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This mutual agreement sets the rules for acceptable behavior during cell phone conversations. Please provide your email address if you would like to learn more about a cell phone contract for teens. Handing over a mini-computer that is worth hundreds of dollars can send most parents into a mini panic attack. As parents, we know that talking out safety issues can go a long way toward helping kids make the right choice when faced with divergent situations. We’ve seen a few great family cell phone contracts and pulled our favorite points to help you as you customize one for your family. I promise not to send mean or bullying texts to others or post bullying or hate language on social. I promise to keep an eye on my data usage and stay within the monthly limits; I won’t abuse the family plan by downloading too much content and will always use WiFi when it is available. I will keep my phone charged at all times and am responsible for knowing where my phone is at all times. I understand that having a cell phone is a privilege, and that if I fail to adhere to this contract, my cell phone privilege may be revoked.
Whether you use this list or make your own, creating a family cell phone safety contract will help everyone know what the expectations are when your children finally get their first smartphones.

Download all 10 of our pre-written teen behavior contracts along with our simple and effective teen discipline program. This teen driving contract is a must-have if you are the parent of a teen that is beginning to drive.
The new social media craze has made it difficult for parents of teens to know just what their child is doing on these sites and exactly who they are talking to. Our Online Behavior Contract covers such topics as: content of messages, passwords, privacy, bullying, and more. Unfortunately, there are always going to be teens that dabble and experiment with substances that they should not be dabbling or experimenting with. Our substance use contract addresses such topics as: what is allowed and what is not with regards to specific substances, parties, paraphernalia, and more.
Character Traits, School and Academics, Attitude and Appearance, Dating and Socializing, Household Rules and Expectations, and General Behavior.
To purchase ALL of 10 of these teen behavior contracts PLUS the teen discipline program PLUS our set of unique parenting tools for parents of teens click here or on the button below! In the past, this activity was limited to the home where parents could monitor the frequency and length of calls. Privileges and consequences are clearly written so teenagers know what their parents expect.

They walk around the mall with their cell phone tucked in their back pocket, or sit around a table snapping a photo of their food, then sending it off to their friends to like and share. Maybe they’ve started walking home from school alone and you want to be able to reach them quickly. A great first step is to have a conversation about boundaries and even create a written agreement – a contract with your child.
Drafting and talking over a cell phone behavior contract can help provide some guidance for your kids as the whole family navigates smartphone ownership. Today, a large number of teenagers have cell phones, which offers more mobility than talking to friends in their bedroom. Or maybe you surprised them at birthday or Christmas and bought them the latest version of the iPhone. With a cell phone contract for teens, parents can continue to monitor behavior and give teens some privacy at the same time. It’s likely your child will have a smartphone as a middle schooler offering them a staggering amount of freedom and access.

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