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All you really need to charge your cell phone is a 9-volt battery, a car charger, and a piece of metal.
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This is a great tip if you’re traveling and forgot your home charger, or the power goes out during a storm. We’re also digging the fact that this case doesn’t turn your iPhone into a brick!
We can call, text, video chat, play games, surf internet, watch movies, listen to music, shop, take pictures and shoot videos and even use our phones for navigation.
Truly, the smart phone has become the king of multitasking. But all this multitasking comes at a cost.
With ever increasing processors and larger memories, the battery life of phones have taken a serious hit.

Our tendency to rely more and more on our phones means that it is hard to get by one full day on one charge.
Portable batteries and phone cases with additional battery have come out as options to increase battery life on the go.
Change the Display Settings: This is the most popular way of prolonging battery life by decreasing the screen brightness. You should always keep this setting at the minimum value as most phones automatically increase brightness when you need it.
This is the time it takes for the screen to turn off once you’ve stopped using it and it should be kept to a minimum. Kill Background Apps: Multitasking is fun but it also is the biggest culprit that eats up your battery life.
But there are many apps that don’t turn off completely and their processes keep running in the background.

There are also good apps available that give you more control over the background apps that are running on your phone.
Disable Notifications and Automatic Updates: Disabling notifications is a great way of saving the battery.
You need notification for calls and texts but other than that you don’t need any notification.

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