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So how long do you plan to stay with Verizon Wireless after you buy a Verizon phone with no contract?
Update: Motorola Droid costs $550 without contract while you only have to pay $150 for the phone with a new service plan. Okay, so I was thinking about getting a verizon no contract phone and using phone cards to buy minutes and such, but my one question is with a no contract phone do I still get free communication to other verizon users? There are really no big benefits except you can switch to another carrier at anytime without paying Early Termination Fee. That $400 saving alone is more than enough to cover the Early Termination Fee if you decide to switch carriers.
I’ve been asking around and for some reason no one has an answer for me, including the verizon wireless support group… If you have the answer PLEASE tell me!! TracFone Wireless currently sells TracFone and NET10 prepaid wireless phones and airtime at Walmart stores and online. Quite frankly they should be, as T-mobile’s prepaid plans are widely regarded as the best currently available.

They’ve put significantly more emphasis on voice, with the inclusion of unlimited talk for all their plans. AT&T has better coverage in the boonies of West Michigan and after all, throttled data is better than no data whatsoever.
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Straight Talk will bring to the market a new low price for no-contract wireless service with two prepaid plans now available to customers nationwide at $30 and $45 a month.
That not only explains their decision to create Aio, a new prepaid carrier, it also explains why the first item on their webpage is a rather obvious request for T-Mobile customers to leave. Unfortunately though, a quick glance downward reveals that the plan is solely for feature phones. Even you are just planning to stay for a few months with Verizon Wireless and the savings you get from buying a brand new phone with contract is much greater than buying no contract Verizon phones. Need to replace 2 phones in a family plan, you need to shed another $300 for a popular phone like the LG Chocolate TOUCH.

Even a basic flip phone like the new LG VX5500 without Verizon contract will require you to drop $200. Aio also offers a cheap tablet plan, $15 a month for 250 MB of high speed data, followed by unlimited throttled data. If you live in an area with good T-mobile coverage, their $30 a month, 5GB high speed data plan simply cannot be topped. Ouch, paying your hard earn money for Verizon phones without Contract is just not worth it. Similarly, those who use tons of data will find T-Mobile’s truly unlimited $70 option far better than the 7GB cap offered by Aio at the same price point. If you are a fairly light web user who likes to talk a lot Aio’s 2GB plan will save you $5 a month over the comparable T-Mobile plan.

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