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Once its Microsoft licensing contract runs out at the end of 2015, a Nokia division left over from the buyout will make new Nokia phones.
After most of Nokia was bought by Microsoft, nobody expected to see a new Nokia phone that wasn't part of the Windows Phone ecosystem. Nokia Technologies has only released two products on its own—the Android program Z Launcher and the N1 Android tablet, which is being sold in China under the Nokia name. Which is a clear sign that Nokia Technologies has learned from old Nokia’s dramatic fall.
Tariffic has released the latest version of its Perfect Package Tracker, showing what it has calculated to be the best mobile deals in South Africa. Cellular bill optimisation company Tariffic has launched the latest version of its Perfect Package Tracker, revealing the cheapest cellular contracts in South Africa.

Tariffic CEO Anthony Seeff said that after months of major changes in South Africa’s mobile space, local network operators have been quiet this quarter.
For that reason, they decided to focus on mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and compared their deals to the best contracts the operators have on offer.
Seeff said MVNOs are shaking up the cellular industry, competing in a big way with the operators. The graphic below summarises the results of Tariffic’s Perfect Package Tracker for Q3 2015. The 2016 Cloud and Hosting Conference attracted a record number of delegates, and provided a platform for IT executives and managers to interact with cloud and hosting providers.
Internet ride-sharing app Uber will decide on June 6 if it will keep its winter price cuts or hike fares again.

Vodacom has been asked to withhold a full payment to the employee credited with inventing the operator’s Please Call Me service. Instead of rebuilding the phone manufacturing infrastructure that Microsoft bought, its MO is to develop new tech, patent it, and license it out to other companies. Once a mobile titan, Nokia missed the smartphone train and, despite optimism in the late-aughts that it could get with the times, by 2012, doubt had crept into Nokia’s survivability in the mobile market. We know the rest: Microsoft had been partnering with Nokia since 2011 and bought most of the company in April 2014.

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