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Have a RingPlus moment. Free Plans Now Available – 200 Minutes, 50 SMS, 10 MB – Reduced Price Paid Plans Also Available – No Contract.
After all failed attempts to get an approval from the Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission to merge with T-Mobile, AT&T turns to Leap Wireless for help. Prepaid cell phone companies have been pretty busy in third and fourth quarter of 2011, specially in this last one. Virgin Mobile reduces the prices to half for Motorola Triumph, LG Optimus V, LG Optimus Slider and Broadband2Go MiFi for Cyber Monday only. Virgin Mobile Latin America (VMLA) is progressing with its plans to expand its service and products in Latin American markets.
First Republic Wireless customers have received their specially adapted LG Optimus One and thanks to one of them, who took an effort to record the unboxing and post it on YouTube, others noticed some interesting things, LG Optimus One with CyanogenMod features.
Huawei Pillar is a basic messaging phone for Cricket that may perhaps look like a smartphone but after reading this review, you’ll learn that it’s definitely not one.

Tracfone, Straight Talk and NET10 Black Friday offers include discounts on selected phones as well as special offers from Straight Talk and NET10.
According to a report by the New York Times, AT&T and Leap Wireless have been in serious talks to join forces and split T-Mobile assets, customers and wireless spectrum. This time, the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport gave them a license to operate as an MVNO in Mexico but only six months after the whole sale agreement with another Mexico’s mobile network operator ends.
With its full QWERTY keyboard and its affordable price, it is perfect for those who love to text without spending too much. Special, web exclusive and limited time only offer includes $30 unlimited service for a year with unlimited talk, text and data, if you purchase one of their Auto Refill Unlimited Bundles.
This phone is specially designed for the budget conscious users that would love to have access to music but without paying too much for Android smartphones that also support this feature. It’s showed up to be quite a popular service so far so the carrier’s move to improve it even more, seems quite logical.

Large number of good prepaid phones have been released but there are still some upcoming prepaid phones yet to be released in December 2011. Since ZTE Chorus is a feature phone that’s based on Android, in order to be able to support Muve Music service, it is possible to keep the price suitable for wider population of music lovers.
If you combine it with one of Cricket’s monthly plans that offers 300 minutes, unlimited text and mobile web for $25 or with 1,000 voice minutes, unlimited text and mobile web for $35 per month with no contract, than overall it’s a good deal.

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