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The devices we have here for comparison are vastly different from each other, probably the only thing common between them is the touchscreen is big and high resolution and all are wannabe laptops. So, in the end it all boils down to a clash between Windows desktop vs iOS and I am giving this one to Windows.
All MTN iPhone deals are valid through out December 2013, click here for more MTN specials. IntroductionGenerally speaking, the product cycle of a particular device is normally one year, giving it enough time to permeate the market, and by that time, we're then greeted with a successor of some kind.
Whether we look at the newest offering from Apple, Microsoft or Google, what we see is a big tablet, by big I mean bigger than the 10-inch standard ‘large’ tablet size, with a keyboard accessory that can be bought separately. Android is not yet ready to provide the level of functionality a user desires from a laptop.
Even though it is Apple’s first attempt in the convertible market, they learned from the mistakes of their enemies and have built a great device.
The keyboard is fantastic, the pen is much better, the OS is a pleasure to use on a touch screen, everything is smooth and slick. If any device replaces my laptop it should be able to do everything I did on my laptop exactly the same. With that out of the way let us compare the ‘surfaces’ from the biggest tech companies and find out which one is the best buy.
The keyboard technology that Google has built for it is commendable, but most users would like to use a 10? tablet as a tablet rather than a laptop. On the other hand, Surface Pro 4 has seen iterative development over the years and is now at the peak of its growth. This is the most important thing when looking for a replacement, you want the other thing to work the same that your original device did.
Whether ita€™s related to poor sales, or simply be a reaction to impending competition, Microsoft is in that exact position of launching a successive product in less than a year after its predecessor.In less than 9 short months, the Microsoft's Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet is already being brushed aside by its successor in the Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

The magic trick is getting a bit old now but only now have the devices reached the kind of polish that can make consumers ditch their real laptop notebooks and buy a hybrid one. Windows phone is no match for iOS but to compete with full Windows 10, Apple knew it had to pull many bunnies out of its hat. We're getting the hint that the Redmond based company wants to have something special in time for the upcoming busy holiday season.
Also, the hardware is nearly not as powerful as one would like to have on a laptop to get some decent productivity. This will set you back for $1150 because of course you will have to buy the keyboard separately.
On the other hand if I get a whole bunch of touch screen goodness and then have to compromise on my laptop productivity; Sorry I am not interested. It is cheaper than the rest but considering that it is more of a tablet and less of a laptop, shelling out $750 for a tablet is not advisable.
The newest iOS has adapted (read copied windows features) to the needs of the laptop environment by providing multiple apps on screen and app in app functionality. Also, the performance of the new A9X chip is ‘desktop class’ according to Apple which they proved by editing four streams of 4k videos simultaneously on the new iPad. On another note, Microsoft was onstage at the iPad Pro unveiling to say how good the tablet is for using its Office Suite.
A bummer no doubt considering all things, even more knowing how much technology advances in such a short period of time. Had there been OS X when you needed a laptop and iOS in touchscreen mode, Apple would have taken the crown. In the tablet world, this is undoubtedly a hefty thing to carry around, but in the PC world, ita€™s widely viewed as compact. Also, I am not comparing the main snappers because if the camera on a > 12? tablet affects your buying decision then I cannot help you.

Regardless, knowing what it's packing inside of its body, we can't be too critical.Just like its predecessor, the Surface Pro 2 employs the same distinctive design a€“ one that's most notable for its angular cuts around its edges.
Naturally, two-handed operation is most optimal with this, since it's packing quite a heft for just a single hand to handle.
Although the design is unchanged, it's still one good looking tablet that has a modern touch, feel, and appearance. Still, we would've loved to see its size trimmed a bit more to make it a more appealing thing.Seeing that we're dealing with the same design here, all the same ports and buttons are found littered throughout its body. Microsoft mentions that it has improved connection for the magnetic power connector, which allows us to charge the tablet, but we still find it a little finicky at times. Essentially, we're still finding ourselves adjust it so that it snaps it into place snuggly.No doubt a rarity amongst tablets, the Surface Pro 2 once again packs along an ever so useful kickstand. One of our complaints last year was that the kickstand only offered a single angled view, but this time around, theya€™ve been kind enough to give us another. Before, the angle of the kickstand made the tablet usable when it's placed on a table a€“ making it nearly impossible to use with the touch or type keyboards while on our lap. This time, though, there's a second wider angle that allows us to better use it on our laps.
And best of all, it locks into place and feels sturdy, so it doesn't move as we're using the tablet with any of the keyboards.When it comes to cameras, we're bummed to know that Microsoft decided to not outfit this one with any updated gear. Rather, they're the same lackluster spec'd cameras from before a€“ 720p front and rear cameras. And just like before, there are LED lights nearby that power on to indicate that they're being used.

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