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In a recent nation wide test, PC Mag drove over 20,000 miles, testing cellular networks in an effort to find out which carrier provides the fastest network.
OpenSignal is a service that collects information from users about data network strength and coverage. The map can also be zoomed in sufficiently to look at individual neighborhoods, which is useful for seeing data network availability specific to your area. The app also includes several other features, like a cell tower locator as well as a compass that points to the nearest tower. The information can be separated by carrier, as in the OpenSignal app, but it also includes data on both voice networks and data, which gives it something of an edge over the data-only OpenSignal. It took an extensive effort to find the answer, but you don't have to drive around the whole country to find the best cell phone coverage in your area.

Its app features a heat map with coverage information from the major networks available in each area.
There's a WiFi detector, which shows private networks in blue and networks which are not password protected in orange; handy if you're looking for a coffee shop with free WiFi.
Rather than using a more generalized heat map, RootMetrics uses hexagonal cells, about the size of a city block, filled in with a color indicating the quality of the network; green for good, yellow for okay, red for bad, and gray for good luck. This can be useful, since calls can sometimes be placed in areas where data networks may barely exist. In large cities and urban areas, the difference is minimal, but for people living in less populated areas, OpenSignal is the better choice. Whether you're considering switching carriers, or just want to know where your current carrier's dead zones are, free apps like OpenSignal and RootMetrics may have all the information you need -- though you may want to check PC Mag's findings to see which carriers have the fastest and most reliable data networks.

There's also a built-in speed test for your connection and a stats page that tracks how much data you've used on cellular and WiFi networks in the last month, last week, and today.
The RootMetrics app generally has more information on voice than data, and includes a speed-test for your area, but nothing to track WiFi or cell towers.
They found that AT&T's LTE was the speediest data network, but Verizon's version was the most reliable.

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