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With this Samsung Convoy SCH-U640 cellular phone, make a style statement with its vibrant display and clamshell design. Buy affordable and authentic Samsung Convoy U640 for Verizon Wireless, Rugged Flip Cell Phone (Gray) – No Contract at Tommycom! Aidan is starting to get busier with school activities, he played baseball last year, he's taking on leadership roles at school and has been playing on our worship team at church and will be playing on the youth worship team during youth group.
While I know that Aidan isn't the last kid his age without a cell phone, I do realize most kids his age do have access to their own phone. Texting is becoming the primary means of communication with kids now, and while we don't want technology to rule our life, we realize that we need to embrace what it has become in our culture. My husband and I try to parent very consciously, so making a cell phone contract where we laid out all of the rules and expectations seemed like the most logical first step. So, my husband and I sat down together, spent several hours brainstorming, writing and rewriting, then reviewing the details with our son, then did some more rewriting, and came up with the following cell phone contract. Since I was searching for something like this on the internet, I know many other parents might be too, so I wanted to share it with you.
My cell phone must be turned off by my bedtime and placed in an agreed upon location downstairs. During family meals, my cell phone will be turned off or silenced and in my pocket or placed away from the table.
I will practice proper etiquette when using my cell phone in public places, and be conscious of how my usage affects those around me.
I understand that having a cell phone is a means of communication, and is not a replacement for actual face to face interaction with my friends and family members.

I understand that I am responsible for knowing where my cell phone is and for keeping it in good working condition. I will not use my cell phone to take pictures or video of nudity, violence or other unlawful activity. I understand that my parents can go through the contents of my phone at any time, with or without my knowledge. I understand that my cell phone may be taken away for failing to complete school assignments or homework and for failing to maintain a sufficient grade point average, as defined by my parents. I understand that my cell phone may be taken away for disrespectful or disobedient behavior, including (but not limited to) back talking, inappropriate sibling interactions (i.e. I understand that failure to follow and respect any of these rules can result in the loss of my cell phone for any length of time determined by my parents. Please feel free to use the above, but it's bad ju ju if you don't give credit where credit is due. Amazing i think very logically as well and couldn't find anything as well, i was so bummed.
While I agree with everything on this list, I do have a problem with PART of #8, I would mention that it is ok to take a picture of unlaw activity, is happens to be wallking down a street and see the getaway car moving that just robbed the bank.
I will make sure my phone is turned off or silenced when I am in church, restaurants, or other quiet settings, and I will not place or take texts or calls during those times.
I understand that I do not have unlimited calling and that each call is charged by the minute. The only thing I would add is that if he goes above and beyond any of the cell phone minutes or text messages that are allowed in the plan, he will have to pay back the excess monthly charges in a manner decided upon by his parents.

So glad there are other parents out there who are laying down the law when it comes to cell phones.
It's sad when you see an 8 year old texting their friends(because that is out there believe it or not) so I commend you for not giving in sooner. My parents respect that I am becoming a young adult and want the privilege of having the use of a cell phone. I think it would be easy to add that app to the phone and direct the backup to a parent's email address, or even to a gmail address set up specifically for that purpose. My daughter is only 10 & almost everyone she knows has a cell phone & with very little restrictions! I hope other parents do this for their children too, however maybe they could even agree to no texting and driving.. This Samsung mobile phone’s internal storage memory is upgradeable using microSD cards. Not only is it a great contract, but also encouraging for those of us feeling like we're swimming upstream trying to be good parents!

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