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Here's the mosaic made by Arno Coenen based on the interface of a Nokia telephone, which Regine sent over this morning. If you feel like playing football, you send an SMS to CALL A BALLs communication center, giving the kiosk's number, which then sends a return message authorizing the dispensing of a ball.
Thanks to the RFID chip embedded in the ball, the center knows at all times where the ball is. It sounds like the dream of every would-be football player: to have access to a ball, no matter where you happen to be! Cellfire has been quietly serving up mobile discount coupons to Cingular Wireless subscribers in California since December.
For the sixth consecutive year, Cingular's annual survey on wireless usage reveals that men talk 16 percent more on their wireless phones each month than women. Bowing to an intense lobbying campaign that spent tens of millions of dollars ? and held out the promise of hefty campaign contributions for those members who did the bidding of interested firms ? the House voted 321 to 101 for the disingenuously-named Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (COPE). If you happened to pass through Milan's Malpensa Airport in March, your mobile phone may have been scanned by the BlueBag, reports Robert McMillan IDG News Service via Digital World Tokyo. Basically, it's a Bluetooth-sniffing computer hidden in a suitcase that was also rolled through train stations, a shopping center, and even a computer security conference show floor this year to see how many Bluetooth-enabled devices attackers could potentially infect with a worm or a virus.
An eight-year-old girl in England has been diagnosed with repetitive strain injury after texting too much, reports the Daily Mail, in what must be the youngest case recorded. The condition is more common than you would think, according to chiropractor, Dr David Cosgrove, who is treating Isabelle for her injuries. As a result, a cell phone equipped with such a screen could continually broadcast stock quotes, news stories or show a music video to go along with a built-in MP3 player. Rick Ueno, the general manager of the Sheraton Chicago Hotel offers to put communications devices under lock and key for guests who want a break, reports CNN via boingboing.
WMMNA describes the many mobile projects showcased at the playmobiel exhibition by artists whose work explore mobile phone technology in playful way. Researchers at MIT are developing a battery that could charge cellphone or laptop batteries in a few seconds rather than hours, and also might never need to be replaced.
This new SMS service in the UK has been nagging at me for the last few days because SMS weather alerts are nothing new, but this one does have a plus - it tells you when and where it will rain - and gets a good write up in Computer Active! Simply type "SW19" into the search engine on the website before setting off somewhere on a sunny day and while you are on your way, the service will send you a text message with the latest weather updates.
The mobile subscriber base in India crossed the 100-million mark in May, making it one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, although it still lagged far behind China, reports the AFP. Google Earth Blog reports on a website called "Where's Tim?", which lets you track Tim Hibbard, a developer for a company called Engraph - which sells GPS tracking software.

A Korean startup called Hings has built an antenna that fits in the hinge of a clamshell cell phone, reports Telecoms Korea. A group of designers have developped a paper phone concept called ?Paper Says? - for international roaming and not to have to worry about losing or breaking a rented phone while on a trip.
Reuters reports that CBS Radio will announce a deal today to offer text messaging to listeners, a new service that it said will help stations and their advertisers reach and interact with consumers.
There is no evidence that radiation from third-generation UMTS cellphone masts is harmful to people, the Dutch health ministry said on the basis of a new Swiss study on Tuesday, reportsReuters. A proposal that would have prohibited all use of all cell phones by drivers was rejected by the Lawrence Traffic Safety Commission, reports the The Wichita Eagle, but city commissioners still could take up the issue. This historic collection of "Soviet Space Propaganda" has never been exhibited publicly, and represents some five decades of Russian Constructivism, dating back to the 1950s. The Cold War (1946-1984) provided some of the most remarkable propaganda posters of the Soviet Era. The Bachelor programme of Umea University Institute of Design in Sweden, offers a broad basis and a general competence in handling design problems within many different product areas. Mobile telephony for workmen: The aim of the project has been to produce a mobile telephony concept that fits with today's pforessional workmen's needs and demands, with focus on the physical handling of the product. Demanding conditions and tough outdoor life require high demands on the equipment, both regarding durability and usability: environments where the user and product are exposed to high amounts of stress, such as dust, moisture, shocks and high volume sound. Dear Red Ferret has dug up a new Cell Phone Shield - which "offers maximum? protection for your health and safety".
TRF points out that if it's safe - perhaps it's because of it's design, and that it would be too embarrassing to make a phone call with the shield in the first place.
The response to the July 7 bombings in London was hampered by "inadequate" or "non-existent" communications systems and over-reliance on mobile phone networks, a new report stated on Monday, according to the FT.
According to the latest cell phone-health related study, researchers claim cell phones make adolescents' hands sweat.
According to the study, adults did not show significant changes before and after using cell phones.
The Mosaic will be showcased at the Playmobiel exhibition, where artists explore mobile phone technology in playful way .
That bill, which does not include meaningful network-neutrality protections creates an opening that powerful telephone and cable companies hope to exploit by expanding their reach while doing away with requirements that they maintain a level playing field for access to Internet sites. In just under 23 hours of travel, BlueBag was able to spot more 1,400 devices with which, in theory, it could have connected. He turned the phone on when he dropped it off at the shipping office and anyone was wable to watch as the phone was being delivered.

Through them, great artists used color and drama to promote government policies, and applaud achievements. At master level specialized programmes are available in Transportation Design, Advanced Product Design and Interaction Design.
Instead of blasting ultrasonic sounds only perceptible to teenagers - the council will pipe Barry Manilow's greatest hits in a parking lot to drive youths away.
Boys to be the subject of a reality series called "NEXXT," filmed exclusively for distribution over mobile phones. Kim Deok-won of Yonsei University medical school revealed the results of his recent study on a correlation between CDMA mobile handsets and natural human perspiration. The team measured degrees of subjects' skin resistance, including blood pressure, pulse frequency, perspiration, and respiratory quotient.
A group of adolescents exposed to electromagnetic waves for 15 minutes showed 20 percent less skin resistance, while another group exposed to the waves for 30 minutes showed 30 percent less skin resistance in hands. These ball dispensers could be placed wherever candy or drinks machine are now found: in subway stations, on street corners, in or in front of restaurants. Among the discoverable devices were a number of Nokia mobile phones and TomTom global positioning systems, said Stefano Zanero, Secure Network's co-founder and chief technology officer. Capacitors contain energy as an electric field of charged particles created by two metal electrodes and charge faster and last longer than normal batteries. You simply type in a keyword and View bids will show the maximum bids and listings for that term.
As a result, water volume in the body rose and, adversely, skin resistance reduced," Kim said.
Even overseas travelers can communicate anytime anywhere and don't consider the location of booths. Every mission and anniversary of key missions was commemorated, and the heroes of the Soviet space effort were often shown with workers and children in a unifying message about the strength of the Soviet system and its people. It can be bought easily in every country's state-owned organization such as airport and museums, and privately owned institutions.

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