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Researchers from Cornell University have found that hearing to even half of someone’s conversations can distract people and lose their cognitive ability.
It has a great output of power at 2.5 watts and can disable all types of cellular signals including the 3G and GPS signals within radius for up to 20 meters. If you are trying to block 3G signals in an effective way, pls do not choose this one, this one is not powerful enough to block 3G signals.

The man was caught by NBC Investigators as he was disrupting the phone calls of fellow passengers, who were irritating or becoming rude while talking on phone. These services or instruments can be used in buses, stations and restaurants, where the talking of one person on mobile phone for long time can distract and disturb other people.
In this issue, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has requested for public comments whether officials have to take steps to stop the mobile networks in certain situations. Halfalogue speech patterns are hard to understand like that of monologue or two-way conversation leading to distraction. Small cameras in class rooms that would not only help identify and prove cheating from students and make texting and cheating more difficult. They want to blame everyone and never take a look at their own system and their own behaviors to see where they could change and improve.

With or without a phone in their hand.I find it telling and amusing that you refer to it as tech-related sloppiness in learning environments. And simply making a personal attack on the commenter to try to refute their statement shows your own lack of information in this area.
This is a large area to have no 911 available in the event of a car accident or medical emergency.

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