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Deals for cell phones, 4G android phones, cell phone plan deals and 4G android tablet pcs for you and your family. Cricket Wireless is a leading cell phone provider, offering affordable prepaid cellular plans with unlimited minutes and no signed contract.
Earlier today, Cricket Wireless welcomed the arrival of the latest ZTE flagship smartphone-- the ZTE Grand X Max 2.
For those who are looking to buy a budget smartphone, AT&T has just unveiled a few devices they will soon be releasing to the public. AT&T's Cricket Wireless is fairly unique in that it's one of the few prepaid operators that pays all taxes for users. For the last couple of years all four national carriers have been aggressively competing for prepaid market share by offering customers free phones, rebates and account credits for porting-in a number. Not too long ago, Cricket promised that it would expand its retail distribution to better accommodate its customers. Save on cell phones and plans from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, AT&T, Alltel and more.
It's the latest smartphone by ZTE that comes with a large screen display bigger than other devices. Despite being a budget smartphone, these devices run on the latest version of Android so it's very interesting to see more options made available to device users.
In line with its Mother's Day celebration, Cricket Wireless will be selling the Stylo 2 smartphone on May 13. Earlier, the carrier announced that they are the first to offer a Windows 10 smartphone to the prepaid market.
Today, the prepaid cellular service provider did good on its promise by announcing that their phones and services are now available in 1,300 Best Buy locations and about 2,000 Aaron's lease-to-own locations.
But true to its history of selling budget smartphones, this is pretty evident in the price tag of the Grand X Max 2.
Cricket charges fees for things that most other prepaid providers don't including a $15 fee to change your phone number, a $5 fee for making a payment by calling Cricket, as well as late payment fees. With this smartphone available, you'll be able to enjoy the features that the Lumia 650 comes with.For starters, the Lumia 650 carries a thin metallic design. Verizon, AT&T's Cricket, T-Mobile's MetroPCS and Sprint's Boost Mobile all had port-in promos that were due to end between March 31 and April 5th.
Based on their announcement, Cricket will be selling a selection of its devices on Best Buy's website and stores for the next two weeks.

That's right, unlike virtually every other prepaid operator in the world, Cricket charges you a fee to reactivate your service after you miss a payment. It runs on 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor with the Adreno 306 GPU, 2GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of 16GB. After that, they will continue adding more devices to their lineup over the next two months. Currently there's a $5 charge if you are three to 29 days late renewing your service  and a $15 fee if you are 30 to 59 days late.
Like all Cricket plans, the plan price includes all taxes and fees, even local sales taxes and e911 fees.Starting Sunday, Cricket is also offering a new $100 credit for customers who port in a number from T-Mobile and activate on a "qualifying" plan. Here's a round up of currently available big four prepaid promos.Verizon has extended its $75 credit for customers switching to Verizon Prepaid through April 30.
As with most operators if you let service lapse too long (60 days with Cricket) your account will be cancelled and your number lost. Credit's press release announcing the credit doesn't say which plans qualify for the credit but past credits have only been available when activating on a $40 or higher plan.
The offer, which was originally scheduled to end March 31, gives a $75 credit to anyone porting a number from another carrier to the $45 or $60 Verizon Prepaid plan.
Keeping up with the latest trends in phone cameras, the Grand X Max 2 is equipped with a dual-camera configuration on the back. The LG Phoenix 2 has a 2,125 mAh battery and runs on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow software. The $75 comes in the form of a $25 bill credit that's applied after each of the first three monthly renewals of the plan.
Through Aaron's, customers can easily purchase a phone from the retailer or bring their own phone and have a BYOD Cricket SIM card kit activated in no time. There is a removable Li-Ion 3,000 mAh battery available on the back of the device to help give power to it. There's also the option to use Microsoft OneDrive to store information and sync across different devices running on Windows 10. In announcing the new plan and switcher credit, Cricket president John Dwyer said, "Cricket has over 275,000 more square miles of 4G LTE coverage than T-Mobile.
Apart from Cricket, Best Buy sells devices from other prepaid service providers like Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and TracFone. Live Tiles are also a welcomed addition to the software experience as it makes for an enjoyable and convenient use.

With their announcement, Cricket's distribution now expands to over 11,000 retail outlets throughout the country. Giving the phone its needed battery juice is a 3,400 mAh non-removable battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge v2.0 technology and a USB-C port.
What's great about this stylus pen is that it allows you to jot down your ideas on your screen even if it is turned off. There's also a built-in Find My Phone feature that helps users locate their device if ever it gets lost or stolen.
This decision is part of the company's move to have "a very aggressive distribution strategy" through its own stores and third parties. The Stylo 2 is also advisable for those who love to multitask since it comes with the Stylo 2 Dual Window, which splits the screen into two so that it is easier to manage two apps at one time. Additional high-speed data is available for $10 for 1GB good for a month.3 $50, $60 and $70 plans include unlimited calls (including to mobile phones) and messaging (including MMS) to Mexico and Canada, Canadian and Mexican voice, text and data roaming.
Other online vendors where Cricket phones may be purchased include Target, Amazon, and many others.
Interested individuals may pick up the Grand X Max 2 in Cricket stores and online starting today for only $199.99. Apart from the LG Stylo 2, Cricket Wireless is also offering a $50 bill credit (with an additional $50 bill credit for those who switch from T-Mobile) to customers who decide to switch to their network. This aggressive promotion of Cricket's products has led them to add 466,000 net prepaid subscribers in just the third quarter of last year and another 469,000 in the fourth quarter.
Partly responsible for this is the $63 million AT&T spent to promote its prepaid sector in the last quarter of the year. Some of the phones that you may find on Cricket include a variety of devices starting from the $10 LG Risio to the more expensive iPhone 6s Plus at $850. Ports from AT&T are not eligible for the offer which is available both in-store and online.
Their plans start at $35 per month with a $5 "Auto-Pay" credit, which also includes all taxes and fees.

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