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If you think your cell phone provider is overcharging you, you may actually be on to something. Well since 2013 the wireless carriers have been sending messages to customers informing them when you are about to run out of monthly data, we all get them right? For instance, Verizon sends you a message, to their customers that they used 70% of their data, but marketing professor Matthew Osborne recently published a study with the American Economic Review on how the cell phone industry deals with this.

For instance, you may pay for a monthly 3 GB plan, but few people realize one hour of Netflix will lead up about 3 GB of data, that’s the whole month. He was quoted recently on the Huffington Post, saying cell phone companies actually make a lot of money with overage fees, but since they are now alerting their customers – they may run over, Osborne says the wireless carriers are increasing the fix fees that we all pay, to make up for the potential lost money. I’m a friend of angel’s and now have a reason to go after ten nations I will not name!

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