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Before entering the security checkpoint, put everything from your pockets into your backpack, and keep your passport and airline ticket in your hand. Keep your passport, extra cash, and credit card(s) in a money belt or neck pouch worn under your clothing. Wear your Habitat for Humanity Global Village T-shirt for the flight into the country to help us find each other and so that our hosts can identify us upon arrival. By the way, if you have not already done so, we encourage you to please review our What To Expect page for a more complete picture of the entire experience. Keep your luggage as light and compact as possible - you will be responsible for carrying it! One sturdy backpack that you can carry-on the flight and use as a daypack to go to the work site or on excursions.
Every piece of luggage should have two identification tags -- one secured to the outside, and another someplace on the inside. The dress standards in many developing countries, especially outside of larger cities, tend to be rather conservative.
A small, sealable bag clearly marked with your name in which to store your credentials and cash for safekeeping. Often we all place such items in a common safety deposit box, so a gallon-size zip lock bag is useful to keep your things together.
We generally expect to wash clothing every few days, usually at a nearby laundry service or sometimes at the place we are staying. It will be augmented for each individual journey with any additional specific requirements that we discover during our research and preparation.

Don't let your things enter the machine until you can walk directly through the scanner to receive them as they emerge.
You will want it to be large enough to have some empty space at the beginning, because you will likely want to bring back some souvenirs.
It is very important that the backpack is large enough to contain your camera, sunscreen, medicines and everything else that you will want to carry on a daily basis, and that it can be zipped closed so that nothing gets lost. To feel most comfortable and avoid attracting unwanted attention, it is prudent to choose knee-length or longer skirts, and either pants or capris rather than shorts. Although they sometimes offer same-day service, we plan for a two-day turnaround because they often lack adequate dryers. Loose fitting cotton clothing that can be considered "disposable" at the end of the trip is advised. For convenience, we always mark our suitcases to make them easy to identify in the sea of similar luggage at the airport.
Check back just before departure for a complete version with all address information and phone numbers included.
Remember that on a construction site you will be bending, lifting, reaching and twisting, so please choose clothing that keeps you covered while doing such gymnastics.
Long sleeve shirts and long pants will likely be recommended in mornings and evenings to protect from mosquitoes.

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