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Many area districts are moving toward loosening up policies regarding cell phone use in schools, allowing students to use them during free time (lunch) and giving teachers the option to design their curriculum around the use of mobile devices. Yodio (a mashup of the terms Your and Audio) Create a free account and link it to your cell phone number. Wondering what those funny looking black and white squares are that seem to be popping up everywhere? In moments you will receive a text back with a list of definitions matching the word disdain. Evernote With Evernote, all of your notes, web clips, files and images are made available on every device and computer you use. Class Dojo Class Dojo gives teachers a quick and easy way to focus on developing positive behavior over time. Improve specific student behaviors and engagement by awarding and recording real-time feedback.
Save time by recording behaviors and accomplishments right in class, with just one click: NO extra data entry required. Google Voice gives you a single phone number that rings all of your phones, saves your voicemail online, and transcribes your voicemail to text. Other Google SMS tricks like posting via SMS to your blog and getting text reminders of calendar events, are available here.
I use Twitter (on my smart phone and on my laptop) as part of my PLN (Personal Learning Network) to stay abreast of what’s happening with those I follow. When you set up your Twitter account you have options as to who to follow and who can follow you (I know, at first it seems a little creepy…someone following you…) but you have complete control at all times.
ALSO: Many area school districts are now using Twitter to update users about the latest district happenings! Check out further resources about Twitter, including how to get started and a Twitter vocabularly link on my wiki. Poll Everywhere is free for audiences of 32 people (for the K-12 plan) or less and they offer paid plans for larger audiences.
Cel.ly is a new mass text messaging service that says they are interested in schools using their free service! To avoid anonymous posts, users can register on the Wiffiti site, connect their cell phones and create their own names, which can then be shared with teachers. Another article of interest is "Educators Look at Using Cell Phones as Teaching Tools" The article features how cell phones are being used in Joe Wood's science class at Somerset Middle School in Modesto, CA. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Most of mobile carriers offer free Email To SMS gateways which can be used to forward simple text emails to a mobile phones. You just need to know the number and the carrier of the recipient to start emailing them to mobile phone.
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In my opinion, districts may be wisest to consider revamping their AUP's (Acceptable Use Policies) to include mobile devices, along with Web2.0 tools.
Most cell phones come with the ability for you to set an alarm at a certain time of day or on a certain date. With more focus on multimedia reports and presentations the camera allows you to capture images on your phone wherever you find them. Depending on the cell phone, you may be able to use a memory card, Bluetooth technology, or a USB cable that connects your cell phone with your computer.
They're QR Codes, which contain links to anything, including audio, videos, pictures and websites.
Think of the possibilities if all of your students had a comprehensive dictionary available at their fingertips.
Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all your computers, iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices, Blackberry and even the Dropbox website!
Set up one-on-one or multi-player hunts with your friends and compete to see who can complete the most items and rack up the most points.
Errors in punctuation, usage, and transitions become evident as the student stumbles through them.
Twitter could be a useful tool for you to remind them about an assignment due or a test coming up or ANYTHING else! Consider Twitter–email is SO yesterday! New Wiffiti messages are instantly displayed center screen and are easily viewable from a distance. Note: you cannot delete individual posts from your Wiffiti screen, but you can delete a screen. She is also an adjunct Professor at Madonna University and a former high school teacher and technology coordinator. The slight variations in spelling and grammar enhance its individual character and beauty and in no way are to be considered flaws or defects. Clean, reflective surfaces, black retro telephone isolated on white background, download layered PSD file. If you know your friends’ phone numbers and the carrier they are on then you can easily send emails to their cell phones directly from your email program.
And the good news, majority of those gateways are free and available to the general public. If you’re aware of any other ones please share them in comments and I’ll add them to the list. The movement towards embracing the use of cell phones by students also must include taking time to educate students on proper use of phones at school, something that can be done within the classroom as teachers better understand the power of these devices and model effective use.
You can set alarms to remind you when assignments or projects are due or when a test is coming up.
Use the recorder to help you remember homework assignments, memorize terms, practice foreign language pronunciation, and dozens of other tasks. In some cases, you may be able to email the images to yourself and then add them to your projects via your computer.

Enter the words then, in the "notes" section of the contact, enter the definition of the word.
You just download a few pages at a time and there are hundreds of public domain novels as well as short stories available on the site.
Older messages then fade back and move as an animated cloud, providing enough ambient activity to continually stimulate audience attention and encourage engagement. They are amazing tools, not toys, and so many kids are already carrying them around on a daily basis. If your phone doesn't have the voice recording feature, you can accomplish many of the same tasks by sending yourself a voice message. Create a "group" for each separate list (most phones have this feature) and make it easy to keep them organized.
A teacher can't ask 25 kids to read out loud at once in class, and there's no guarantee they'll do it at home if assigned as homework.
You will need to set up an account online first, and then connect it to an existing social network (like Facebook, Google Talk) to use IM-ing, or to your cell phone number to use text messaging. In addition, you can select if only the pulse owner can send messages or if everyone in the group can send messages.
Interactivity is multi-modal - it can happen at the location via mobile phones, or online via easily embeddable website widgets.
Each channel is set up with a keyword so that students, teachers, community members, and parents can join your mass text message with a keyword from their cell phone! Incoming content streams and web and mobile messages update across all instances of the addressed Wiffiti screen automatically. Students can quiz themselves on the meaning and then tap the word to open up the definition info they stored in the notes.
The service provides the user (presumably the teacher) with a free phone number that comes with voice mail that is automatically transcribed and emailed. Sign up for a free account and you can use it for the services listed above with your students. First, the phone number does not have to be connected to a working phone (so students have no direct way to call the teacher). You can have voice mails go to your email account, your cell phone, home phone, your neighbor's phone, or any phone you choose.
Using Google Voice with the one of the services mentioned above allows you to communicate with your students without ever giving out your personal phone number.

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