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These competition and pricing concerns remain unresolved, yet a new policy issue has burst onto the scene in recent weeks. Locked cellphones have become common in North America as carriers claim that they sell "subsidized" phones in return for an exclusive commitment and long-term contract from consumers. The freedom provided by unlocked cellphones is particularly useful for people who travel, since they can avoid roaming fees by converting their phone into a local phone in most countries by simply inserting a local SIM card. While the iPhone may be locked to AT&T, several consumers, including a New Jersey teenager, have uncovered how to unlock their phones. From a policy perspective, it is readily apparent that locked cellphones undermine efforts to encourage greater competition in the marketplace.
Unlocking cellphones also raises some interesting legal issues as consumers ask whether the practice of unlocking cellphones is legal. Indeed, earlier this year a Telus executive boldly claimed that "unlocking a cell phone is copyright infringement.
A Neo-Techie's MorningHigh-tech cool's now about capacity: not the gadget's but the user's.
Michael Geist holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law.

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Its biggest impact may go beyond the consumer electronics market, however, as the iPhone has forced politicians and regulators to confront some uncomfortable policy challenges. While many consumers may like the opportunity to purchase a phone for a fraction of the full retail price, others would presumably prefer the freedom of an "unlocked" cell phone that would allow them to easily switch between carriers. This approach is standard in Europe and Asia, where consumers would not tolerate a market comprised solely of locked cellphones.
This has unleashed a legal battle pitting companies anxious to offer unlocked versions of the iPhone against AT&T, which has threatened to sue anyone offering unlocking services.
In certain respects, this is an odd question to even have to ask -- no one would ever question whether consumers have the right to tinker with their car or to use the same television if they switch providers from cable to satellite, yet the telecom industry has somehow convinced the public that unlocking their phones -- consumers' own property -- is wrong. Consumers who want the iPhone must use AT&T since the device contains technical limitations that render it difficult to use on other networks. It's a copyright of the manufacturer." The Telus position is almost certainly incorrect under current Canadian law, though that could change if the government goes ahead with planned reforms that mirror the law in the United States.

If Canadians are to enjoy the full benefit of competition and the products they purchase, Prentice should use the upcoming spectrum auction to reserve some space that welcomes only "open and interoperable" devices that are not locked to any single carrier and ensure that the law clearly reflects Canadians' right to unlock phones without legal risk. These limitations are artificial in the sense that there are otherwise no impediments for an iPhone to run on a competing U.S.
However, locked cellphones run counter to that policy by requiring consumers to fork out hundreds of dollars on a new phone to make the change. To address this problem, the booster provides up to an impressive 2500 milliwatts of output power. Included in this kit is the external Omni directional gain antenna with multiple mounting options which eliminates researching cell tower locations and antenna pointing.
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