were renting the place.
The lad in the pair opposite to us at dinner and I hit it off and afterwards started seeing each other. We’ve included more of them, including voicemail messages and tweets that we received below. I booked in next to Sandy a few times, making small talk over drumlins and glacial moraine, etc.
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Well it turns out leaving a message in a loud train station, with little voice, while forgetting to add digits to the area code means that he couldn’t call me back.
A mutual friend and I were on a tour of the show floor, talking about all the people around us, and then he stopped at your booth and introduced us. I eliminated most of the matches because of interests that I was not willing to start up. In those days, it was considered important to get to know each other well before marriage and, of course, “nice girls didn’t.” We played tennis, swam, danced, joked and went to shows and movies together. I found myself waiting for her to sign in for the following week’s lab, I would then sign in for the booth next to her, so we could chat some more.
I still find myself amazed that fate brought the two of us together and eternally grateful that the sweet voice that answered hello also honoured me by answering “I do.” — Yuri and Cathy Amatnieks, Mississauga, Ont. We were married on Bastille Day 1945, as shown in the photo, and will, please God, celebrate our 66th wedding anniversary this Bastille Day.
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We caused quite a stir — an open truck full of female civvies driving through Singapore Naval dockyard. He wanted to meet me in person but I wanted to discover what kind of man he had grown up to be.
Even though we agree that we would like nothing more than to spend the rest of our lives together, we are married to other people.
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Ruth has been afflicted with Alzheimer’s for 13 years, and for the past two years has been in a good care home.
I never imagined the effect that the study of granite, eskers and types of clay till would have on my future life!
Each day when I go to see her, her face lights up and she says, “I love you” and I respond in like manner. Gregory’s U (OK) U du Quebec en Abitibi-Saint John’s U (MN) Temiscamingue (PQ,St.

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