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This page is a compilation of list and links for Telecommunication Services Providers (mobile voice, wireless data, Wimax, wireless local loop and VOIP – excluding fixed line) in Pakistan, with links to related posts on my blog and additional references listed at the end. The Pakistan market has nearly 97 million subscribers as of  Nov2009 (PTA data).The growth slowed down in 2009 but has picked up again gradually. For those interested in the change from last year, the chart below shows the market share of mobile phone companies of Pakistan, as of September 2008. For detailed one-page tariff information for all the packages (pre-paid and postpaid) offered by the mobile companies, refer to the consumer notice from PTA below – posted as of August 4, 2008. Warid, owned by the Abu Dhabi group of the United Arab Emirates and sister of Wateen group is number 4 with 18% market of subscribers. Norway’s Telenor, a recent entrant with about a billion US dollar investment in Pakistan has been doing well, based on its recent earning report. The year 2008 was marked by changes in SIM sales and registration process, enforced by PTA, the government regulator.

After it got acquired by China Mobile it was rebranded as Zong and launched one of the most successful and aggressive campaigns. Wireless local loop services are based on CDMA and are considered an alternative to copper lines. Wateen has emerged as the largest player and has started advertising for its WiMAX services though as of Sep 2007 the pricing had not been announced.
In the latest news, PTA issued show cause notices to all the mobile operators for not meeting the required standards. Mobilink lost 1% share (35%), picked up by Zong which is cash rich and has a ready-to-invest attitude. Recently rebranded Vfone service by PTCL is the market leader and recently there have been many intersting marketing and pricing moves. Based on numbers published at PTA website for 2007, the total number of subscribers (technically it is the number of SIMs issued) was 76.6 million, a teledensity of nearly 49%.

After second half of 2007 it seemed as if the growth had slowed down but overall it was fine. One remarkable achievement was by Zong (formerly Paketl) which launched very successful campaigns towards 2007 end completed rebrand launch in April of 2008. See this chart for a breakdown of market share by mobile companies at the end of Q1 of 2007.

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