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I live in Niles MI and it's basicly a suburb of South Bend IN and while I'm in South Bend, Elkhart, Mishawaka, basicly about anyplace in northwestern IN I have EV coverage but at home in Niles I only have 1x.
One other thing that baffles me is why is there no native CDMA shown in Montana on the Boost Mobile maps?
Well Alltel did own and manage the 850Mhz portion of the Montana network (which might be gone now?). But anyway now that Alltel is gone I am not sure what is going to become of that old Alltel agreement anyway or if it even still exists. Aside from the distance (rural) advantage of cellular over PCS frequencies, isn't the other advantage penetration through structures?
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I am a former Nextel customer and got tired of the suck *** data (do still kinda miss my 2 way though) and when I left Nextel I had 5 bars in my basement on my i580 and no coverage isssues and once I switched to cdma I had 1 or two bars and couldnt use it in the basement, could this be because of what you guys were talking about the ipcs being a separate entity from Sprint?

I figured if I had iden service I should have cdma service because Sprint owns both, I know there is a tower close because I had such strong signal with iden and I know someone with Verizon that came over and their signal strength was topped out too with EV. Only registered members may post questions, contact other members or search our database of over 8 million posts.
This was in April of last year so the tree's hadnt quite grew all their leaves yet and once they did I had to sit by a window just to get simple voice coverage, I called and complain and they sent me an airave and now it works fine. Overall I'm real happy with Sprint and they have worked with me and been very fair but just out of curiouity I echated with a tech the other day to see if we were ever going to get EV speeds in Niles and they said no plans in the future for us I find it funny that my area is basicly blanketed with EV with the exception of where I live, just my luck!!LOL Still not switching because nobody can touch the Sprint rates and the coverage is decent.
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