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AT&T has been slapped with a $25 million fine by the FCC for breaching customer information to obtain unlock codes for mobile devices. Centers outside the United States in Mexico, Colombia, and the Philippines breached customer data and accessed social security numbers and other data regarding accounts before selling it to third parties. So far only AT&T are implicated, with the call centers in question likely only serving the company and no other carriers as well. The gleaned data was then passed on to third parties for a fee to obtain unlock codes for devices running AT&T's network. MobileBurn focuses on mobile phone reviews, providing in depth articles reviewing additional mobile devices including tablet & smartphone reviews.
To call a Philippines Globe number, register one phone number and dial your local access number. To call any other international destination, dial the ImpactConnect access number or call using your Mobile App or Voxbox. To access and set up your voicemail from your home telephone connected to a VoxBox simply dial *98. Your QR code is personalized for your account and will automatically populate your registration information within the app.
ImpactConnect will send you a separate email confirming the date and the completion of your phone number transfer.
During a six month period between November 2013 and April 2014, the second largest carrier in the United States used offshore centers to access and take customer information.

AT&T says three employees in Mexico and 40 in the other locations accessed names, telephone numbers, and the last four digits of social security numbers. The trail was picked up by the FCC and the bureau started investigating in Mexico initially before finding other cases in Colombia and the Philippines. Luke studied creative writing at degree level before carving out a reputation as a freelance tech writer.
Our specialty is our in-depth, hands-on tablet & mobile phone reviews, though we also try to keep our readers abreast of the most important mobile device news and product launches in the industry. To set up your voicemail using the ImpactConnect App, simply tap the voicemail button or dial *98 using the keypad.
Download the App using your cell phone or tablet at the Apple iTunes AppStore or the Google Play store. Simply tap the QR code button within the ImpactConnect App to scan the code and register your service. If you cancel your existing service before the transfer process is complete, it may cause you to lose your number. With CellConnect you can register 1 phone (the phone you make international calls from most frequently) from which you can enjoy your ImpactConnect service. To make an international call simply dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number when prompted. To make a call to a Philippines Globe number (landline or cell), dial your local access number and follow the prompts.

While AT&T was unaware of the break, the company is at fault because it is its responsibility to maintain Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI), hence the fine from the FCC. He settled here at MobileBurn, where he reviews devices and contributes to the news, as well as overseeing the site's content and direction. With your new plan you can make unlimited calls to Philippines Globe numbers, unlimited calls to the US and Canada, and unlimited international calls to 60 selected destinations.
Your telephone number and account number can be found at the top of this email.If you created a custom username and password when you registered for the service, please enter the custom username and password in the correct fields.
You can scan the QR code on a computer screen or you can print the email and scan the code from paper.
Once the transfer is complete, your existing number will be active in your new ImpactConnect account. CellConnect can be used with any type of phone (even cell phones without smart phone capabilities).

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