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One of the greatest things about BillCutterz is that they don’t make money unless they save you money. I asked BillCutterz for a few pictures of the other people you may encounter in your money saving adventure. I used BillCutterz, too and they saved me about $360 for the year on cable and my cell phone. Jeffrey, they can negotiate your electric and gas rates if your area isn’t regulated. I’m really glad that so many people have posted on here that they have gotten savings from BillCutterz. In the first scenario BillCutterz is usually able to save you money for a contractual period of time. This is how I understand it, I will get with someone at BillCutterz to validate this information. I just found out about bill cutterz and i was super skeptic at the beginning but i decided to give it a try and see what happens ! And Sam , the guy that helped me said that he will keep in touch with me in the next months to see if he can try to save me more money, and to see if maybe there are promotions around etc…!!Bottom line , it’s worth it! FreedomPop's been signing up customers with the promise of free mobile phone service since last year, but once you're hooked, you'll need to shell out a bit of dough to keep things going.
Plug-ins have higher equivalent miles per gallon, but the Prius’ 52 MPG is record-breaking for a five-seat car. After sending them your bills, they call each of your service providers and negotiate with them on your behalf. In some states where industries like utilities are regulated there may be no negotiating allowed on your bill by law.

When and if they are able to save you money on your monthly bills they will bill you for 50% of what they were able to save you.
I submitted them electronically via their website; you can also send them in by fax or snail mail.
I won’t go into how I feel about this because it can be controversial but I am not going to pay for recycling. I just BillCutterz featured on Lifehacker and wanted to see what kind of savings they can get people.
My expert is Veronica and she was able to get me almost $22 off my cable, internet and phone bill every month. As for BillCutterz, they are the best, I honestly do not take the time to try and negotiate my bills lower on a regular basis.
I wish the electricity and gas in my area wasn’t regulated so I could get them to lower my rates there as well. My city owns the power plants and they have total control of rates and so BillCutterz can’t help me. The basic plan, which does in fact come with a $0.00 monthly fee, gets you 200 minutes, 500 text messages and 500 megs of data. I received a call from Katie the next day, she asked me a few questions about what I was willing to do with my service providers. In my results I’m providing some of my actual statements so that you know that this is absolutely real and works.
I’m sure some may disagree with me but I hate calling these companies to begin with; most of the time I end up having to get mad to get anything done.
I was speaking to one of their reps the other day and they said they are now able to help with insurance products.

Then when it comes time to renew you can try and call the service provider yourself and get your rate to stay the same but if you have BillCutterz do it they will charge the 50% for the new contractual period. But they were able to lower my natural gas bill, so I recommend just sending all your bills in to see what they can do for you. One thing to remember with the BBB is that to become an “Accredited Business” the business must pay the BBB a fairly large sum of money. Such as would I sign up for another year of service or was I willing to decrease my service if it meant I would save money. BillCutterz makes my life easier and saves me money without having to pay any upfront fees or wasting my time on the phone with providers that don’t want to budge. I ended up sending them every bill I had, and some of them they couldn’t help with, like my utilities but the rest they got me savings for. Assuming you'll consume that gig of data in far less than 30 days, FreedomPop's four LTE smartphones, including three from Samsung and Apple's iPhone 5, may not be the best fit. She then called my service providers, a few of my service providers wanted me to make her an account manager, we did this via a three way call that Katie set up, it was easy. Still, $20 is a relative steal for unlimited smartphone service, and if you can live with 3G speeds after that first gig is up, FreedomPop's ready to start saving you cash. Turns out they have monitored Billcutterz for over 3 years with no complaints, as seen below.

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