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Well, if you are living abroad and searching for the cheapest international call rates, then the competition between the top two voip based service providers is making the rates quite attractive.
The most interesting part of the update is the call rates itself, which compared to rival Skype is dirt cheap, and obviously going to force others to bring the rates down. Comparing the Vibut Out with Skype calling rates, you will find the new service much cheaper and it will also show your real phone number to the receiver without any extra cost. The following Skype Vs Viber Out calling rates comparison chart will make it easy for you to decide. The press release from Viber claims that the new Voip service deliver HD quality audio and promises significant cost savings over Skype and other similar services.
Soffront CRM suite spans an enterprise with integrated modules for sales automation, marketing automation, customer service software, knowledge base, CRM portals, help desk software, project management, asset management, issue tracking and more. The mission of this blog is to share information, educate each other on CRM best practices, latest news, product releases etc. This site is not just for CRM enthusiast, but also for technology lovers, Web 2.0, and social networking. Soffront is “CRM on steroids,” says Monroe (Roey) Diefendorf, Jr., CEO of Diefendorf Capital Planning Associates (DCPA).
In April, I received an email alerting us that Gartner & 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards were accepting applications for their 2010 awards.
Reading through the awards applications, I immediately thought of a few customers to choose from but I did not think we have a chance of winning since we are not a Gartner member.
I received the answer two months later when DCPA won the Gold award in the efficiency category!
CRM Workflow actions should transition efficiently and easily (after all, the word flow means “to proceed continuously and smoothly”).
Similar to the robot exoskeleton, CRM software needs to be an extension of the user—it must move as naturally as the user moves. This is technology at its best—it works with the user and, while seeming little unfamiliar at first, it quickly becomes an extension of their abilities. Over and over in the current financial and global manufacturing landscape we have seen companies at the top of their game fail. Since 1967, TheStoneEagle Group has provided the automatic and financial services industries with specialized software solutions and enterprise administration systems.
After thoroughly researching ten helpdesk software products on the market, StoneEagle implemented Soffront’s CRM software in their customer service division. According to Brent Taylor, Director of Operations at StoneEagle, “With the increased productivity and efficiency the software gives us, our goal is to double our business without having to increase personnel.
Luckily, Gayle walked into a Soffront CRM meeting with the vice president of sales of her company. Gayle had been extracting contacts from their contract manager and putting them into a spreadsheet.
In the mid 1990s Leica Geosystems, the world’s top global provider of GPS-based mine management solutions, decided to replace their manual defect tracking process with a commercial defect tracking software. A small team of Leica Geosystems software developers tried out Soffront’s web-based defect tracking software in order to determine if it would meet the company’s needs. Subsequently, Leica Geosystems expanded the usage of CRM Software by adding knowledge base module.  CRM Software enabled Leica Geosystems to implement a central database that can be accessed easily by all users worldwide. According to Marco Eugster, R&D Manager for Leica Geosystems, Soffront’s defect and knowledge base software allows the company to analyze and enhance quality control and customer satisfaction.
Technology companies that are involved in the design, fabrication and manufacture of high tech components like NAND flash, that now power our computers and iPods and digital cameras are always pushing the boundaries of technology and design for faster, cheaper and better products.
Years of focus on manufacturing improvements, stole the limelight away from the equally important areas of building great partner and channel relationships and managing them effectively using relevant technology. Sure, there were undercurrents of issues where follow ups fell by the wayside or special needs or requests from partners disappeared in the black hole of a sales cycle but all was well, in general. Along came high growth rates, changing market conditions and perceptions about customers and of course, increasing pain in terms of lost opportunities.
Small businesses tend to rely heavily on them to manage Sales, Marketing and other critical aspects of their functions. Cost of ownership and the lack of technology to implement a CRM software are things of the past. Managing relationships between your customers and their data is best left to a database driven application.
You can program the heck out of Excel to add a lot of things but look at this as sticking in an AMG 5.5 Biturbo V8 in a Geo Metro and expect wonders on the Nurburgring track!
Soffront’s CRM solution addresses this concern by automatically organizing all communications with the corresponding contacts, accounts, opportunities and service requests. Although Outlook has a friendly User Interface for composing emails, it’s a “thick client” and must be installed on a computer. CRM Software because it allows them to meet their critical business needs in an innovative way on an ongoing basis. Most CRM software—especially the expensive ones—can take anywhere from six months to one year to implement. When choosing the right CRM software for your company, it’s important to think about your long-term needs. The Soffront CRM system was built upon the notion that things can change on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Unless there’s a mandate from the top down for the adoption of a new, improved way of doing business, there will always be opposition to change.
In today’s challenging economy, businesses are working harder than ever in their due diligence before making a purchase—trying to ensure that they get the most bangs for their buck. We are a payroll, Time and Attendance and HR software services company, dedicated to providing our customers with a combination of the best technology and the highest customer service.  We selected Soffront CRM Suite to improve efficiency in all aspects of our business.
Our review team met with the representatives of the top three finalists numerous times and conducted comprehensive demos over a period of several weeks. We liked some aspects of the product (such as strong integration with Outlook) but overall thought that the product was too confusing, and it would take us too long to set up. After conducting product demos with the top contenders, we ultimately chose Soffront CRM based on functionality of the product, customer service, and price. Payroll Solutions expects that Soffront CRM will make a significant positive impact on our business. These systems have worked for us for the last few years, but main issues have been higher cost and lower productivity. A few months ago we decided to improve our operational efficiency and reduce cost by selecting one system.

We also put together a list of necessary functionalities in a document (RFP) which was sent to vendors. After we received responses back from vendors, based on the answers provided, we selected four top vendors Zoho, ConnectWise, Sugar CRM and Soffront.
Ability to customize – Even though everyone offered some level of customization; Soffront came out at the top.
Today, the popular VoIP and free SMS service provider Viber has released an update for both iPhone and Android that will allow you to make calls to any cellphone or land line number even if the receiver does not have Viber.
The Viber 4.1 app on iOS and Android incorporates the full international release of service called Viber Out, which is a whole new feature that enables people to make cheap international calls to almost any mobile or landline contact number. Well, the Viber Out allows you to buy credits via in-app purchases directly from Google Play Store, and if on iPhone via App Store.
Additional, Viber Out Desktop client will allow you to have all the phone’s address book making it easy to enjoy the service even without a smartphone. The CRM software is fully web-based and can be used with a web browser on your desktop or a mobile device or from a laptop. They were looking for innovative companies that were making a big impact through their customer relationship management strategy.
I’m pleased that DCPA, one of our many exceptional customers, is being honored with such a distinguished award. They used multiple systems to search for information, and the various groups weren’t aware of what the others were doing. After looking into several CRM solutions, including some big names in the industry, OGSYS decided on Soffront because our product is easy to implement and use. After that, it moves into the critical phase, in which the user sees the technology as vital to their success.I created the CRM software equivalent of robots. Customer success is a core value for the company, and it is their mission to provide the highest quality customer service in their industry.
Thrilled with the results, the company quickly expanded its use to include four separate divisions. Our email marketing software eliminates wasted time and helps her successfully reach the right prospects at the right time. Based in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, Leica Geosystems supports tens of thousands of customers world-wide and employs 3,500 people in 28 countries. Soffront’s CRM software allows developers to track product defects and manage defect resolution from initiation to closure and use knowledge base for sharing. Our CRM provides users with a wealth of information including status and forecasting, which creates a smooth resolution process. Yet some of them seem to be hopelessly behind on the technology curve when it comes to running their sales and partner management processes. Well guess what, in spite of all of the above, they have actually done quite well for themselves. Processes are designed by humans and it is basic nature to procrastinate until it really starts hurting. Pain always drives us to look for resolutions and that is what ultimately drove those skeptics to the possibilities of considering technology as an option. Sure you can store Names and Phone numbers and Order details and even aggregate them and chart them but have you ever thought about the risks, the inefficiencies and the shortcomings of this approach? With a plethora of options in the marketplace, including some versions that are free, bringing a CRM implementation to fruition is easier now than it ever was. Excel cannot understand dependencies like customers and orders and opportunities and so on. This is where a CRM would shine as you inherit the benefits of the best practices for your industry based on the experience of the vendor with companies similar to yours.
We often waste time searching and clicking through “Sent Items” and “Inbox Folders” for email history or to locate specific communication with a contact.
CRM software allows us to locate a specific communication using a convenient search and see up-to-date communications history. With Soffront CRM, our customer can dynamically change their system as their business needs change. Before implementing a CRM solution, this company believed their main focus should be on efficiency—ensuring that cars are cleaned, well-maintained, moved quickly from lot to lot, and so forth. We received great responses and would like to thank all our customers who took the time to give us feedback. If your salespeople don’t have the tools they need to systematically and automatically follow-up, their sales process will breed instability. Before choosing Soffront, we embarked on an extensive review process, to ensure that we made the best decision possible. The other contenders were eliminated for various reasons which included items such as lack of functionality, weak technology, poor customer service, or a poor fit for our size.
From what I could see needed to be done, it would have taken us years to set up, and we would have needed an IT person to spend quite a bit of time programming. Five out of the six reviewers at our company selected Soffront as their top choice, and the sixth reviewer eventually came around after seeing Soffront’s price tag.  All six agreed that Soffront met their needs the best out of all three finalists and the price was well within our budget. When Lewis helped found Payroll Solutions in 1994, the company’s mission was to provide their customers with state-of-the-art technology combined with unmatched client services. Once the credits are added to your account, it can be instantly used to call anyone even if that person does not use Viber. The PR department however was very excited and picked DCPA for their exciting accomplishments from our CRM software implementations. A CRM interface that is visual rather than data-based; the user can drag and drop to create user actions, record stages, and trigger notifications and rules.
The Texas-based business, which provides accounting, land, and production software for the oil and gas industry, has achieved success by setting ambitious goals for themselves.
Every OGSYS employee now uses Soffront CRM for sales automation, customer support, and development.
The exoskeleton is worn around the soldier’s body and responds to his or her movements—literally becoming an extension of their efforts. At Soffront, we engineer software with the same intensity in order to help the user accomplish more then they could with their current resources. The load of sales, marketing, and customer service becomes too heavy and they lose their competitive edge.
When StoneEagle realized they needed to improve customer support in order to meet this goal, they turned to Soffront. Implementing Soffront has improved customer service, productivity, and efficiency at StoneEagle.

When we started down the road of creating additional fields the marketing department needed for email campaigns, Gayle mentioned it would be helpful if all the email tracking, and management of opt-in and bounced emails can be automated. Finally, Gayle had to manage any bounces or opt-outs manually in her spreadsheet to ensure her records were accurate. Soffront’s CRM software allows her to effectively generate leads and opportunities for salespeople. In order to flourish, we must consider the tools that can make us more effective and productive. With “When it has to be right” as their motto, Leica Geosystems takes quality control seriously.
Leica Geosystems credits the software for decreasing product development time, increased efficiency, and enhanced product quality. This only made them overly cautious in terms of investing in unknown tools called CRMs that seemed to promise the world and so that seemed to justify the deferral. Even if you had Excel 2010, you are still limited in terms of data sharing within the organization (read access levels). Sort alphabetically by the customer name column and see how the sales order related column is completely out of whack. As you can well imagine, if you don’t follow predefined processes in your organization, you essentially have organized chaos. Soffront’s web-based CRM software has an intuitive User Interface that lets us compose full HTML email messages.
Would you spend that time getting frustrated looking through Outlook emails or have CRM software present to you relevant information at the right time and at the right place?
Our CRM provides users with rich, powerful tools that allow them to make their own modifications in-house.
However, while using the CRM they discover that they are actually in the customer service business. If no contact was made, then these salespeople believed that there was no interest on behalf of the prospect, so it’s likely the prospect will never call back. My behind the scenes insights of our selection process may help you as you make future CRM decisions for your company. We then conducted an extensive review of each CRM product, narrowing the finalists down to three vendors.
Soffront will be able to handle 95% of all of our processes, such as workflow, SAS 70 procedures, customer service, sales, marketing, technical support, and administration.
The service is already there and even allowing people to make calls, and if you are using the desktop client then you can use your credit card to buy calling minutes. Soffront’s web-based CRM software has increased productivity at DCPA though email marketing software, sales force automation, marketing automation, help desk software, and customer management software. They submitted the online application and worked with Roey over the course of several days to complete the long process. Soffront’s CRM software employs a drag and drop visual interface that is easy to understand and simple to use. Their mission is to be the gold standard in their industry—a standard attained by providing their customers with a stable, cost effective, and technically advanced software system.
It is imperative that a well implemented CRM tool is crafted around the business processes of the organization rather than forcing the organization to conform to the technology.
Strapping on the exoskeleton of CRM software helps a company manage this heavy lifting and long range movement by automating tasks that often fall through the cracks. Our sales engineer replied that Soffront’s CRM includes a suite of tools that allows her significant control over how she markets to her prospects and clients. Overall, she estimated that this process could take more than an hour in any given email campaign.
With a CRM solution we can schedule appointments and reschedule as needed by simply dragging and dropping it into a different time slot. The wonderful (and sometime frustrating) thing about CRM is that it forces you to become self-aware. Thus enlightened, the company realizes that they must shift the entire operation and focus. Other companies may claim to be customizable, but you quickly run into limits of what you can customize with their system. However, in cases where the messaging was well-crafted, concise, and engaging, it still took more than three calls on average to reach the prospect. If your new CRM has the same malaise, users won’t think twice before reverting to their old tools.
This intuitive workflow designer enables CRM processes to be designed quickly and accurately increasing productivity.
Imagine if the aforementioned robot exoskeletons were designed to move awkwardly in patterns inconsistent with human movement; at best this would be uncomfortable for the user, and at worst it would be downright dangerous.
This gives companies the opportunity to maintain, build, and succeed in relationships with their clients.
A spreadsheet or contact manager isn’t capable of doing what our marketing automation accomplishes with ease.
There’s also no delay—changes that take months with another CRM are completed in days with Soffront. You learn new things about your business as you gather intelligence from applications such as sales force automation, marketing automation, customer service, knowledge management, issue tracking, and project management. If their new goal is to nurture their customers and keep them happy, then the CRM system must be able to accommodate these new parameters without waiting six months or spending a lot of money on consultants. What if the salesperson ended his or her attempt to get in touch with the contact after the third call and it was picked up on the fourth or fifth call by one of your competitors? Although the set up price was reasonable, the monthly price for the hosted CRM was not even close to being competitive—their price was almost three times higher per user.
Customer issues are entered into Parature but the sales team has no idea of on-going issues with the customer account. Duplicating the Soffront system would require these companies to rebuild their platforms from the ground up.
Like Microsoft Dynamics, it fell short of our complex workflow and automated approval process needs.

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