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But, after reading about Charlie’s experience earlier last year and doing a little research on my own, I decided to take the plunge and signed up for Republic Wireless last August.
I wanted to shareA about my (almost) 5 months of experience with their service and how it’s gone (the good and the bad).
In late August, I talked to Charlie a little more about his experience with Republic Wireless. Republic Wireless sent the phone in under a week in their friendly packaging and I activated it using their very simple setup instructions within minutes.
I’d love to know your honest thoughts on Republic Wireless and (if you have them) what your experience has been.
We have not been paid for this review – but we may receive compensation if you sign-up for Republic via our link below at no cost to you. Helped start Three Thrifty Guys with his friends Charlie and Mark after being inspired by how they lived their lives a€?on the thrifta€?. 9 Things to Purchase at Trader Joe’s Because They Are (Usually) Cheaper Than Anywhere ElseWhat Things Are You Willing to Pay a Premium Price For? I’ve been using Republic Wireless for a few months now, and my only wish is that we had switched sooner.

I also wish I had known the Moto E only has 2 GB of available hard drive and there are a lot of apps you can’t move over to the mini SD card. We love our talk and text phones from T-mobile, but you’ve got me thinking seriously about making the switch when these phones wear out. Sign up to receive our emails + free thrifty tipsWe'll send you out our posts 2-3x a week and notify you of any other Three Thrifty Guys news and periodic giveaways. Both AT&T MVNOs, Air Voice Wireless and H2O Wireless, have been introducing certain changes and novelties in their plans. H2O Wireless made changes that lower rates for voice, text and data extensively, which is a great news but also none of unused credit rolls over to the next month as it was previously so that’s a bad thing. And, this even goes for things that I know willA save me money – like my cell phone bill. Before Republic Wireless I had been with AT&T since 2009 and owned an iPhone since about the same time.
I live out of the US for part of the year and am looking for a phone that I can switch services to the local service in Central America when I am down there.
We all get used to paying it – and so we just keep it in our budgets and never really do anything about it.

As for the starting and restarting with texts with pictures, I never had an issue with it with the Moto X, but it’s definitely a problem with my new Moto E. For example, if my phone automatically connects with the WiFi at Starbucks, I tend to have trouble accessing email on my phone, accessing Facebook, etc. And that stupid thing they do of just cuting people’s phones off with no warning or changing plans in the middle of people monthly cycle after they already paid h20 for that month without giving them a refund has to stop. In those cases, I’m better off when I turn off the WiFi on my phone and just go to the default 3G service. Just keep in mind that Republic uses Fedex for shipping, and that isn’t as cheap as the USPS.

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