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Who doesn’t enjoy having a great Smartphone in their pocket equipped with all the greatest and latest apps and techno fashion?
Vibrations are great for notifying you about incoming calls or messages when you’re in the theatre, meetings or other places where it’s necessary to keep the phone silent. In the same manner, if you wish to minimize the power consumption of your smartphone of the screen display, you ought to consider shortening the screen timeout.
Some of us open app after app and don’t bother to close them even after we no longer need to use them. When Not In Use Energy is consumed whenever your smartphone searches for signals, Wi-Fi, 3G or Bluetooth etc. Some of us might have observed that our battery runs out faster when our smartphones are warm.
Certain apps eat up more battery juice than others, particularly apps which utilize the GPS system to track your location. Although it is true that turning on your phone consumes more power than unlocking your phone, switching it off for a couple of hours can save more battery than leaving it on sleep or inactive mode.
By manually adjusting all of your phone’s settings over the course of a day, you may be able to squeeze a few extra usable hours out of your battery. In places where it doesn’t matter, it will be better for you to use your ringtone as notification if you want to keep your Smartphones on longer as Vibrations use more power than ringtones.
It’s obvious that dimming your screen will reduce your smartphone’s power consumption since we all have to activate the screen whenever we use our phones. This multi-tasking capability is a common feature of smartphones, but it is also a main reason why battery life gets drained away easily.
Put simply, don’t leave your smartphones under direct sunlight or in any place that is hot.

Your smartphone has a GPS unit that allows the sending and receiving of signals to and from satellites to determine your exact location, which is integral for some apps to work, for example, map-based apps like Google Maps or to check-in on Facebook. If you know you’re not going to touch your phone for an extended period of time, such as when you’re attending a meeting or sleeping, you can actually cut down a significant amount of energy consumption if you simply switch it off. But if the effort sounds too cumbersome to you, consider downloading an app that manages your battery for you. Given the diverse range of capabilities and multi-functionality running on a mobile device, it’s no wonder that battery life has always been a concern for developers, manufacturers and the users themselves. If our screen is brightly lit up every couple of minutes when we check our emails and such, it eventually will zap battery juice.
Some of us do not have the habit of ‘locking’ the phone after we are done with it; we just let it go lights out by itself. One of the more common occurrences would be leaving the smartphone in a car parked under the sun. When left running in the background, some of these apps may continue to send and receive signals. Whilst we wait for hardware developers to catch up, here are 10 tips to conserve your battery life. Auto-brightness setting enables the smartphone to adjust the brightness to its optimal level for reading while conserving battery life.
Keeping the timeout duration short will ensure that the phone doesn’t waste power when you’re not using it. What I’m saying is that you should turn off your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when you don’t need to be connected. The battery will function optimally in cooler environments, so do look out for, and try to avoid, scenarios where your phone is exposed to unnecessary and excessive heat.

It takes a lot out of your battery to continuously do that, even if you aren’t aware of it. Manual checks means you’ll never have email waiting for you on your phone, but you’ll also save battery life.
On the other hand though, you may consider tuning the level permanently to the dimmest level that you can still read under without straining your eyes.
One convenient way to do it is to switch to ‘Airplane Mode’ or just switch your phone off when you know you can’t get any signal. Hence, you should ensure that those particular apps are closed when you really don’t need them.
There are, however, plenty of apps which can tell you what’s using up your battery power and you can then decide how best to save power using this information. There are some valuable apps out there that manage the multitasking ability of your smartphone to ensure it performs at its best to conserve battery life without jeopardizing usage. On the other hand, when you need good reception for your smartphone, place or position your phone in high connectivity zones. This will prevent your smartphones from constantly seeking for a connection and wasting your precious battery power switching from one signal to the other. It may slow down the efficiency of these apps but you won’t be tracked on your location and some users deliberately do that for privacy reasons.

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