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Recently we received a press release that piqued our interest advertising iPhone spy software that could be installed remotely by just a phone call so we decided to review it to see whether its claims were true or whether or not it was just a known spy phone scam doing the rounds under a different name. After thoroughly testing the software we found out that we were given just a bunch of old files that were not compatible with the latest smartphones.  When we did manage to get the software to run it failed to perform any of the features advertised on the website and so, in conclusion, along with the remaining information given below we conclude that this is a genuine scam. We also believe that this is nothing more than a revised and updated version of the E-Stealth scam that has been going strong since 2006.  We also cover that in more detail as well as explaining why this is nothing more than E-Stealth in all but name. Looking at the website and seeing if there are any discrepancies in terms of accuracy of information or if this is one of several sites as part of a scam ring. Looking in to whether or not the scam software actually works and, if it does, if it delivers on any of the features or claims outlined in the first section of this report.
Collating all our evidence and cross-referencing it with any other scam software information we have to find the true provider of this scam. Explaining how you can use real software such as FlexiSPY if you wish to monitor a device instead of falling for scams such as this – and saving money on your FlexiSPY purchase in the process. Don’t need the Target phone – They claim that you do not need the Target phone for installation.  This is true but the software you install on your own phone after purchasing this does not allow you to control any another phone. Just need the Target phone number – After purchase and installing it on to a phone all you have access to is a Bluetooth scanner.  At no point is any phone number of any kind asked for or required for the program to function.
Extract SMS text messages – Using the software you receive after purchase you can use Bluetooth on your phone to send your contact details to any other Bluetooth device the software finds but nothing more and certainly no phone spying. View photos stored on any phone – As above.  Absolutely no spying features or options exist in the software received after purchase. Read call logs safely and secure – So far the software has failed to live up to all other claims and this is no different.  The software received after purchase does not have, offer or meet any of the claims that are outlined on the website and features none of the features listed. The video on the website bears no resemblance to what is being purchased and is a sensationalist piece of phone spying made by Fox News and it was made in 2010.
The second website highlighted points to the very same PDF that we are given as a free bonus. Any popular scam will be available under different names and guises and this is no different.  We decided to take a look in to the background of the company providing this software and it gave us some very interesting results.
The domain is held on behalf of Tucows who are a reputable download site for free software and shareware. If we search for ‘Homestead Technologies cellspymonitoringsoftware’ we get some very interesting results.
All four of the sites highlighted in the screenshot above are provided by Homestead Technologies and are a complete copy of our scam site indicating that this is something that they are used to doing. In the above table we have highlighted Cell Spy Stealth because our whole review of this scam came from a press release (which we have included further on) advertising Cell Spy Stealth as a brand new product (hence the ‘2014 version’ you see on the website for spying on an iPhone. We were intrigued that this iPhone spy software offered many of the features you can get from reputable spy phone software such as FlexiSPY as well as the fact that they claim they can install the software remotely using just a phone call but the software itself doesn’t actually work as described. This immediately leads us to believe that the software is scam otherwise why make software but tell people no clear way for how it is installed or used? Immediately the file names suggest the use of Bluetooth in some way such as ‘Bluesniff’, ‘BTExplorer’ and ‘btscanner’ which is a popular scam.  This further suggests that the software is nothing but a Bluetooth scanner which is a popular scam method for mobile phone spy software and does not work.

For Android there is a website that is listed in the manual to convert Java (JAR, JAD) to APK but the manual does not tell you how to then install the APK file or give any screenshots so installation cannot take place in any form.  At least they know that Android cannot run JAR files but the fact that there are many bogus sites saying that they can convert Java to APK simply reaffirms that this software is a scam for directing you to those sites to start with.
Symbian proved to be a little more successful and yielded some interesting results which allowed us to confirm that this was a complete scam. A list of the scam software files for Symbian confirming that this was nothing more than a Bluetooth scam.
Bluetooth explorer shows the Bluetooth settings for our Symbian phone but no spying features in any way. Bluetooth Explorer showed us details of another phone we could connect to using Bluetooth but no spying options were present. As you can see all you have purchased is a Bluetooth scanner that finds the devices near to your own device which has Bluetooth enabled and you can then query them to get more information.  There is no option to interact with the device or spy on it in any way further proving it to be a scam and a waste of money. Furthermore the Bloover programs are just an outdated version of BTExplorer with Bloover2 itself refusing to function in any way whatsoever.  So what we have here is a typical spy phone software scam that uses Bluetooth to do absolutely nothing to any other phone except to allow its creators to advertise the usual rubbish that the software can be installed on any phone and monitor all phones and you do not need the Target phone physically for installation. Result: Installation Succeeded but software is nothing more than a low level Bluetooth scanner and has no phone spying capabilities or functions in any way. Palm – Palm devices and as a company no longer exist.  Again, outdated information and general lack of any real information for installation in general makes it easy to tell this software is fake. Below you can see the support terms and response times as well as how long it takes for them to send a response.  We decided to contact them to ask them how to install the software on to an iPhone to see just how deep this scam really was. We were not expecting much but we actually thought that we would get some support on how to install this software even though we knew, deep down, that it did not work.
So we contacted support via the email address in the manual and received an automated response back saying that ‘most of the issues with the software could be solved by the FAQ section of the manual’.  Sure, the manual has an FAQ section that solves one ‘possible’ installation problem for each platform but it does not mention what to do on an iPhone or Android to actually install the software. It takes support 48 hours to respond to any technical queries and their websites states that if the problem cannot be solved within 48 hours then they will promptly issue a refund.  The FAQ page on their main website reveals some interesting information. The small print of the legal terms of the scam software that outlines their real refund policy. They do not ship downloadable products yet the software, as shown, is a download?  All sales are apparently final as well; if that is the case then why mention the 30 day refund policy?
After receiving a generic 48 hour email from them we are still waiting for them to address our query however this is their initial response. In a nutshell we never got any support with any of our issues and this, for us, was the biggest confirmation that the software is a complete scam and failed to offer any of the claims that were laid out on the website. Back in 2006 Spy Phone Review covered this software but it was known back then as E-Stealth.  How do we know that E-Stealth and this software are the same?  You simply need to compare the websites and bogus claims.
We will look at the article in more depth now as it still pertinent today.  Only the names have changed.
SpyPhoneReview covered this scam extensively back in 2006 and below is what they said but sadly it is still going strong. However there are a few tell-tale signs to look for so that you can protect yourself from this scam. They will use screenshots of Mobile Spy that they have altered to show how their product looks when installed.

Furthermore ‘Bloover’, software they have been including in this scam since 2006, sounds like ‘blue-ver’ which is another nod to Bluetooth and yet another reason why you should avoid this at all costs. Already we see familiar scam tactics, designs and claims when we compare both sites side by side. On the left side is the scam site we are reviewing with E-Stealth on the right.  Notice the similarities? That E-stealth provides software for both new and old phones in exactly the same manner as the site we are reviewing.  They do this so they can say the software works on all phones – a common scam method for spyphone software.
The entire legal text for both sites is identical except only the name of the company has changed. The closest we could find is the SIU Technology & Innovation Expo here and this is not located in New York further affirming that scam software can win scam awards at scam shows.
However the same techniques are used for advertising both products such as these bogus claims which, along with the video we looked at during the start of this review, make up 95% of scam spyphone software sites on the internet today.
E-Stealth in fact also go one step further for ‘authenticity’ by using software of a real competitor in a screenshot and simply changing the software title to ‘E-Stealth’. When something claims too good to be true that is because it usually is and sadly using Bluetooth is a popular scam method of making spyphone software easier to install and more compatible than it really is. Be sure to only purchase spyphone software from reputable vendors such as FlexiSPY and read Spy Phone Review to stay ahead of the spyphone competition and discover who really makes the best and, most importantly, legitimate spyphone software. The sad thing is that this company has actually released a press release advertising this software and its features and benefits and this is what piqued our interest in exposing this scam to start with because we knew we had seen this kind of thing before but we wanted to make sure.
SpyPhoneReview wants to help and wants to hear from anyone who has been burnt by this scam. If you have purchased any software from any of the links above or fallen for any website that advertises itself as  ‘Best Cell Phone Spy’ or ‘Ultimate Mobile Phone Spy’ then get in touch with us today.
We want to buy back your license from these scam vendors and you can then purchase a FlexiSPY license at a discounted rate.
Description: Cell phone reviews, comparison of prices and features, general information articles and videos and more. It features real working FlexiSPY spy phone software at the following timestamps in the video. The first one is the thank you page you receive after paying yet we have found it by performing a simple search. We started off by performing a WHOIS request on the website we purchased the software from which is shown below. Our scam site is the 2014 version but there are 2013 and 2012 versions also as seen in the search result screenshot we posted earlier. In truth it is just an older site spruced up and updated with a paid for press release issued to spin the scam to a new target audience, in this case iPhone users.

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