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Next cheapest, similar T-Mobile Android phone that I know of was the $150 one on the HSN website. Prism II is good with video playback (most codecs with no stutter, once you get the VPlayer app), MP3 playback, FM Radio, Candy Crush, texting & having thousands of useful, free Android apps. If there's a simple way to unlock this phone and use it with T-Mobile's prepaid plan, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Another difference compared to the Prism II, this phone has a front-facing VGA camera - necessary for video chat.
Although our silver-headed friends are not usually interested in touting a smartphone, they still need to keep in touch.
It is a fact that as people age, so do the neurons that transmit messages to and from the brain.
Very rare are the occasions when grandparents can have real “just us” moments with their grandkids due to their busy schedules. Ease of use: We all know that some elders still find it difficult to operate a cell phone, so to make it less daunting for your loved one, it is best to choose ones that are simple to use, whether he intends to use it for calling or texting. Customer service: Isn’t it comforting to know that fast-acting and reliable customer service representatives can provide the necessary assistance to your senior even when you’re miles away from him?
Other features: It is important that your loved one’s cell phone has GPS, maps, alarm and panic buttons that they can use in case of emergency. This is a German company that builds stylish phones with practical features for the elderly.
Perhaps the built-in FM radio on this Nokia model could make this the best cell phone for seniors. An already expensive jitterbug cell phone for seniors with additional $35 fee for activation and steep monthly fees. While Samsung is famous for its cutting-edge smartphones, the company also produces a respectable flip phone. Popular demand and online ratings make these five phones candidates for the best cell phone for seniors.
As with any mobile phone purchase, individual preference will likely prevail when choosing the best cell phone for seniors. An update to our popular senior citizen cell phone, the new rugged waterproof model makes accidental drops, even into water - a non issue.
With a rugged fall protection and waterproof design, this phone is so simple to use and features a great many other specs that are sure to please. Cell phones have become the important essential for everyone that is why people are always concerned in approaching cell phone models and cell phone deals. A cell phone that can only use to do and have calls and text message is purely boring and has no reputation at all.
The Apple 32 GB iPhone4 this special electronic gadget has earned maximum success in mobile market that is why vast number of individuals are keen to purchase this handset. This is just the comprehensive survey of the 3 latest cell phones in the mart that are available for those users who love to buy and want latest cell phones for themselves, for use or it also may be just as fashion symbol for their social community .
This entry was posted in Mobile Phones and tagged best mobile phones, top mobile phones, top mobile phones 2010 on February 24, 2011 by Dinesh. Cross farm accommodation is situated between 4 Market towns in the East Midlands and West Midlands - Ashbourne, Leek, Cheadle and Uttoxeter; with easy access via the M1, M6, A50, A38 and A52. Each year, cell phone manufacturers race to churn out their version of leading-edge cell phone technology. These silver surfers play games, chat with old friends, classmates and relatives, search for worthwhile activities like cooking new recipes, creating things and more.  And here’s another plus – according to a study conducted by a group from no less than the University of California-Los Angeles, older people who used the internet more often have been found to have increased activity in the area of the brain that is responsible for making decisions and complex reasoning.
But with the best cell phone for seniors, your kids and your parents can have those precious moments anytime, anywhere.

Buttons must be large and easy to press, with numbers and letters big enough for them to see.
Your loved one needs something small enough to fit into his palm or pocket but thick and heavy enough to make him remember that it’s there.
The best cell phone for seniors will have a big screen which will help him read messages and numbers easily. But remember that most of our elders sometimes suffer from memory lapses that may cause them to misplace or lose it. It’s only reasonable to assume that the best cell phone for seniors would come with excellent customer service. A radio, camera and some games can come provide him with entertainment during dull, boring moments when he is alone.
The expensive-looking ClickPlus V32 combines elegant design with contemporary style for the fashion-conscious senior citizen.
This handset has become, perhaps, one of the most renowned cell phones for senior citizens. Aptly named, “The Big Easy”, this is conceivably the least perplexing handset for a person to use; making this a good candidate as the best cell phone for seniors.
The Samsung Gusto 2 is considered to be a free cell phone for seniors; provided the user signs a 2-year contract with the service provider.
This rugged phone has a built in SOS button to enable someone to alert their contacts as quick as possible.
This guide will give you a brief features about the best cell phones in mobile market so that you can determine whether you should buy a new one or you should continue with your old one.
It should be offering some of interesting uses like MP3 player, FM radio, Digital camera and many others to be viewed in cell phone of some regard. It is among the first one Android mobile phone that provides very high speed net surfing and browsing opportunity to their users which is 10 times quicker than all 3G cell phones. It is most long-lasting and it extends voice prompting Google maps and 2.0 operating system as well. East Midlands Airport (Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Fly Be, BMI, etc) is just 50 minutes drive away. Smartphone enthusiasts flock to the closest cellular emporium as they eagerly anticipate the release of the next state-of-the-art handset.
What is the best cell phone for seniors who are susceptible to the dangers of a diminishing state of health? The best cell phone for seniors should be able to provide them  with simple puzzles and games that can help keep their minds sharp. This is why some of us refuse to allow our elderly parents to leave home lest they forget the way back. Imagine how happy and excited your parents will be upon seeing their grandson’s photo or video as he plays baseball? Let’s start by taking a peek at the features you should be looking for a handset to be considered as the best cell phone for seniors.
However, do not eliminate smart phones for seniors from your selection because there are models that can fit their needs. Far too many instances have occurred when seniors forgot that they had cell phones in their pockets before tossing their clothes into the washing machine! These questions need to be answered as hearing impairment is one of the leading chronic problems affecting the elderly. For less than $100 this handset touts a luminous display for easy reading and a user-friendly keypad, with raised dots, to facilitate outgoing and incoming phone calls and text messages.
Enormous keypad buttons, a convenient speakerphone and caller ID characterize this simple speaking apparatus. Enhanced social network support and a 1.3 megapixel camera make this a great choice for the internet-savvy senior.

Also included is a handy in-built camera for taking pictures or videos and features large and intuitive icons, bluetooth connection and more.
So, here are some cool and wise cell phones that possess some well reputation and have enough market position as well.
Its touch screen presentation is about 3.5 inches which gives clear text and superiority of pictures to the buyer. With this high-speed surfing facility, you can watch limitless amount of videos, audio recording songs and games in fraction of seconds.
But, there is a fairly large group of cellular consumers that are not so passionate about newfangled mobile phones.
This can be very frustrating for them, especially if they have been used to working and socializing during their younger days. Or how proud they will feel as they gaze as their granddaughter who’s all dolled up for the prom?
For the convenience of international travel, this phone is unlocked and works on the GSM cellular service network. A user in distress can connect directly to a Response Agent by simply pressing “5” and the star key. Some extra characteristics has novel six axis gyroscope which is truly perfect for game fans.
One of the most concerning characteristics of this phone set is, it arrives with 1GHz Qualcomm processor. This precious group of customers is none other than the growing number of senior citizens in every community. The best cell phone for seniors who know a thing or two about using the multimedia capacity of phones would be a smartphone, but it is best to stay with the simplest kind of smartphones. The desirable characteristics of this handset include an easy to use keyboard and predictive text messaging for speedy written communication. Common attributes such as large buttons and a bright display facilitate uncomplicated user interaction. If traveling by train there are stations at Uttoxeter (6 miles), Stoke on Trent (10 Miles), Stafford (20 Miles), Derby (24 miles), Burton on Trent (25 Miles). But with cell phones that have maps, GPS or like features that can track them within a certain distance, they can be easily located and brought home safely. By means of popular opinion, this $99 gem could very well be the best cell phone for seniors. It is one of the most beneficial and the most fascinating and attractive among the models in cell phone mart and it will unquestionably boast up your judgment substantially. It has broad touch screen presentation which is nearly 4.3 broad that holds sharp and vibrant images to users. Ideal for Alton Towers accommodation, Daisy’s Cottage is also near to Splash Landings, Waterworld, Indoor Snow Dome, Heights of Abraham Theme Park, The Monkey Par and, Chester Zoo.
This mobile phone may also be used as a handy device to remotely keep an eye on anyone in need. For the more active there as Dovedale, the Peak District, Blithfield Water and Carsington Water with water sports.
If there is, does it come with what can be considered as being the best cell phone for seniors?

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