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Diallog’s Long Distance Service allows you to make Long Distance calls from your cell phone at dramatically reduced rates. Diallog’s Long Distance Service will significantly reduce costs associated with Long Distance calls.  Users will be able to make Long Distance calls during the day to literally any global destination without paying the exorbitant rates that cellular carriers charge. The cost for cell phones have come down quite a bit in recent years due to the increase in technology and reduction in materials and technology deployment. Typical rates for cell phone plan are anywhere from $59 to $180 per phone depending on the type of plan and the features that are included in the plan. Due to their remote locations, farms and ranches are easy targets for criminal activity, which is why gates are often installed on driveways. The benefit of these two-way radio wireless intercoms is that mobile handheld radios can be carried while roaming your property and you can still talk to visitors and open the gate for them. If your ranch has cell phone coverage, then placing a Cellular Network Wireless Intercom at your gate may be a solution.
You can program up to three telephone numbers in the cellular intercom, whether they are landline telephones or cell phones. Either of these ranch driveway long-range wireless intercoms can quickly and easily solve your gate communication problems without the huge expense of running wires. Ok, so just like you have WiFi repeaters which are stand alone devices for a network and and signal boosters which can attach to a network card you get the same kind of thing for cell phones. The best I’ve seen is probably the zBoost YX545 which does exactly that, and does it well.
Just as you might get bad signal and dropped calls in your home or office without the booster above some people have issues keeping their signal while driving. The first thing to look for is to make sure the extender is going to be compatible with your carrier. Sometimes having a poor signal is not because you live in somewhere surrounded or far from a cell tower. If you phone up and complain about a constant poor connection from your home or office you might well be sent a free one. Money Exchange World offers a wide variety of calling services such as Calling Cards, Pinless Calling Cards, and International Top-Ups. We also sell phone vouches for all major cell phone companies such as – CHAT-R, WIND, ROGERS, FIDO, VIRGIN MOBILE, BELL, TELUS, SOLO MOBILE.

The problem is that gates also keep out your guests, delivery people, and others you want in.
They are essentially two-way radios in a vandal and weatherproof housing with the added capability of remotely activating a gate opener. As long as your gate is within range of a cell phone tower, then this intercom’s range is infinite. David has over 15 years in the telecommunications industry in various marketing and development roles and is very technically adept and marketing savvy. But I know some of you are looking for a cell phone range extender so I thought I’d take a quick look at them to help out you phone users. If you’re looking for a range extender for your wireless internet then take a look at our WiFi Boosters instead. There are range extenders which are stand alone and boost the signal strength in the area around them and there are individual cradles for cars which boost signal strength at the same time. You can set them up to cover your home or office and it should boost the signal for everyone in the area. As far as your phone is concerned it is connected to the carrier as normal and you get a good strong signal around the area.
Designed for homes and small offices the omni-directional antenna boasts a range of up to 3000 square feet for your new signal (the more obstructions you have the less the range but that’s a strong signal). This largely depends on where you frequently drive and really is it worth using something like this. If you’re like me and most of the time your phone is lost under the car seat then this might not really do you any good. Ideally you want antennas you can replace for a better signal and for the best results you want something like an external antenna you can move around or place outside to get the best signal. Get the antenna to somewhere where you’re likely to get a decent signal and connect your phone to the new signal. This is where the new signal will originate from and you want the best signal strength possible in the building. Sometimes the cell carrier screws up and they give out free cell phone range extenders so you can at least use the phones you pay for. You might be asked to sign a renewed contract or something over it but it’s always worth a try.

One solution is to install a long-range wireless intercom and gate opener that has the ability to remotely open the gate when a signal is received. These Multi-Mile Wireless Intercoms use two-way radio frequencies in either licensed radio bands, or in the unlicensed MURS (Multi-Use Radio System) radio bands. If the first number doesn’t answer, the intercom dials the second number, and then the third number. So far I haven’t found anything which I would consider an effective individual cell phone range extender like a cover or antenna you can connect to most phones so my suggestion would be between the stand alone or the cradle.
They can be as simple to use as placing one at the window or as complicated as wiring up an antenna on the roof. The external antenna can be placed next to a window, outside or even up on a roof to get a strong signal to the carrier. The main one I’ve suggested above supports most of the major carriers but be sure to check.
Your phone will see a full bar signal when it connects to the range extender but make some calls or get your data running to test if your signal actually keeps up.
But ranch driveways are often so long that running wires costs too much and most wireless intercoms don’t have the range needed.
So your visitors should always be able to reach someone and you won’t miss important deliveries or visitors no matter where you are.
Don’t rely on the phone indicator because it will always get a good signal to the extender but you need to test the extenders connection to the carrier. The higher the better to remove as many obstructions as possible and avoid it being tripped over. This might require a lot of trial and error or you might get lucky and get a great signal to start with.

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