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Using the screen after dark, take a picture with headphones or use keypad … Do you know all the custom on your iPhone yet?
This displays a different keyboard, which allows you to type with your thumbs the same way you type on your iPhone. If you’re say, calculating a bunch of expenses for your taxes, you don’t have to start over if you accidentally type in extra numbers.
Guided Access, once turned on, keeps users from errantly clicking or tapping within an app and ending up someplace they’re not supposed to be, or deleting something accidentally. This is especially handy when something incredibly photo-worthy is happening and you need to access your camera ASAP.

It may not seem like much, but when you’re composing a lengthy message, this little hack will really improve the speed of your typing once it becomes second nature.
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It’s also great when handing your phone to others for picture-taking — they won’t need to enter in your password.
On the iPad: did you know that a) you can add more apps to the home row and b) you can add folders to it? You can fit a couple extra apps in there (the default is 4 but it fits 6) or swap apps in and out.

When ending a sentence, instead of typing a period and then a space, just tap the space bar twice.
With the remote of your earbuds, you can go to the next track or the previous track while listening to music or podcasts. Use this little trick when you want to go back and forth between the alpha and numeric keyboard.

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