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With so many options for cell phone providers, it’s difficult to determine which carrier best suits your needs. Consumer Cellular is yet another cellular service provider that offers affordable no-contract plans with its cell phones, targeted especially towards seniors. The company offers phones that range from a starting price of $35 to the most expensive option, a refurbished  iPhone 3GS ($175). What many may consider to be a downside, the simplicity in phones and plans offered by Consumer Cellular is actually what draws in many customers who are looking for a no-frills experience. I think the best buy around is Virgin Mobile that has a plan for $15 every 3 months (plus tax comes to $16.75).
I have been with Conumer Cellular for 2 years now and have never had a negative experience yet with their customer sevice. FM radio turns on only when a wired headset is plugged in, no way to enable the FM radio with a bluetooth headset. Enter the Giveaway for a Tracfone LG Optimus Fuel - SpongeBob Squarepants Edition which features special download, a set of earbuds and a case. Enter for a chance to win a new NET10 Motorola EM326g prepaid cell phone with 1.3 megapixel camera an MP3 music player.

Consumer Cellular is one choice for senior citizens who use their mobile devices primarily for making calls, but reviewers say customer service is a disconnect. There is even an option for a user-friendly, inexpensive phone offered to seniors who may prefer something less complicated.
That’s because of many complaints about negative experiences when contacting Consumer Cellular’s customer service. So if you prefer phones with no contract and use your service for mainly phone calls, you may be happy with Consumer Cellular.  Like most cell and cable providers,  much of the criticism is based on customer service problems.
Check out this overview of the Viewpoints Category Expert Program, including qualifications, compensation and how to apply. An external, MicroSD, MicroSDHC (up to 32 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity. The company also offers an alert system that sends a message via text that informs you before you use up all of your allowances. Many customers also complained of unexpected and high charges added to their bill each month. I would never put up with a rude customer support person, as I am one myself where I work doing tech support..

There were numerous reviews for Consumer Cellular on our site, both good and bad (many of the negative ones were concerning issues with customer service). Note, current phones from NET10's website no longer offer 300 minutes upon activation, but I found one that still does! If you’d like to share your positive experience with Consumer Cellular on our site, feel free to do so by clicking here. To receive the free minutes as well, you must activate it on the Pay as You Go plan and NOT one of the monthly plans.
If we find that tasks were not completed as claimed, we may deactivate the entries and remove the contestant from the giveaway.
When I signed up with Verizon and got my current phone number, I was also bombarded by text messages and bill colectors because the previous person that had my number must have been a real tool.I pay about 44 bucks a month for 2 phones with their own numbers, which is fine for me, and includes 500 texts a month and very limited Internet, but enough for me.

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